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1 A Case of Unilateral double collecting system with duplicated ureters and a large intravesical ureterocoele.

Author: Dr Ajith Kumar MG,Dr. Roja VR
2 A randomized controlled double-blinded prospective study of the efficacy of clonidine added to bupivacaine as compared with bupivacaine alone used in supraclavicular brachial plexus block for upper limb surgeries

Author: 1Dr. Satya Narayan Seervi,2Dr. Raghvendra Singh
3 A Rare Case of Large Anterior Mediastinal Mass Presenting As Right Ventricular Outflow Obstruction and Congestive Hepatopathy

Author: Dr. Udaya Bhaskarini1, Dr. V.Kusuma2, Dr.Suneetha3, Dr.Madhavi4, Dr.Sabarinadh5
4 Biochemical study of Correlation between thyroid dysfunction and severity of renal disease

Author: 1Dr Monali Rewatkar, 2Dr Arun Tadas, 3Aditya Jain, 4Sanjay Agrawal
5 Clinicopathologic Evaluation of 290 Ovarian Teratoma Cases 6-Year Single - Center Experience

Author: Dr.Duygu Ayaz
6 Comparative Study of Sympathetic Function Tests in Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Women

Author: Dr. Kavita Yadav
7 Comparison of both Static and Dynamic Pulmonary Function Test Parameters in Indian Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women

Author: Dr. Kavita Yadav
8 Correlation between Clinical Features and Degree of Immunosuppression in HIV Infected Children

Author: Dr. Monika Singh1, Dr. Nayan Kumar2, Dr. B S Karnawat3
9 Cytomorphological Spectrum of Lymph Node Lesions Using Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Tertiary Care Centre

Author: Naik Reena1, ChawdaHanish K2 , Minj Manoj K3
10 Deep angiomyxoma of the vulva in south India: A Case Report

Author: 1Bhalaguru Iyyan, 2Vinoth, 3Sakthi Sankari
11 Effect of Ddifferent Acidic Beverages on Microhardness of Nanohybrid Composite and Fibre Reinforced Composite – An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Kalpana S. Pawar, 2Dr. Trupti V. Thorat, 3Dr. Sadashiv G. Daokar, 4Dr. Kapil D. Wahane, 5Dr. Laxmikant A. Late, 6Dr. Chaitali R. Mahakale, 7Dr. Kalyani S. Kagne.
12 Effect of Systemic Blood Pressure on Intraocular Pressure-A Comparative study.

Author: Angli Manhas,1 Rameshwar S Manhas,2* Gaurav S Manhas,3 Dinesh Gupta,4 Dinesh Kumar 5
13 Evaluation of Gingival Depigmentation by Scalpel Airotor Diamond Bur and Laser: A Comparative Clinical Study

Author: Suresh Peddengatagari1, Ravi Kumar Pothannagari2, Lakshmi Prasanna Palagiri3, Padmini Talari4, SumaPriyanka Chenchu5.
14 Histopathological Spectrum of Lesions in Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Biopsies: A Retrospective Study in a Tertiary Care Center in Western India

Author: 1Attri Nisha, 2Kumari Suman, 3Sharma U.B
15 Histopathological Study of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Biopsies

Author: 1Suvernakar SV, 2Hanmante RD
16 Intravenous Dexamethasone prolongs Analgesia Provided by Interscalene Block for Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery

Author: 1Dr Anju Kumari, 2Dr Meenakshi Kumar
17 Introducing structured Nurses Record Format for saving Nurses Documentation Time: a Quality Initiative

Author: Dr. (Major) Meeta Tyagi1 , Ms. Suman R. Kashyap2 , Dr. Shakti Kumar Gupta3
18 Mental Foramen: An Adjuvant Tool for Gender Determination in Adults

Author: 1Dr V T Beena, 2Dr Sabu Paul, 3Dr Jasmine Jose,4 Dr Latha Mary Cherian, 5Dr Arun Rao
19 Ocular Manifestations in Patients with Nutritional Anemia-A Clinical Study.

Author: Angli Manhas1, Meenakshi Gupta2, Rameshwar S Manhas3*, Dinesh Gupta4, Gaurav S Manhas5
20 Osseodensification: A Conservative Approach in Implant Site Preparation

Author: 1Dr. Nazish baig, 2Dr Yusuf Shaikh,3 Dr Babita Yeshwanti,4 Dr Vivek Jadhav, 5Dr Ruchi Kasat, 6Dr Shivani Kotewar
21 Prevalence and Determinants of Obesity among School Going Adolescents in Rural Areas of Dehradun

Author: Dr.Harsimranjit Kaur Natt 1,Dr. Soumya Mohanty2, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Gupta3 , Dr.Anshu Mittal 4 ,Dr. Amit Kumar Jha5 , Dr.Shantanu Aggarwal6, Dr. Neha Upadhyai7.
22 Repair of Esophageal Atresia with Tracheoesophageal Fistula through Modified Transpleural Approach by Delivering Lung Out of Main Wound.

Author: 1Dr Pramod Kumar Mohanty, 2Dr Pravat Kumar Majumdar,3Dr Pradeep Kumar Jena,4Dr Hiranya Kishor Mohanty
23 Role of DWI in Ring Enhancing Lesions of Brain

Author: 1Rajasbala Dhande, 2Ayush Gupta
24 Role of MRI in evaluation of spinal trauma, its correlation with clinical profile and neurological outcome using ASIA impairment scale.

Author: 1Ayush Gupta, 2Rajasbala Dhande, 3Anukriti Goyal
25 Role of trans-thoracic echocardiography in a comparative assessment of left ventricular systolic and diastolic function in the third trimester of pregnancy with pre-eclampsia and normotensive pregnancy

Author: 1Neha Choudhary, 2Anil Gurjar, 3Asha Verma
26 To evaluate management modalities and their outcomes in patients with spontaneous pneumothorax

Author: 1Dr.Mukesh Kumar Mandawariya, 2Dr.S.P. Agnihotri, 3Dr. Nalin Joshi, 4Rekha Mandawariya

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