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Volume 2 - 2017 Issue 6


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1 “Coronal Flaring and Biomechanical Preparation Affecting the Working Length of the Curved Canals” – An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr Saurav Purbay, 2Dr Marisha Bhandari, 3Dr Sumit Sabharwal,4Dr Amit Narayan, 5Dr Anshdeep Singh, 6Dr Dexter Brave
2 Imatinib mesylate resistance in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia cells may be overcome by Indian Spice Curcumin

Author: Apurba Mukherjee1, Sutapa Mukherjee1, Jaydip Biswas1 and Madhumita Roy1*
3 Occlusion of a Spiral Embedded Endotracheal Tube: A Case Report

Author: Dr Geeta Ahlawat1 , Dr Vineet Kumar2 , Dr Savita Saini3 , Dr Garima Anant2 ,Dr Mangal Ahlawat4 , Dr Kirti Kshetrapal1
4 The Importance of Dietary Cation-Anion Difference (DCAD) in Prepartum and Postpartum Periods of Dairy Cattle Breeding

Author: Mehdi Dadgar
5 Prevalence of Urinary Tract Infection in Pediatric Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in a Northern Region

Author: Dr. Raman Sharma, Dr. Renu Meenia, Dr. Kajal Khajuria
6 Comparative evaluation of high sensitivity C - reactive protein (HS-CRP) in patients with healthy gingiva and chronic generalized periodontitis (CGP) without coronary artery disease (CAD)

Author: 1Rishikesh Desai, 2Masumi Shah, 3Anita Panchal,4Bhaumik Nanavati, 5Pankti Shah, 6Deep Mehta
7 Association Between Toe Dermatoglyphics & Caries And Its Correlation To Body Mass Index In Children

Author: 1Sagar Shah, 2Anup Panda,3Krishna Trivedi Dere, 4Mira Virda, 5Vaibhav Kotecha,6Himani Gandhi
8 CBCT Evaluation of the Shaping Characteristics of Hyflex EDM, VTAPER 2H and Twisted Files In The Mesial Canals Of Mandibular First Molars –An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr Annil Dhingra, 2Dr Nitika, 3Dr Marisha Bhandari, 4Dr Sheetal Grover, 5Dr Pulkit Gupta, 6Dr Sumit Sabharwal
9 Evaluation of Efficacy, Safety And Tolerability of Transdermal Diclofenac Sodium Patch When Compared To Oral Diclofenac Sodium, For Pain Relief Following Minor Oral Surgical Procedures.

Author: 1Dr. Mamta Patel, 2Dr. V.Jeevan Prakash,3Dr. Divya Parakh, 4Dr. Harshita Mathur,5Dr. Varsha Parihar,6Dr. Sashrika Raghav
10 Verrucous Hemangioma in an Adult: Report of a Rare Case

Author: 1Priyanka Anand,2Namrata Sarin
11 Comparitative In-Vitro and Ex-Vivo Evaluation Studies of Natural Polymers on Bioadhesive Clarithromycin Tablets

Author: Nishad K.M * , Rajashekaran.S, Sirajudheen.M K, Faris Ameen A, Sahla Thasneem,Farha Nasrin.T M, Faheema Abdussamad.P, Saira Banu.M K.
12 Comparasion of oral clonidine and oral atenolol as premedication in patients posted for laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anaesthesia

Author: Vijay Patil
13 An Intriguing Case of Congenital Coagulopathy: Presenting as Intracranial Haemorrhage in a Term Neonate

Author: 1Ankit Ranjan, 2Sushma Malik, 3Poonam Wade, 4Purvi Kadakia
14 Anaesthetic management of a patient with Haemophilia-A posted for cystolithotomy under general anaesthesia

Author: Vijay Patil
15 Effectiveness of Ramosetron and Ondansetron for prevention of nausea and vomiting in elective lower segment caesarean section patients under Spinal Anaesthesia.

Author: Dr. Vishal Kumar Kandhway, Dr. N.K. Agrawal,Dr. Amol Singam
16 Analysis of Clinico-Pathological Profile and Treatment Outcome in Postoperative Patients of Vulvar Carcinoma in a Tertiary Care Centre

Author: 1B.L. Nayak, 2Nitish R.Acharya, 3Rohani Nayak, 1Jita Parija, 1Ashok Kumar Padhy, 1Manoranjan Mohapatra, 1Tapan Sahoo, 1S.K. Giri , 1Janmejaya Mohapatra
17 Comparative Study of Duration of analgesia And Haemodynamic Changes in Epidural Anaesthesia with Lignocaine (2%) With Lignocaine (2%) Plus Clonidine for Lower Abdominal and Lower Limb Surgeries

Author: 1Dr.Balmukund jha, 2Dr. Kumar Shailesh, 3Dr.Amrita, 4Dr. Shree Niwas Roy
18 Hand and personal hygiene practices among school children in rural area of Jhansi

Author: 1Dr. Santosh Kumar Verma,2Nitin Tiwari
19 Drug Utilisation Pattern of Antihypertensive Drugs

Author: 1Vikash Verma, 2Rani Walia,3Praveen Gupta, 4Divya Goel, 5Karun Bhatti
20 Comparative Evaluation of Intubating Conditions and Haemodynamic Effects after the Administration of Succinylcholine and Rocuronium Bromide.

Author: 1Nama Rajnish, 2Shah Rajkiran B.
21 Cervical Smear Findings in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women: A Study of 100 Cases

Author: 1Megha Sharma, 2Bharti Devi Thaker, 3Kuldeep Singh
22 A Study on Role of Anaerobic Bacteria in Chronic Non-Healing Ulcers

Author: Sanghamitra Padhi, Sasmita Hotta, Amlan Rath
23 Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Author: 1Deepu Changappa 2Sonia Elizabeth Ninan, 3Bachhu Singh Verma, 4Irfan Kandal, 5Deepak Thekkeurumbil Hari, 6Mahsheeba Asbin, 7Sharath Chandra K S
24 Comparative Evaluation of Conventional Heat Cure and Commercially Available Hypoallergenic Denture Base Resins For Color Stability

Author: 1Dr. Archana Vyas, 2Dr. Pradeep S., 3Dr. Dhanasekar, 4Dr. Aparna I N
25 A Retrospective Analysis of Valentino’s Syndrome a Diagnostic Dilemma

Author: 1Dr. Debabrata Saha, 2Dr. Sibaprashad Pattanayak
26 Occupational Health Problems of Construction Workers in Valley of Kashmir

Author: Mohammad Sarwar Mir1, Ruksana Hamid2, Mohammad Azhar3,Ghulam Mustafa Malik4
27 Analysis of Acceptance, Efficacy and Retention Rate of Postpartum Intrauterine Contraceptive Device

Author: Dr. K.L.Malarvizhi3 MD.DGO.MNAMS., Dr. T.S. Meena1 MD. DGO. Dr. K.S. Ramya2*, Mr. R. Mothilal4 MA. DPS.
28 Self-reported tobacco use, reasons for starting, awareness about its hazards and willingness to quit the habit among undergraduate students of Dharwad city

Author: 1Dr. Renuka G. Nagrale , 2Dr Archana Vyas, 3Dr. Shristhi Sharma, 4Dr Anant Raghav Sharma,5Dr Indrani Naorem Devi, 6Dr Divya Parakh
29 Occupational Health Assessment of Power-loom Industry Workers in Solapur City

Author: Somnath Kolgiri1, Dr. Rahul Hiremath2
30 Cost as a Barrier to Access Dental Healthcare in Saudi Patients

Author: 1Abdulmajeed Al-Jabr, 2Ashraf Alhujaili
31 A Randomized Controlled Open Label Study to Compare the Efficacy and Tolerability of Budesonide / Formoterol Single Inhaler Therapy versus Fluticasone / Salmeterol as Maintenance and Reliever Therapy in Moderate Asthma.

Author: 1Dr. Pritam Biswas, 2Dr. M.C. Shivamurthy, 3Dr. Uma Maheshwari
32 Indian Diabetes Risk Score (IDRS), A Strong Predictor of Diabetes Mellitus: A Hospital Based Cross Sectional Study of Lucknow.

Author: Dr.Abhishek Arun1, Dr. J.P.Srivastava2, Dr. Pratibha Gupta3, Dr.Beena Sachan4
33 Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma after Radiotherapy for Carcinoma of the Cervix Treatment

Author: Jose Pedro Coutinho Borges, Mariana Carlos Alves, Marina Sousa Gomes, Agostinho Carvalho, Avelina Almeida, Paula Pinheiro
34 Unusual Finding in Gillespie Syndrome

Author: H. Ahammou, S. Baroudi, S. Ajdakar, I. Hajji, A. Moutaouakil
35 Role of Soluble Heat Shock Proteins 70 in Severity of Dengue Infection

Author: Dr. Nurfadly Zain
36 Implementation of Bioinformatics for the study of Neurological diseases based on ANN (Artificial Neural Network) using TAU protein

Author: 1Yusuf Talib, 2Talib. S.H.
37 Isolation and Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus Aureus from Paper Currency

38 Manifestations of patients infected with malaria: a cross sectional study highlighting the comparison of Plasmodium Vivax and Plasmodium Falciparum on hematological and clinical basis.

Author: Sumayya Anas1, Nazia Qamar2, Adnan Anwar3, Summaiya Iqbal4, Zarghoona Wajid5, Madiha Ariff6
39 Perception about Skill Training and Development Program among college students (with Special reference to the role of Colleges in Kanchipuram District)

Author: 1Dr. S. Subbulakshmi, 2Ms. G. Muthulakshmi
40 Radiological Evaluation of Focal Hepatic Lesions

Author: Dr. Pawan Kumar Morwani1, Dr. Deepika Meena2, Dr.G.L.Meena3*
41 Pseudo Winging of Scapula Due To Sub Scapular Osteochondroma-A Case Report

Author: 1Gaurav Singh, 2Amit Meena,3Rahul Grover, 4Manoj Kumar, 5SumonS Saikia, 6Rajwinder Gill
42 Post Traumatic Closed Fracture Shaft of Femur Associated With Lower Extremity Neurovascular Injury with Spontaneous Recanalization of Vessels- A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Gaurav Singh, 2Lokesh Garg, 3Amit Meena, 4Ashish Jaiman, 5Rajwinder Gill, 6Rahul Grover
43 Ectopic Pregnancy Patients and Their Risk Factors- A Cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr.P.Vairamala, 2Dr. S.V.R. Thenmozhi, 3S.Padmanaban, 4Dr. Vinodhini.S
44 Reconstruction of through-and- through cheek defect following carcinoma surgery-for mucosal lining and cover both by Free Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) Flap

Author: Dr. Prem Shanker1, Dr. Mohd. Athar2, Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma3, Dr. Ashish Kumar Chaudhary4, Dr. R.K. Singh5
45 Calcium Disturbances in Critically Ill Children Admitted To Pediatric Intensive Care

Author: Col. Rajeev Kumar Thapar1, Anirudh Reddy Paidy2 Brig. Rakesh Kumar Gupta3
46 A Study of Efficacy and Safety of Betadine Pleurodesis

Author: 1Dr. Allena Prem Kumar, 2Dr. M.V.Shanti Annapurna, 3Dr.Boddu Sravani Lakshmi,4Dr. Rajnikanth.K
47 A Cross Sectional Study of Vaccine Wastage Assessment in a District Hospital of Central India

Author: 1Dr. Hemant Adikane, 2Dr. Kishor Surwase,3Dr. M. Javeed Ather,4Dr. Prashant Bagdey,5Dr. Alka Kawre
48 Rare and Controversial Entity of Malignant Genitourinary Tract Tumor: Unilateral Primary Renal Lymphoma of Left Kidney

Author: Dr. Rashmi D. Patel, Dr. Aruna V. Vanikar,Lovelesh A. Nigam, Kamal V. Kanodia, Kamlesh S. Suthar
49 Diagnostic Dialema for Dicephalic Parapagus Conjoined Twins- A Case Report

Author: Dr. Leena Bhatnagar
50 A Comparative study on Willingness for tubal sterilization by Uncovered Postpartum mothers between vaginal and C- section deliveries

Author: M.S. Sornam1*, R. Mothilal2
51 Current Hemovigilance Status in a Tertiary Care Hospital in a Nortern Region

Author: Dr. Vijay Sawhney, Dr. Lubna,Dr. Kajal
52 Evaluation of Short Term Results of Conversion Total Hip Arthroplasty after Failed Hemiarthroplasty and Failed Osteosynthesis.

Author: 1Dr Aejaz Ahmad Bhat, MS 2Dr Zameer Ali , 3Dr Towseef A Bhat, 4Dr Khurshid A kangoo, 5Dr nawaz A Bhat , 6Dr Mubashir A Beigh
53 Vitamin D Deficiency: A Novel Biomarker for Cardiovascular Disease

Author: Teena Agrawal, Sangita Paneri, P.D.Sarkar, Rajeev Lohokare, Ravikant Sharma
54 Prescribing Pattern in Paediatric In-Patient Department with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection at Atertiary Care Teaching Hospital.

Author: *Dr. Akhila James1, Dr. Jose John2
55 Role of B-Mode, Doppler Ultrasonograghy and Spectral Wave Analysis in Differentiating Benign From Malignant Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Masses

Author: Ashok Verma1, Rahul Chavhan2, N C Yadav3, Rajlakshmi Yadav4
56 Acid Base Balance Alterations during Transperitoneal and Retroperitoneal Laparoscopic Urologic Surgeries.

Author: 1Shah Rajkiran B., 2Nama Rajnish, 3Butala Beena P., 4Parikh Geeta P.
57 Assessment of Archwidth Changes in Extraction and Non Extraction Patients

Author: 1Dr. Rajeev Lall,2Dr. Ankita Jaiswal,3Dr. Ruchit Thakar,4Dr. Lata Kiran Mehta,5Dr. Abhimanyu Rohmetra,6Dr. Dhananjay Rathod
58 Better Post Operative Caudal Analgesia With Tramadol Versus Clonidine Added To 0.25% Bupivacaine In Paedeatric Lower Abdominal Surgeries: A Prospective, Randomosed, Double Blind Clinical Study.

Author: 1Dr. Arjun Prasad, 2Dr. Niranjan Kumar Verma,3Dr. Veena Horo,4Dr. Kumar Shailesh
59 Bacteriological Study of Different Water Sources during Outbreaks of Diarrhoea in Ganjam District, Odisha

Author: Dr Indrani Mohanty, Dr Susmita Kumari Sahu*, Dr Abhishek Padhi, Dr Banojini Parida
60 Attenuation of hemodynamic response during laryngoscopy & Endo tracheal intubation comparison between Thiopentone alone and with Dexmedetomidine: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Author: 1Dr. Debasish Swain, 2Dr. D. Gopal Krishna Panda
61 Correlation of Electrocardiography with Echocardiography of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Patients with Systemic Arterial Hypertension

Author: Tejinder Talwar1, Brijesh Kumar Thakran2,P D Gupta3, Munish Gupta4
62 Effects of Three Desensitizing Agents and Erbium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser on Dentinal Tubule Occlusion: An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Fatma Sag Gungor , 2Said Karabekiroglu,3Nimet Unlu
63 Study of Blood Hematocrit and Platelet Aggregation in RVO

Author: 1Dr. Samreen Rafique Shaikh, 2Dr. Pooja Nitin Joshi
64 Community Acquired Multi Drug Resistant Pneumonia Due To Acinetobacter Baumannii Infection – A Case Report.

Author: Dr Arjun Patel1 Dr Padmini P giri2 Dr Tejaswi Manubolu3, Dr Chenna Keshava BG4
65 Study of Ligature Mark Patterns in Hanging Cases: An Original Research Article

Author: 1Dr. Vivek Rawat, 1Dr. Chetan Samra,2Dr. V.R Patil, 3*Dr. Naveen K. Simatwal
66 A Study on Congenital Malformations in Fetuses of Mothers with Consanguineous Marriages

Author: Mallela Padmavathi
67 Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis-An Autopsy Study

Author: 1Dr. Bharti Devi Thaker,2Dr. Mandeep Randhawa, 3Dr. Subhash Bhardwaj
68 Clinical Profile and Role of VEGF-C (+936c/T) Polymorphism in Prognosis and Management of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author: 1Dr. G. D. Yadav, 2Dr. Anju Yadav ,3Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, 4Dr. Shashwat Tiwari, 5Dr. Amulya Singh
69 Fiber Rein-Forced Adhesive Bridge with Natural Tooth Pontic: A Case Report

Author: Fatma Sag Gungor
70 Utilization of Antimicrobial Agents Used For Surgical Prophylaxis in Consideration with Co-morbidities in Patients Undergoing Surgeries

Author: Dr Mahendra M Gaikwad1, Dr Sangeeta S Dabhade*2, Dr Balasaheb B Ghongane3
71 Evaluation of Hepatic Enzymes in Uncomplicated Alcohol Withdrawal State and Alcohol Withdrawal State with Convulsions – A Comparative Study

Author: Dr. Abhilekh Das 1, Dr. Lakshimi Borgohain2
72 Non-Albicans Candida Infection: an Emerging Threat

Author: Preeti Kumari Sharma 1, 2, Shashi Sudhan1, Monika Sharma1, Divya Shrivastava2
73 Mycological Profile Of Pulmonary TB-HIV Co-Infected Patients With A Relationship To CD4 Count Levels In A Tertiary Care Hospital of Southern Odisha, India.

Author: 1Dr. Bimoch Projna Paty, 2Dr. Abhishek Padhi*,3Dr. Banojini Parida, 4Dr. Sanghamitra Padhi, 5Dr. Priyanka Das, 6Dr. Preet Priyadarshini
74 Infected Orthopaedic Implants And Infectious Agents: MRSA Frequency And Infection Patterns, In A Tertiary Care Centre In Central Kerala.

Author: 1Dr. Renjini Joseph, 2Dr. Reena John, 3Dr. Prithi Nair K.
75 Nodular Hidradenoma- An Uncommon Diagnosis on Cytology

Author: 1Priyanka Anand,2Namrata Sarin
76 Assessment of current status of e-pharmacies

Author: Dr Prajakta T Kolhe1, Dr M.L. Pardeshi*2, Dr S.Y.Wankhede3, Dr B.B. Ghongane4
77 Molecular Docking Studies on a Series of Benzothiazepines as a New Class of Nucleoside Reverse transcriptase Inhibitors

Author: Chaluvadi Jaswanth Kumar1*, Venkata Rao Vutla1, Vasundhara Bandlamudi1, Manjusha Borra1
78 Classification of Connective Tissue Stains

Author: Dr. Kalpajyoti Bhattacharjee, Dr. Shashwati Paul
79 Accessory Extensor Indicis: A Case Report with Its Clinical Significance

Author: 1Dr. Kamal Singh (Author)*, 2Dr. Jyoti Rohilla (Co-Author) **,3Dr. Aarti Rohilla (Co-Author)*, 4Dr. Suresh Kanta Rathee (Co-Author)*
80 Assessment of Dental Health Services in Government Hospitals of Dharwad District

Author: 1Dr. Renuka G. Nagrale, 2Dr. Purva Gandhi,3Dr. Mallika Dhamankar,4Dr. Sheetal Ganesan, 5Dr. Krittika.S.Mahajan, 6Dr. Emaad-Ud-Din Malik
81 The Study of Association of Urogenital Infections as a Risk Factor for Spontaneous Preterm Labour

Author: 1Dr.M.S.Sornam, 2Dr.N.Agila Raththi, 3S.Padmanaban

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