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Volume 4 - 2019 Issue 2 April


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1 Consistent Condom Use and Its Predictors: A Perspective of People Living With HIV/AIDS Assessing Care in A Resource Limited Setting

Author: Tolulope O Afolaranmi 1,3, Zuwaira I Hassan 1,3*, Omojarabi SK2, Oluwagbohunmi OS 2, Mandong BJ.2
2 Early Management of Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia: Conventional Removable Prosthesis.

Author: F.Nouara, B.Badr, S. El Arabi
3 A Study Among Ischemic Stroke Patients To Predict 30 Day Functional Outcome Using National Institute Of Health Stroke Scale And Barthel Index In A Tertiary Health Care Centre

Author: *Chandrasekar.S, 1Ramakrishnan, 1K. Roopa, 1G. Ragesh
4 The Comparative Clinical Study of Shatapushpa Churna and Tilshelukarvi Kwatha on Artava Kshaya

Author: Dr. Kamble Snehal Bhimarao
5 Recent Advances In Endodontic Motors And Handpiece – An Overview

Author: Anil K Tomer1, Panna Mangat2,Nitish Mittal3, Akankshita Behera4
6 A Study on Occurrence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Patients with Febrile Seizures Presenting To Pediatric Hospital, Bikaner, Rajasthan

Author: Shreeja D Nayak1, G S Sengar2
7 Assessment of Outcome of Hearing Screening In Newborn Using Otoacoustic Emission and Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry

Author: Ruchika Jhajharia1, Deep Chand2, Gaurav Gupta3, Vivek Samor4
8 Evaluation of Central Nervous System Tumors by Squash and Imprint Cytology with Histopathological Correlation

Author: Dr. Namita Goyal1, Dr. Sneha Gupta2, Dr. Deepika Gupta3
9 A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma Injection in Patients of Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis

Author: B.L. Khajotia1, Gori Shankar Meena2, B.L. Chopra3
10 Evaluation of Risk Factors Associated With Carcinoma Gallbladder and Outcome of Treatment in Patients Attending Tertiary Care Centre Kanpur UP

Author: Anju Yadav1, Gulab Dhar Yadav2, Nikhil Kumar Gupta3
11 Reactive Mimics of Neoplastic Osseous Lesions- A Case Report

Author: Dr.Shraddha Mahindra, Dr.Archana Joshi,Dr.Sadhana Mahore, Dr.Anne Wilkinson,Dr.Suresh Iyer,
12 Musculoskeletal Disorders and Burn out Syndrome and MAPO index in Hospital personnel

Author: Seyedeh Negar Assadi,
13 Pattern and Usefulness of Smartphones in Undergraduate Medical Students in Central India – The Students’ Perspective.

Author: Anagha A. Yenurkar 1, Anne Wilkinson 2
14 Evaluation of Clinical and Radiographical Outcome of Apexification Therapy Utilizing PRF & MTA With CBCT – A Case Series

Author: Dr. Panna Mangat1, Dr. Anil K Tomer2, Dr. Akankshita Behera3, Dr. Nitish Mittal4, Dr. Anila Krishna Saxena5, Dr. Artika Gupta6
15 To Evaluate The Clinical And Electrophysiological Aspects of Guillain Barre Syndrome In PBM Hospital Bikaner In Children Age Group.

Author: Snigdha Verma1, P.K.Berwal2
16 Clinical Study and Treatment of Undescended Testis in Western Rajasthan : Tertiary Center Experience

Author: Sunil Kumar Godara1, Sandeep Khadda 2 , Ashok Parmar3
17 Role of CRP, Micro- ESR and CPIS in Diagnosis of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia in Neonates at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Rajasthan

Author: Jenny Lalduhawmi Ralte1, G.S. Sengar2
18 To Study the Correlation of Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW) With the Severity and Mortality of Acute Pancreatitis and Its Prognostic Implication

Author: Rahul Vijay1, Rajesh Yadav 2, V B singh3
19 A Comparative Study of Hyperbilirubinemia, Elevated C-Reactive Protein and Leucocyte Count as a Predictive Factor for Appendiceal Perforation in Acute Appendicitis

Author: Devi Prasad Saini1, U S Parihar2, Gunjan Sharma3, Amit Singh4
20 Use of Tobacco and Arecanut, a Risk for Oral Premalignant Disorders in India

Author: Saurabh Sharma1, Deep Chand2, Gaurav Gupta3, Vivek Samor4, Pooja D Nayak5
21 A Clinical Study of Otomycosis

Author: Arjun Nath Yogee1, Navneet Mathur 2
22 Foot Ulcers and Risk Factors Among Diabetic Patients

Author: Prabhu dayal1, Mahesh Chand Bairwa2
23 Diagnostic Efficacy of Endometrial Aspiration Cytology with Histopathological Correlation - A Prospective Study

Author: Puneet Ojha1, Namita Goyal2
24 Relation of Red Cell Distribution Width And Severity Of Stemi

Author: Meenaxi Sharda 1 , Nitasha Sharma2 ,Mayank Shrivastava 3 , Yashwant Sharma4, Naresh Kumar Meghwal5
25 Study of Carotico- Clinoid Foramen in Dry Human Skulls in North India

Author: 1Dr. Rekha Bhasin, 2Dr.Sajad Hamid, 3Dr.Sunanda Raina
26 Assessment of Accuracy and Reliability of History, Physical Examination and Investigations for Prediction of Complications in Dengue like Illnesses

Author: Surender Kumar1, R.K. Soni2, Pawan Dara 3, Laxman Siddh4
27 Age Estimation from Cranial Sutures – A Postmortem Study

Author: Ranjeet singh1, O.P. Saini2, P.K. Saini3, Sanjeev Buri4, Shalender Saharan5
28 Effect of Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Anthropometry Measurements in Exclusively Breast Fed Infants.

Author: Dr Pallavi Sharma,Dr Vijay Kamale
29 Functional Pain Abdomen in Children: Epidemiology and Etiopathology

Author: Neeraj Ramchandani 1, R.K. Soni2, Pawan Dara 3, Laxman Siddh4
30 Comparative Study of Haemorrhoidectomy under Local Anesthesia versus Spinal Anesthesia

Author: Venkatachalam periyasamy1, Udayaravi M Patremane2.
31 Role of High Resolution Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Pathologies of Temporal Bone.

Author: Dr Priya Yadav,Dr V.C Chaturvedi,Dr Sunita Purohit, Dr Sanjay Narwani
32 A Study of Cervical Pap smear And Its Utility In Screening of Cervical Cancer In Tertiary Care Hospital of Jharkhand, Dhanbad.

Author: 1Dr Raj Kumar Prasad,2Dr. Bejoy Chand Banerjee, 3Dr. Chandra Sekhar Suman, 4Dr. Rajani Sinha,
33 Colour Doppler Evaluation of Cerebro-Placental Ratio and it’s outcome in Intra Uterine Growth Retardation

Author: Dr. Keerthi Shyam V, Dr. Anand SH, Dr. G. Gurushankar
34 Study of Dermatological Conditions in Sick Newborn – A Hospital Based Study

Author: 1Dr Pallavi Sharma, 2Dr Masarat Jabeen,
35 Spectrum of Clinical Presentation in Patients with Pellet Related Eye Injuries in the Indian Kashmir

Author: Suraya Kounser1,Khurshid Ahmad Ganaie2
36 Microbiological Profile of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia at Tertiary Care Hospital Attached To S. P. Medical College Bikaner

Author: Geeta Tinna1 , Sangeeta Gahlot2, Anjali Gupta3, B P Sharma4
37 An Epidemiological Study of Varicocele at Medical College Hospital Bikaner

Author: Dr. Akshaya Sharma1, Dr. Ashok Kumar2, Dr. Ashok Parmar3
38 To study the clinical profile of children (aged 1month-14yrs) suffering from urinary tract infection at tertiary care hospital Bikaner.

Author: Vikas Meena1, Renu Agrawal2, D.K. Agrawal3
39 To Assess Glycemic Control among Vitamin D Deficient Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Children At Medical College Hospital, Bikaner Rajasthan

Author: Vijay Medatwal, P.K.Berwal2, Sarika Swami3, T.C.Saini4
40 Estimation of Time since Death by Potassium Ion (K+) Level In Cerebrospinal Fluid- A Postmortem Study

Author: Bhanwar Lal Jakhar1, O.P. Saini2, P.K. Saini3, Sanjeev Buri4, Shalender Saharan 5
41 Clinicopathological Evaluation of Skin Malignancies at Tertiary Care Hospital in Western Rajasthan

Author: Pankaj Meena1, Ashok Parmar2
42 To Study the Comparison of Pus Culture, Blood Culture, Tissue Biopsy Culture & Sensitivity and Their Role in Treatment of Burn Patients

Author: Shyam Bhutra1, Amit Singh2, Vineet Kala3, Ashima Jain 4, Piyush Jain5, Ramjas Choudhary6
43 To evaluate the outcome of patients with perforation peritonitis by identification of high risk patient using serum albumin and serum cholesterol level at tertiary care hospital Ajmer, Rajasthan

Author: Poornima Sagar1 , M.L. Soni2, Ramprasad3, Aakanksha Soni4, Shruti Somani5, Girish Saradhna6
44 Retrospective Study of Who Grade of Urothelial Carcinoma and Its Immunohistochemical Correlation with P53 and P63

Author: Aakanksha Paniya1,Kishore Khatri 2, S. R. Negi3
45 A Study of Serum Uric Acid Levels in Preeclampsia

Author: Kavita Agarwal1, Pradeep Agarwal2
46 Dyslipidemia In Thyroid Disorders

Author: Pradeep agarwal1, Satish Pandey2
47 Diagnostic Accuracy of High Resolution Ultra Sound in Evaluation of Rotator Cuff Tears In Reference To Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author: 1Dr. Mohsin Ansari,2Dr. Sunita Purohit, 2Dr. Pradeep Goyal
48 Aetiology and Clinical Profile of Patients Aged >30 Years with Seizures

Author: Dr. Muzamil Wani1, Dr. Omar Farooq2, Dr. Sajad Rashid1, Dr. Samia Rasheed3, Dr. Javaid Basu4, Dr. M. Ashraf4, Dr. Aamir5, Dr. Mohsin5, Dr. Muzaffar5
49 Clinical Profile and Localization of Lesions in Patients with Lacunar Stroke in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Sajad Rashid1, Omar Farooq2, Samia Rashid3, Muzamil Wani1, Javed A. Basu4, M. Ashraf4, Dr. Aamir5, Dr. Mohsin5, Dr. Muzaffar5
50 A Study of Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1C) in Acute Coronary Syndrome.

Author: Dr. Harmeet Singh Saluja,Dr. R.K.Jha

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