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Volume 3 - 2018 Issue 4 July


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1 Evaluation of Respiratory Muscle Strength in Children with Cerebral palsy

Author: Dr. Shradha Sawant-Deshpande (PT)1, Ms. Juhi Belose2
2 Comparative Study of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Cell Block Technique in Lymphadenopathy

Author: 1N.P. Pande, 2Shweta Ganorkar, 3Pradnya S Bhadarge
3 Effectiveness of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Using M2t Blade on Upper Limb Spasticity and Function in Post Stroke Patients: A Pre-Post Experimental Study

Author: Shruti Deshpande1 (MPT), Jeba Chitra2 MPT
4 Comparison Of Serum Copper And Zinc Levels In Cases With Breast Cancer With Healthy Controls In Jaipur District

Author: Suresh Kumar Meena1, Shrawan Kumar Meena2
5 Serum vitamin D status in Parkinson disease in an Indian population cohort

Author: Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Dr. Anand Ram, Dr.Navneet Kumar
6 Evaluation of Vitamin D levels in Metabolic syndrome and its correlation with glycemic profile and cardiovascular risk factors

Author: 1Manoj Kumar Mathur, 2Ajeet Kumar Chaurasia, 3Poonam Gupta, 4Saurabh Nandwani
7 Culture Directed Prostate Biopsy: Culture Sensitivity Pattern and Infectious Complications: A Prospective Study

Author: Sandeep Pradhan, Sabyasachi Panda, Gyan Prakash Singh, Samir Swain
8 A Review of Techniques for Atlanto-Axial Fixation

Author: 1Dr Nikhil Dilip Palange,2Dr Om Patil, 3Dr Dhiraj V. Sonawane,4Dr Ujwal Ramteke,5Dr Akash V. Mane
9 Freiberg’s Infarction In A 12 Year Old Female: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Nikhil Dilip Palange,2Dr Om Patil, 3Dr Dhiraj V. Sonawane,4Dr Ujwal Ramteke,5Dr Akash V. Mane
10 Solitary Peutz-Jeghers Type Polyp- A Rare Presentation

Author: Dr. Bhawna Sahu, Dr. Sadhana Mahore, Dr. Sabiha Maimoon, Dr. Pragati Karmarkar
11 An Observational Study to Evaluate Impact of Mobile Phone Usage on Hearing in Central Indian Population

Author: Dr. Paromita Patra1, Dr. Srujan Vallur2*
12 A Histopathological Study of Leiomyoma with Secondary Changes

Author: Ankur Gupta1, Deepak Goyal2
13 Bone Marrow Study in Adult with Pancytopenia

Author: Deepak Goyal1, Ankur Gupta2
14 Prenatal Diagnosis of Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney and its Histopathological Correlation

Author: 1Pritti K. Priya , 2Vineet V Mishra, 3Priyankur Roy, 4Sumesh Choudhary
15 Evaluation of Cervicocephalic Kinesthetic Sensibility in Subjects with Chronic Neck Pain: A Cross – Sectional Study

Author: Dr. Santosh. Metgud1, Apeksha Hungund2, Anand Heggannavar3
16 Cutaneous Forms of Sporotrichosis: Report of Two Cases

Author: 1Dr. Sonali T. Dhote, 2Dr. Anjali Patrikar, 3Dr. Archana Joshi, 4Dr.Sadhana Mahore
17 Bacteriological profile and antimicrobial resistance patterns of bloodstream infections in a tertiary care hospital Bikaner, Northern western Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Ravindra Kumar, 2Dr. Rahul Acharya
18 Seroprevalence of HCV infection among patients at a tertiary care center in Eastern India- Urgent need to implement strategies to interrupt HCV transmission and develop HCV vaccine for the susceptible population.

Author: Dr. Nidhi Prasad, Dr Neelima Singh, Dr. S.K. Shahi
19 Escalation assessment for biomass generation in BG11 medium of Chlorella minutissima

Author: Rupesh Sharma, Jitendra Patidar, Rochan Sharma, Sangeeta Singh, Moumita Das, Mahavir Yadav, Archana Tiwari*
20 Umbilical Cord Care: The Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Mothers in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, South- East Nigeria.

Author: Asiegbu UV1, Asiegbu OG2, Ezeonu CT1
21 Study on efficacy of Ondansetron and Dexamethasone combination and Ondansetron alone in prevention or reduction of Post-operative nausea and vomiting after elective surgeries

Author: Dr. Saritha S1, Dr. Mujahid Mohammed*2, Dr. Shobha Mohammed3, Dr. Narendrula sunitha4
22 To Study Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards Immunization against Hepatitis B Virus Infection amongst Nursing Staff.

Author: Uttam Kumar1, Saryu Sain2
23 Comparative Study of Clomiphene Citrate and Aromatase Inhibitors ( Short and Long Protocol s) In Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Author: 1Swati Garg,2Parigha Patil, 3Rahul Patil
24 Observation of Biochemical Changes Associated with Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Author: 1Dr. Kishori Lal Meena,2Dr. Jitendra Kumar Tiwari, 3Dr. Virendra Sharma
25 Study of Clinical and Laboratory Profile in Alcoholic Liver Disease.

Author: Dr. Ashish Joshi
26 Assessment of the Epidemiological Factors and Their Relationship with Non Syndromic Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Patients of 0-24 Months Old, Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Bangalore: A Cross Sectional Study

Author: Dr. Mayur N. Mishra
27 Study of Lipid Profile in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients of Non Diabetic Etiology

Author: Jitendra Falodia
28 Study of Serum Testosterone Concentration in Men with Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Control in North West Rajasthan

Author: Anil Khatri, Ritvik Agrawal, R P Agrawal, Parmendra Sirohi, Khetaram Sharma, Shivam Sethi
29 Osteomyelitis of the Mandible and Maxilla

Author: Deepak Meena1, Bindu Bhardwaj2, Ruchika Tiwari3, Vikas Kunwar Singh4, Yogesh Kumar Sharma5, Prateek Agarwal6.
30 Treatment of Mandibular Fractures with a Malleable Non-Compression Miniplate.

Author: Deepak Meena1, Bindu Bhardwaj2, Ruchika Tiwari3, Vikas Kunwar Singh4, Amit Bhamboo5, Vaishali Jamdade6.
31 Role of MRI in Haemorrhagic Intracranial Neoplasm

Author: Dr. Anil Kumar Verma1, Dr. Chaturbhuj Prasad Swarnkar2, Dr.G.L.Meena3
32 Evaluation of oxidative stress in severe acute malnourished children at Malnutrition Treatment Centre.

Author: Amit Shandilya1, Jyoti Pande 2
33 Knowledge of Health Care Personnel Regard to HIV and AIDS

Author: Praveen Singh Shekhawat1, Ved Prakash agrawal2
34 Knowledge Regarding HIV/AIDS Transmission in rural, Rajasthan.

Author: Praveen Singh Shekhawat1, Ved Prakash Agrawal2
35 Effect of lung flute and peak flow meter on bronchial hygiene, pulmonary function and quality of life in mild to moderate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - a randomized clinical trial.

Author: 1Aarzu Bhavanagri (Noorani), 2Dr.Ganesh. B.R
36 Kinesiophobia in Head and Neck Cancer Patients – An Observational Study

Author: 1Dr. Renu Pattanshetty, 2Manaz Rayani
37 Effect of Manual Hyperinflation & Expiratory Ribcage Compression on Oxygenation, Ventilation, Physiological Parameters and Airway Clearance in Mechanically Ventilated Patients-A Randomized Control Trial

Author: 1Anantlaxmi Goud, 2Ganesh B R
38 To Study of Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital, Rajasthan.

Author: Dr .Kishori Lal1, Dr. Dileep Singh Nirwan2
39 A Study of Lipid Profile in Diabetes Mellitus type-2 patients At Tertiary Care Hospital, Rajasthan.

Author: Dr.Dileep Singh Nirwan1, Dr .Kishori Lal2
40 High Grade Serous Papillary Adenocarcinoma of Mullerian Origin

Author: Dr. Monika. P. Patni, Dr. Pragati Karmarkar, Dr. Sadhana Mahore, Dr. Kalpana Bothale
41 Gnathic Osteosarcoma in a 15 Year Old Male in Calabar- Nigeria

Author: 1Grace B. Inah, 2Nchiewe E. Ani
42 Cytodiagnosis of Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma- A Rare Presentation.

Author: 1Dr. Sanchita Sunil Sanghai, 2Dr. Kalpana Bothale, 3Dr. Sadhana Mahore, Dr. Anjali Patrikar
43 Evaluation of Safety, Efficacy and Expulsion of Post Placental Insertion of Intrauterine Contraceptive Device.

Author: Dr.N.Usharani, Dr.M.Mumtaj
44 Knowledge and Attitudes of Health Care Professional Students at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University (KSAU-HS) Regarding Infection Control Practices

Author: Raghad Abdullah Alherbish1, Sundos Abdullah Almarshad1, Nourah Ghudair Alenizy1, Saleh Salem Alqarni2, Farhan Alenezi3, Shoeb Qureshi4
45 The Diagnostic Worth of Serum CA19-9 and CEA Levels in Anicteric Patients with Thick Walled Gallbladder

Author: 1Dr. Smita Chauhan,2Dr.Dinesh Kumar, 3Dr. Khalid Noman, 4Dr. Suneed Kumar, 5Dr.Shakeel Masood
46 Critical Thinking Ability for Respiratory Ward Staff from King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC), Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Author: Yassin Ismaiel,Miss. Sara Albishi, Darah Alfaris, Wash Alshammari, Gladah Almahyobi
47 A Case of Unanticipated Difficult Intubation in a Child with Laryngeal Web Posted for Cataract Surgery

Author: Dr. Heena Pahuja1, Dr. Megha Tajne2, Dr. Anjali Bhure3, Dr. Savita Chauhan4
48 Apophysomyces Elegans A Cause of Maxillary Sinusitis - A Case Report

Author: Dr Namrata Naithani, Dr Beena Hemanth
49 Utility of Cytology in Surgical Camps Done In a Rural Hospital in Maharashtra, India

Author: 1Dr. Anne Wilkinson, 2Dr Sabiha Maimoon,3Dr Dnyanada Kokode
50 Histopathological Spectrum of Colonoscopic Biopsies: A three years study from Central India

Author: Gargi Tignath1, Akanksha Jain2*
51 Study of Management of Morbidly Adherent Placenta and Maternal and Perinatal Outcome

Author: Malvika Kumud1, Vimla Kumari2, Richa Priyamvada3
52 Accuracy of history and physical examination for detecting acute myocardial infarction – a hospital based diagnostic accuracy study

Author: 1Ajit Kumar Srivastava, 2Krishna Bala Srivastava
53 The Study on Perception of Legal and Social Issues Of Reproductive Health among Adolescent College Girls in Rural, Karimnagar, Telangana State

Author: Pulluri Sadanandam1, J Rajamouli2, G Sachin3, P Manoj4
54 Unnatural deaths in medicolegal autopsies.

Author: Dr. Lokendar Pal Singh1, Dr. P.C.Vyas2
55 To assess the knowledge regarding medico legal issues among Doctors.

Author: Dr. Lokendar Pal Singh1, Dr. P.C.Vyas2
56 Voluntary Body Donation - A Survey of Awareness Among nursing Staff.

Author: Dr. Lokendar Pal Singh1, Dr. P.C.Vyas2
57 Attitude and awareness towards organ donation in Rajasthan.

Author: Dr. Lokendar Pal Singh1, Dr. P.C.Vyas2
58 A comparative study on cardiovascular parameters in Normal and Type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients.

Author: Dr. Ashok Singh Rathore1, Dr. Niharika Singh2
59 A Prospective Randomized Study – Curette Vs Endoscopic Powered Instrument Microdebrider Assisted Adenoidectomy

Author: Dr. Priyanka Kaswan1, Dr. Navneet P. Mathur2, Dr. H.S. Bhuie3
60 Anxiety and Depression In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases

Author: Dr. Laxmi Narayan Meena1, Dr. Narendra Khippal2, Dr. Chand Bhandari3, Dr. R K Jenaw4, Dr. Vinod Joshi5, Dr Soniya meena6
61 Bone Marrow Cell Therapy in Complex Fistula-In-ANO

Author: Mahapatra S. K.*, Chand P. L.**

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