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Volume 3 - 2018 Issue 5 October


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1 A Case Report of: Traumatic Fibroma

Author: Dr. Varsha Ranmare, Dr.Triveni Kale
2 Thrombocytopenia in Malaria: A hospital based study

Author: Beenu Prajapati1, Praveen K Gautam*2 R. Sujatha3
3 Study of the Incidence, Causes and Management of Fournier’s Gangrene in a Tertiary Centre

Author: Dr Asim Augustine Minj1,Dr Niranjan Mardi2,Dr Ramchandra Besra3,Dr(Prof.)Ranjan George Baxla4,Dr(Prof.) Pankaj Bodra5
4 Attitude towards Learning Communication Skills among Undergraduate Medical Students in Karaikal: a Cross-Sectional Study

Author: Dr. Sarthak Das, Dr. Kamlakant, Dr. Archana Malik, Farhan, Miss Komla
5 Morphometric Structures and Clinical Importance of the Costa Prima

Author: Esin ozsahin1, Huseyin Erdem2, Neslihan Boyan2, Roger W. Soames3, Ozkan Oguz2
6 Long-term fate of a newborn cohort with perinatal asphyxia Medicine and neonatal resuscitation, children's hospital in Rabat, IBN Sina Chis

Author: 1Asmaa Barkat, 2Amina Barkat
7 Study of the Association between the social conditions of households and the severity of perinatal asphyxia at the National Reference Center for Neonatology and Nutrition of Rabat

Author: 1Asmaa Barkat, 2Mohamed Tozy, 3Said Hanchane 4Amina Barkat
8 Study of the Association between the economic conditions of households and the severity of perinatal asphyxia at the National Reference Center for Neonatology and Nutrition of Rabat

Author: 1Asmaa Barkat, 2 Mohamed Tozy, 3Said Hanchane, 4Amina Barkat
9 To evaluate the role of nasogastric tube as a guide to facilitate nasotracheal intubation.

Author: 1Dr Geeta Ahlawat,2Dr Nidhi Bangarwa*, 3Dr Savita Saini, 4Dr Karampal Dhandha, 5Dr Poonam Raghove, 6Dr Rajmala Jaiswal
10 Peroperative Indications for Conversion of Laparoscopic Appendicectomy to Open Appendicectomy

Author: Prof Dr K Shanthakumar M.S.
11 Myasthenia Gravis with Caries Spine: An Anaesthetist's Perspective

Author: 1Dr Geeta Ahlawat, 2Dr Sumedha Vashishth*, 3Dr Jitendra Wadhwani, 4Dr Vikas Saroha
12 Comparative and Correlative Study of Sonological and Histopathological Findings in Various Benign and Malignant Breast Lesions

Author: Dr. N C Yadav1 ,Dr Ashok KumarVerma2, Dr R N Pandey3, Dr Saurabh Pandey4, Dr Nachiketa Mangaraj5
13 Peculiarities of Clinical Effectiveness of the Anti-Inflammatory Treatment in Childhood Asthma Depending On Airway Remodeling Risk

Author: Olena Koloskova, Tetiana Bilous, Galyna Bilyk, Olena Korotun, Khrystyna Buryniuk Glovjak, Mariana Diakl
14 Anaesthetic Management In Patient of Myasthenia Gravis Undergoing Thymectomy

Author: Dr Kiranpreet Kaur,Dr Sumedha Vashishth*, Dr Mamta Bhardwaj, Dr Priya Gupta
15 Disseminated cutaneous Leishmaniasis in a patient who is HIV positive with a flare up as iris -a case report

Author: Dr Sheela Mathew* Dr Alwin Teresa, Dr Sathi Puthenparambath
16 Voluntary Body Donation - A Survey of Awareness

Author: Mrs Garima Ahada 1, Dr. Navneet singh 2
17 Does Glut-1 and Maspin Expression Have Prognostic Value in Uterine Cervical Carcinomas

Author: Yasemen Adali, Ugur Saygili,Hasan Bahadir Saatli,Meral Koyuncuoglu Ulgun
18 Utilization Pattern of Drugs in Expecting Mothers Visiting Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Rural Tertiary Care Center

Author: Chanderpriya Agarwal*, Dr. Anshu Gupta, Dr. Rani Walia,Dr. Naina Kumar
19 Most Common Organism Causing Meningitis In Blood Culture Positive Neonates And Profile Of Proven Sepsis And Meningitis In A Tertiary Care Hospital-A Retrospective Cohort Study

Author: Paramesh Pandala, Rakesh Kotha*,Himabindu singh, Deepashree Rajshekar, Nirmala C, Srinivasa Kalyani, Arjun Jadhao
20 Enterococcus faecalis biofilm formation on gutta-percha obturating material coated with or without sealer and conditioned using saliva or serum - an in vitro study.

Author: 1Charu Kapur, 2 Mantri Shivkumar P, 3 Bonny Paul, 4 Kavita Dube, 5 Mani Vishwakarma
21 A Comparative Study of Breast Abscess Drainage by Conventional Incision and Drainage versus Percutaneous Placement of Suction Drain

Author: Prof Dr K Shanthakumar
22 Age Wise distribution of rape cases: A retrospective 3 year study in PBM Hospital, Bikaner

Author: Dr. Keshav Soni* , Dr. Shalender Kumar*, Dr. O.P.saini** , Dr. P.K.Saini** ,Dr. Sanjeev Buri*** , Dr. Rajendra Singh*
23 Emergency Airway Management In Eclamptic Patient With Facial Trauma

Author: Dr. Vineet Kumar1, Dr. Parul Gupta2 , Dr. Jyotsna2 , Dr. Anju Kumari3 , Dr Nidhi Bangarwa1 , Dr Ravi2 , Dr. Ankita Suri2
24 The Antimicrobial and Mechanical Properties of Acrylic Resins with Al2O3 and SiO2 Nanoparticles

Author: 1Berrin Akkus, 2Necla Demir, 3Muhammet Karci, 4Ugur Arslan, 4Hatice Turk Dagi
25 Compressive and Diametral Tensile Strength of Dental Stones with SiO2 and Al2O3 Nanoparticles

Author: 1Berrin Akkus, 2Necla Demir, 3Muhammet Karci, 4Sakir Yazman
26 Spectrum of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Findings in patients with Dyspepsia and its relation to alarm symptoms

Author: 1Kamalakannan Rajendran*,2Sugumar Chidambaranathan,2Jeswanth Sathyanesan,2 RavichandranPalaniappan
27 Evaluation of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding In Peri-Menopausal Women – Particular Emphasis on Role of Endocrinopathies in The Causation.

Author: Nadia Bashir1, Abida Ahmad2 , Nuzhat Bashir3, Aijaz Ahmad Patloo4 , Shariq Rashid Masoodi5, Zafar Amin Shah6
28 Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis Caused By a Dental Infection: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Vidhi C. Rathi*, 2Dr. Pradeep Sharma, 3Dr. Amit Gupta, 4Dr. Kratika Soni
29 Antegrade or retrograde nailing? Difference in the reduction and union with functional range of motion in operated patients for distal femoral fractures - a clinical study

Author: 1Dr. Deepak K Aher, 2Dr. Rajesh K Mishra, 3Dr. Tapan Jain, 4Dr. Vipin Singh, 5Dr.Lakshya Bhardwaj, 6Dr. Rajesh Jamoria, 7Dr. Harendra Singh, 8Dr. Ajay Dandotiya
30 Hospitalisation after Renal Transplantation: A Single Centre Cross-Sectional Study

Author: Manjuri Sharma1, Bishal Agarawalla2, P.J.Mahanta3, Hamad Jeelani4, Tazeen Jeelani 5
31 Role of frontal sinus in gender determination and personal identification using PA view of skull - A digital radiographic study

Author: 1Dr. Bushra Tazeen Khan,2Dr. Abhishek Singh Nayyar,3Dr.V.Sreenivasan, 4Dr.Deepa L Raut
32 Implementation of Six Sigma to Improve the Discharge Process

Author: Dr. Ruchi Garg1, Dilshad Pathan 2
33 Clinical Study of Diabetic Foot

Author: Parikshit Singh Chandawat 1, Mohd.Rafik Rao2
34 Impact of Human Colostrum Associated Microbial Population on Neonatal Health

Author: Ritesh kumar Arya*1 Hemant Tahilramani2, Amar Garg3
35 A Prospective Comparative Study to Assess the Impact of Maternal Body Mass Index on Obstetric Outcome at Tertiary Care Hospital in Rajasthan

Author: Manisha Bahad1, Mukesh Suwalka2
36 To compare the fixed dose combination of drotaverine hydrochloride and mefenamic acid with intravenous sedation with injection pentazocine and diazepam in terms of cost, pain management at tertiary care hospital Rajasthan.

Author: Mukesh Suwalka1, Manisha Bahad2
37 To compare the fixed dose combination of drotaverine hydrochloride and mefenamic acid with intravenous sedation with injection pentazocine and diazepam in terms side effects at tertiary care hospital Rajasthan.

Author: Mukesh Suwalka1, Manisha Bahad2
38 Effectiveness of Mifipristone in the treatment of Uterine Leiomyoma

Author: Dr. Y. Srilaxmi,Dr. G. Shailaja, Dr.Alla Satyanarayana Reddy
39 Modification of Robson Classification for Caesarean Section Audit

Author: Tapasi Pati, Satyabhama Marandi*
40 A Rare Case Report of Retrograde Air Embolism and Phenytoin Extravasation Causing Acute Superficial Venous Thrombosis and Purple Glove Syndrome of the Upper Limb.

Author: Dr.Rudraiah HGM1, Dr.Siddharth Vijay Kalke2, Dr. Varun Negi3
41 P wave Dispersion: a valid cardiac marker for atrial fibrillation prediction in psoriasis patients.

Author: 1 M.A.Arumugam, 2 M.Vijaya Anand *, 3Alamelu Alagappan
42 Diaphragm Disease of Small Bowel - The Unsolved Mystery and an Emerging Disease

Author: Dr. Rudraiah HGM, Dr. Prakash MG, Dr. Siddharth Vijay Kalke*, Dr. Basavaraja C, Dr.Chatura Kr1. Dr.Aniruddha Desai
43 Lung Targeting Drug Delivery System

Author: V. Viswanatha, C. Rajaramb, S.R. Fathimac, A. Sai Pavand
44 Functional Outcome of Distal End of Radius Fractures Treated With Percutaneous Pinning and Dynamic Bridging External Fixator

Author: Dr. Libin Thomas Manathara*, Dr. Sudheeru**
45 Cholesterol Lowering Effect Of Philippine Ashitaba (Gynura Procumbens) Crude Aqueous Leaf Extract In Hypercholesterolemic Mice

Author: Allan L. Hilario, MD1*, Lorelie M. Dejano, MD2, Eric E. Calderon, Jr. MD2, Marynole Christian A. Canonoy, MD2, Hazel F. Cruz, MD2, Milthon Anli A. Cua, MD2, Krishna Gail C. de Castillo, MD2, Mark Jacob M. dela Rosa, MD2, Phylis C. Rio, MD2, Geraldine Susan C. Tengco, MD2
46 Axial Multiplanar Reconstruction Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography of Supra-aortic Vessels in Predicting Degree of Stenosis: Comparison with Digital Subtraction Angiography

Author: Hale AYDIN1, Mehmet TEKSAM2
47 Esthetic Management Of Gingival Hyperpigmentation A Comparative Evaluation Of Two Different Techniques : A Clinical Study.

Author: 1Dr Potuluri Venkata Durga Rao, 2Dr S.V.V.S Musalaiah
48 Rescuing Tooth with Regenerative Technique: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Potuluri Venkata Durga Rao, 2Dr S.V.V.S Musalaiah

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