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1 Formulation, development and standardization of advance herbal eye preparation (kohl) containing active constituent obtain from various region of India

Author: 1Dr. Satendra Kumar, 2Dr. Anil Kumar, 3Mr. Krishanu Samanta
102– 107
2 Diagnostic Utility of Computed Tomography Entero graphy in Differentiation of Early Ileocecal Tuberculosis from Early Crohn’s Disease

Author: 1Dr. Majid Jahangir, 2Dr. Suhail Hamid Wani, 3Dr. Showket Kadla
3 Wide excision of scar endometriosis in a case of previous caesarean section

Author: 1Dr. Gaurav S. Desai, 2Dr. Aditi V. Phulpagar, 3Dr. Saloni S. Zunzunwala, 4Dr. Mukulika Sharma
4 Clinical profile and outcome of seizures in hospitalized children

Author: 1Dr. Sambhaji Chate, 2Dr. Santosh Bhalke, 3Dr. Roshni Satdeve, 4Dr. Ramesh Lomte, 5Dr. Amol Chavan
5 Significance of Elastography In Renal Allograft Correlation Between S. Creatinine, Biopsy Result, Doppler Ri Value And Elastography

Author: 1Dr Nidhi Popat, 2Dr Ketul Pathak, 3Dr Khushbu Agarwal, 4Dr Shruti Mehta
6 Seroprevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen and antibodies to hepatitis C in patients attending tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Anubha Vijay, 2Shilpi Hora
7 Urinary tract etiology, antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance pattern of bacterial isolates in hemodialysis patients attending tertiary care hospital.

Author: 1Dr Shipi Hora, 2Dr Mahesh Dan
8 Lactate dehydrogenase level, oxygen saturation and haematological parameters among workers exposed to dust of coal mines in Northwest

Author: 1Dr. Ramdev Tak, 2Dr. Dev Kishan Devra, 3B.K. Binawara
9 Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria causing urinary tract infection and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern in a tertiary care hospital North-West Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Kshamender Sharma, 2Dr Geeta Tinna, 3Dr. Anjali Gupta, 4Dr. Taruna Swami, 5Dr. Abhishek Binnani, 6Dr. B.R Bishnoi
10 Minimally Invasive Plate Osteo Synthesis (MIPO) For Proximal Fractures of The Tibia: A Biological Approach

Author: 1Lohiya Ramprakash, 2Ashish, 3Khajotia B L, 4Manoj
11 Comparative study of peroneus longus versus hamstring tendons autologus graft to assess the functional outcome of arthroscopic reconstruction of ACL

Author: 1Lohiya Ramprakash, 2Chaliya Manoj Kumar, 3Khajotia B L, 4Ashish
12 Functional Outcome of Total Knee Arthroplasty in Osteoarthritis Knee - A prospective study of 30 knees

Author: 1Khajotia B.L., 2Kumar Rajat, 3Lohiya Ramprakash, 4Tanwar Sanjay
13 Functional outcome of arthroscopic reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament tear using ipsilateral peroneus longus tendon autograft: A prospective study of 100 cases

Author: 1Khajotia B.L., 2Kumar Manish, 3Lohiya Ramprakash, 4Mehra Chetan, 5Kumar Rakesh
14 Comparison of Complications of Stable and Unstable Paediatric Shaft of Femur Fractures Treated With Titanium Elastic Nails: A prospective study (50 Cases)

Author: 1Lohiya Ramprakash, 2Legha Shubham, 3Khajotia B L, 4Chopra Surender
15 Clinical Outcome of Autologus PRP In Rotator Cuff Injury - A Prospective Study (30 Cases)

Author: 1Khajotia B.L., 2Kumar Rakesh, 3Lohiya Ramprakash, 4Shekhawat Vikrant, 5Kumar Manish, 6Kochar Sanjay, 7Rizwan Mohammad, 8Ranga Niranjan M, 9Malhotra Kamlender, 10Agarwal Vivek

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