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Volume 4 - 2019 Issue 1 February


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1 A Comparative Study on Variations in Pulmonary Function Test in males of rice mill workers on their smoking habit

Author: Dr. Sunitha Narendrula
2 Schwannoma of Psoas Muscle-A Case Report

Author: Dr Vimlesh1, Dr Vanita Kumar2, Dr Neelu Gupta3
3 Study of Clinical and Hematological Profile in Smear Positive Malaria Patients

Author: Dr. Shalini Gupta1, Dr. Vanita Kumar2, Dr. Neelu Gupta3, Dr. Akhil Gupta4
4 A Study on Sexual Dysfunctions in Alcohol Use Disorder Patients

Author: 1Dr.P.P.Kannan, 2Dr.R.Rajasekaran, 3Dr.M.Malaiappan
5 Management of Diabetic ulcer with synthesis of herbal banding techniques

Author: K Vignesh1, K Madeshwaran1, Dr.S.Yamini Priyadharsini MD(s)*,Dr.A.P.Uma MD(s) **
6 Demographic and Clinicopathological Profile of Women with Ovarian Tumours at A Tertiary Care Centre.

Author: Dr Premlata Mital, Dr Nupur Hooja * ,Dr Sunita Singhal , Dr Alka Batter ,Dr Richa Ainani , Dr Kavita Chaudhary, Dr Urmila
7 Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Diabetes Mellitus: A Profile Study

Author: Chakradhar Lingampalli1, Prof. K.V.V. Vijaya Kumar1, J. Kundan Raja1, K. Vishnu Chaitanya1, B. Swetha1, T.S.S.L. Pratyusha1, N. Shasikanth Reddy1
8 Microbiological Patterns of Community Acquired Pneumonia

Author: Dr.K. Ravi1, Dr.A. Prem Kumar2, Dr.Srinivasulu Reddy3,K.Venkata Ramana4
9 Foot Ulcers And Risk Factors Among Diabetic Patients

Author: Man singh Bairwa1, Anand Agarwal2
10 Evaluation of Modified Alvarado Score in Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis

Author: Anand Agarwal1, Man singh Bairwa2
11 Chelating Agents In Endodontics :An Overview

Author: 1Farheen Akhtar , 2Bonny Paul , 3Mantri Shivkumar , 2Kavita Dube , 4Charu Kapur 1Ankita, 1Niharika Singh
12 Study on Systemic Manifestations of Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus with Special Reference To Renal Involvement

Author: 1Dr. Asim Saha,2Dr. Avijit Saha
13 Postmenopausal Massive Calcified Ovarian Fibroma – A Rare Case Report

Author: Reema Vyas1, Surendra Prakash Vyas2
14 A cross section study on Iron Deficiency Anemia in Adolescent Girls in field practice area of Urban Health Training Centre, RVRS Medical College, Bhilwara.

Author: Mahesh Kumar Choudary1, Manmohan Gupta2, Rachit Saxena3, Sandeep Kumar Uppadhaya4
15 Study of Anemia among Adolescent Girls

Author: Pinky Dhariwal 1, Garima Gupta2
16 A Study of Group a Streptococcal Pharyngitis among 3–15-Year-Old Children Attending Clinics for an Acute Sore Throat

Author: Sadhana Joshi1, Gaurav Parashar2
17 A Clinical Study of Otomycosis

Author: Gaurav Parashar1, Sadhana Joshi2
18 Prospective Study of C - reactive protein Level and Diameter of Appendix in Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis

Author: Girish Saradhna1, M.L. Soni2
19 Vesical And Urachal Actinomycosis - Mimicking Urachal Malignancy: A Case Report

Author: 1Bhalaguru Iyyan.A, 2Vinoth.D, 3Umamaheswari.G, 4Chaitra.V
20 Dyslipidemia in Thyroid Disorders

Author: Dinesh Gurjar1, Mukesh Gupta2, Harish Sharma3, Sunil Pathak4
21 A Study on the Lipid Profile of Hypertensive Patients

Author: Dinesh Gurjar1, Mukesh Gupta2, Harish Sharma3, Sunil Pathak4
22 Epidemiology and Pattern of Ocular Trauma in Tertiary Care Hospital of North India

Author: Monika,J.P.Chugh, R.S.Chauhan, Ashok Rathi, Mohit Dua
23 A Case Report: Management of Blunderbuss Canal Using Tailor Made Gutta percha Obturating Technique.

Author: 1Dr. Mallayya C. Hiremath, 2Dr.SK Srinath,* 3Dr. Divya Putalikar,4Dr. Ajinkya D. Vernekar
24 Value and Diagnostic Accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Thyroid Lesions

Author: Ashok Kumar1, Sandeep Kumar Sarawagi2
25 Awareness, Attitude and Practices of Biomedical Waste management among health care workers of private nursing homes in West Bengal

Author: 1Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Rout, 2Dr. Adrija Roy, 3Dr. Parmeshwar Satpathy, 4Dr. Sembagamutthu Sembiah 5Dr. Debapi Roy
26 Comparison of Transconjunctival and Sub Ciliary Approaches in the Treatment of Infraorbital Bone Fractures: A Clinical Study

Author: Dr. D.Yesuratnam ,Dr.P. Anitha, Dr. S. Balasubramanyam, Dr. D. Nagasujatha
27 Hydatid Cyst In Turkey: Ten Years of Experience From A Single-Center

Author: 1Hulya Tosun Yildirim, 2Dondu Nergiz, 3Senay Yildirim, 4Canan Sadullahoglu
28 Results of Clavicle Plating In Adult Clavicle Fractures

Author: Dr. Tahir M. Afzal , Dr Shalinder Sharma, Dr Zubair A. Lone
29 Histopathological Evaluation of Meningiomas

Author: 1Mohammad Khushnood,2Priya Vijaykumar Gameti, 3Nitin Chaudhary, 4Mala Jain
30 Axial and sciatic arteries: a new interpretation

Author: Waseem Al Talalwah1, Roger Soames2
31 Acute Febrile Illness In Pediatric Population: The Disease Spectrum And Outcome- Data From A Northern Rural Centre

Author: Vikram Katodia1, Anuradha Behl2, Gauri Chauhan3, A.K Bhardwaj4
32 Correlation between Immunohistochemical Caveolin -1 Expression and Clinicopathological Parametres in Gastric

Author: Yetkin Koca1, Gulden Diniz1,Elif Keskin1, Ulku Kucuk1, Plnar Oksuz1,Talya Akata1, Melis Yemen1, Mustafa Degirmenci2, Cengiz Aydin3
33 To evaluate presentation and management of ectopic pregnancy in Indian scenario

Author: 1Lata Rajoria, 2Rajni Bansal, 3Sarita Agarwal, 4Neelam Bharadwaj, 5Lata Ratnoo
34 Assessment and Comparison of Color Doppler Indices in IUGR and Normal Fetuses

Author: 1Dr. Anil Kumar Gurjar, 2Dr. Baishali Jain, 3Dr. Lata Rajoria, 4Dr. Amrita Chaturvedi, 5Dr. Anita Dhayal
35 Behavioural And Dietary Risk Factors For Non Communicable Diseases In Central India – A Cross Sectional Study.

Author: 1Kanchan D. Ingle, 2Jyotsna Deshmukh, 3Ashok Jadhao, 4Sushama Thakre
36 Distance and temporal characteristics of jump gait in children with spastic diplegia

Author: 1Laxmi Mohan , 2George Zachariah, 3Antony Stanley
37 Primary Chondrosarcoma of the Breast: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Meenal M. Ghagi, 2Dr. Anne Wilkinson, 3Dr. Sabiha Maimoon
38 Suicides in Bikaner, Rajasthan Demographic profile and causative factors

Author: 1Dr.Shalender Kumar*, 2Dr.O.P. Saini**
39 Role of Ilizarov in Genu varum correction in Osteoarthritic Knee

Author: Mohit Dua, Monika
40 Analysis of fetal and maternal outcome among pregnant women referred for thrombocytopenia

Author: 1sarita agarwal, 2rajni bansal, 3neelam bharadwaj, 4lata ratnoo, 5jyoti yadav
41 A Massive Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma–Uncommon Presentation of a Common Lesion

Author: 1 Minu S. , 2 Twinkle S Prasad
42 Effect of Audio-Visual Distraction Technique on Salivary Biomarkers and Vital Signs of Preschool Children

Author: 1Dr. Jina Jani, 2Dr. Karthik Venkataraghavan, 3Dr. Anup Panda,4Dr. Krishna Trivedi Dere,5Dr. Mira Virda
43 Bacteriological Profile and their Antibiotics Sensitivity of Ascitic Fluid in Patients of Cirrhosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital Patna, Bihar

Author: 1Dr. Wasim Ahmad, 2Dr. Vidyut Prakash, 3Dr. Namrata Kumari,4Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha
44 Skin Disorders Among Geriatric Population Of Western Rajasthan

Author: Vineet Kumar1, Rekha S2,Dilip Kachhawa3, Vinod Jain4, R D Mehta5
45 A Study of Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Two Different Drug Regimen in the Management of Dermatophyte Infection

Author: Anil Babani1, R D Mehta2, B C Ghiya3, Prasoon Soni4

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