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1 Preliminary Study on Online Orthodontic Screening Apps

Author: 1Azrul Hafiz, 2Syiral Mastura, 3Diana Md Zahid, 4Zurairah Ibrahim, 5Ainuddin Yushar Yusof
2 Medication reconciliation as a strategy for preventing medication discrepancies in a tertiary care teaching hospital in south Kerala: A cross sectional observational study

Author: 1Nefcy Navas, 1Radhika Nair, 1Rajalekshmi K , 1Joanna Joy, 2Prof. (Dr). Shaiju S Dharan, 3Dr. Anju Jose
3 Audiological profile of chronic kidney disease patients on conservative management versus haemodialysis

Author: 1Dr Divya Jacob, 2Dr Deekshith Rajmohan, 3Dr Santhosh Pai, 4Fathimathil Rafeeda Banu, 5Dr KS Gangadhara Somayaji, 6Dr Sheetal Rai
4 Possible interactions between Dietary Herbs/Food and conventional drugs: A review

Author: 1Pradnya Deolekar, 2Kavitha Dongerkery, 3Pramila Yadav, 4Swati Sonawane
5 Early Prenatal Diagnosis of Triploidy With Rare Ultrasound Findings

Author: 1Dr. Yasmin Bano, 2Dr. Sunita Purohit, 3Dr. Neha Agrawal
6 Analgesic effect of perioperative intravenous infusion of lignocaine in laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgeries: a randomised controlled double blinded interventional study

Author: 1Dr Vikram Kajala, 2Dr Mahendra Kumar, 3Dr Rajesh Sharma
7 Study of complications of mechanical ventilation

Author: 1Dr. Teena Gupta, 2Dr. Pravin Salame, 3Dr. Nilima Ramesh Wankhade
8 Prospective study for results of various modalities used in the management of paediatric both bone fracture forearm

Author: 1Dr. Devendra Nayak, 2Dr. Sunil Kumar Dhanger, 3Dr Avadhesh Bhati
9 Fighting COVID 19, One Shot at a Time

Author: 1Apurva Bansal, 2Ashvin Rajeev Pillai
10 Hematologic Profile of HIV-Infected Antiretroviral Naive Individuals: Comparison to HIV Seronegative Individuals

Author: 1Srijan Srivastav, 2Kavita Mardi
11 Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on knowledge regarding prevention of miscarriage during first trimester among married women in selected urban area, Bangalore

Author: 1Miss Iarihunlang Lyngdoh,2Mrs. M. Sundaram
12 Correlation of serum ferritin and proteinuria in patients of chronic kidney disease

Author: 1Dr. Anil Batta, 2Dr. Arshdeep Singh, 3Dr. Tajinder Singh
13 Surgical Significance of Variable Tendinous Attachment of Stylohyoid Muscle –A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Preeti Sonje, 2Dr. Neelesh Kanasker, 3Dr. P.Vatsalaswamy
14 Prevalence of positive serology for HBV, HCV, HIV infections amongst blood donors: A tertiary care center experience

Author: 1Prajapati AV, 2Vanikar AV, 3Chandak SA, 4Nigam LA, 5Suthar KS
15 Study of Anthropometric Measurement in Relation to Rate Pressure Product in Obese Individuals

Author: 1Rashmi Hada, 2Manila Jain
16 A comparative analysis of serum ferritin levels in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients at IRD, SMS Medical College, Jaipur

Author: 1Dr. Aditya Aggarwal, 2Dr Vinod Joshi, 3Dr Shubhra Jain
17 Comparison between the impact of rate pressure product and insulin resistance in obese and non-obese

Author: 1Rashmi Hada, 2Manila Jain

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