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Volume 3 - 2018 Issue 6 December


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1 Study on conditions for gama buryric acid (GABA) production in Lactobacillus fermentum 101 isolated from human

Author: Phuc Cat, My Truong, Phuong Tran, Hien Tran, Tu Nguyen*
2 Milligan-Morgan Haemorrhoidectomy Versus Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy: A Prospective Comparative Study

Author: 1Dr. Jagmohan Mishra, 2Dr. Biplab Mishra, 3Dr.Afroza Firodous
3 “From the sun to the earth” – Use of solar energy for infectious biomedical waste management.

Author: Dr. Jaya Singh1, Dr. Mohd Saleem1, Dr. Shruti Singh1, Dr. Shaleen Chandra2, Dr. Somi Fatima3, Dr. Mohd Faisal4, Dr. Manjari Sonam5
4 Arthroscopic Sub-acromial Decompression in Impingement Syndrome of Shoulder – A Clinical Study

Author: 1Dr. Davinder Singh ,2 Dr. Kavish Singh, 3Dr. Taha Ahmed*, 4Dr Vikas Gupta, 5Dr BD Athani
5 Boerhaave’s Syndrome: A Forgotten Fatality

Author: 1Shobhitendu Kabi, 2Siba Prasad Dalai,3 Srikant Kumar Dhar, 4Baikuntha Nath Panda,5 Amit Kumar, 6Kamalkant Jena
6 A Prospective Comparative Study Between Karydakis Operation Versus Modified Bascom (Cleft Lift) Procedure for Pilonidal sinus

Author: 1Dr. Jagmohan Mishra, 2Dr. Afroza Firodous, 3Dr. Biplab Mishra
7 Traumatic CCFS: Can We Wait..?

Author: 1Dr. Girish S Soni,2Dr. Shashank Nagendra , 3Dr. Avinash A Gutte, 4Dr. Sarika B Patil
8 New concept in treatment of lymphedema

Author: Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy, MD, PhD1, Maria de Fatima Guerreiro Godoy, OT, Ph2
9 Hemi-Hamate Arthroplasty in Old Neglected Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Fracture Dislocations

Author: Ramesh Chandra Maharaj 1, Nihar Ranjan Mishra2, Dillip Kumar Chand3
10 Study on the ability of producing of conjugated linoleic acid of lactobacillus fermentum101 isolated from human digestive tract

Author: Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Tran Phu Tien, Cao Phuong My Duyen, Nguyen Pham Quynh Anh, Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu*
11 A Case of Adult PDA with Eissenmenger

Author: Dr Abir Aijaz*, Dr Omar Farooq ***, Dr Javid Basu***, Prof. Samia Rasheed***, Dr Ahsraf***, Dr Muzzaffar**, Dr Mohsina**, Dr Aamir**, Dr Sajad*, Dr Abass*, Dr Suhail*, Dr Mansoor*
12 Post Traumatic Shoulder Pathology – Is conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging still useful..?

Author: Kavish Kapoor , Rajiv Kapur, Mukesh Chandra, Bhanu Sharma, Megha Jain, Reshu Sharma
13 A study on prevalence of myopia and causative factors among primary and middle school students in Hyderabad, India

Author: Aishwarya Kotha1, Dr. Mujahid Mohammed*2, Dr. Shobha Mohammed3
14 Assessment of cervical cytomorphological changes in infertile women

Author: Sunil Kumar Meena1, Suman Mendiratta2*, Lata Rajoria3, Mamta Meena4
15 Penetrating Injury Abdomen, Homicidal Versus Accidental

Author: 1Dr Mahendra Choudhary ,2Dr S S Rathore, 3Dr Ramdayal,4Dr Naresh
16 In Vivo Evaluation of Crestal Bone Level In Two-Piece Implants Placed Following One Stage And Two Stage Surgical Protocol In Single Tooth Implant.

Author: Dr. Harish Babu S.B1, Dr. Modha Vishal Dhirajlal2, Dr. Simran Kaur3, Dr. Ruchika Raj3, Dr. Jayendra Purohit4
17 A Case of Unilateral Typhoid Cerebellitis

Author: Omar Farooq***, Sajad Rashid*, Abir Aijaz*, Abbas*, Mehak*, Mansoor*, Suhail*, Amir Majeed**, Muzaffar Ahmad**, Mohsin**, Javaid Ahmad Basu***, Mohammad Ashraf***
18 Teenage Pregnancy: Family and Social Characteristics and Risk Factors in Etinan, Sub-urban Area of Southern Nigeria

Author: Udoh SB,1 Iyanam VE,1 Uche NN,2 Udonwa NE.1
19 Association of Interleukin 10 Gene Polymorphism with Psoriasis in Chinese Population

Author: 1Song Jiquan, 2Ligi Isac, 3xing yo qiong
20 Case Report – Zinner Syndrome- A Rare Case Report

Author: Dr Abir Aijaz*, Dr Omar Farooq***,Dr Javid Basu***, Dr Ashraf***,Dr Sajad*,Dr Aamir*, Dr Muzaffar*, Dr Abass*
21 Significance of Ultrasound Finding of Minimal Free Fluid in Pelvis in Paediatric Blunt Trauma Abdomen Patients: A Retrospective Study and Review of Literature

Author: 1Dr. Dileep Garg, 2Dr. Dr. Aditya Pratap Singh, 3Dr. Dinesh Kumar Barolia
22 Sociodemographic and health profile of construction workers of Central India: A cross sectional study

Author: Dr. Ketan R. Dagdiya, Dr . Jyotsna S. Deshmukh
23 Diagnosis of Genotoxicity by Comet Assay in Oral Cancer of Puducherry Population

Author: Dr. Subash P, Mrs. Jayanthi R
24 Prevalence of Psychiatric Morbidity in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Author: Kannan PP1, Tamilselvi M2, Malaiappan M 3
25 Association of Adiponectin with Components of Metabolic Syndrome in Western U.P

Author: Prema Adhikari*, Suryakant Nagtilak**, Pawan Parashar***
26 Evaluation of CE Angle of Wiberg for the functional outcome in various Hip Pathologies: A prospective study

Author: Mohit Dua,Monika
27 Effect of Interactions between Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines And Iron In Malaria-Infected Pregnant Women In ABA, Nigeria.

Author: Okezie C. Okamgba1, Martins O. Ifeanyichukwu1, Nancy Ibeh1, Ayodele O. Ilesanmi2
28 Effect of Disnfection And Sterilization Procedures on Denture Base Materials An In-Vitro Study.

Author: 1Dr Arvind I. Moldi, 2Dr. Swrajya Bharati S Rao,3Dr Ajay Singh
29 Prevalence of G6PD deficiency in patients of a Tertiary Care Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Author: 1Karmajeet Rath,2Suman Mandal,3Sarthak Ranjan Nayak
30 Developmental Stages of Permanent Mandibular Second Molars in 12 Year Old North Indian Population

Author: 1Dr. Anoop Grover, 2Dr. Rishu Garg, 3Dr. Gazal Mehta,4Dr. Pardaman Setia
31 Demogrphic, Clinico-Radiological and Etiological Profile of Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease in Hilly Area of Western India.

Author: Lokesh Maan1, Mahesh K Mishra2, Takhar R3, Abhilasha4
32 Painful Osteopoikilosis: A Rare Case Presentation

Author: Sonali Sharma1, Sudesh Sharma2, Ruchi Khajuria3
33 An Observational Study on Association of Helicobacter Pylori in Patients with Gastric Carcinoma

Author: Mahendra Kumar1*, Ujjwal Bhattacharya2, Arunima Mukhopadhayay3
34 To evaluate correlation of serum testosterone concentration with micro and macrovascular complications in type 2 diabetic men at tertiary care hospital Bikaner

Author: Rajendra Bhati1, Anil Khatri 2, R P Agarwal3, Parmendra Sirohi4, Manoj Mali5,Atmaram Chhimpa6
35 Prevalence of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder in College Students of Jamnagar, India- A Prospective Study Using Daily Record of Severity of Problems (DRSP)

Author: Twinkle Patel1, Deepak Tiwari2, Vishal Patel2, Amit Divecha3
36 Evaluation of surgical management of distal femoral fractures treated surgically with Plating.

Author: Mohit Dua,Monika
37 Evaluation of Various Caries Diagnostic Devices in Occlusal Caries Detection in Conjunction with Visual Inspection: An In vivo/ In vitro Study

Author: 1Merve Gurses,2Said Karabekiroglu, 3Nimet Unlu
38 Post Ureteroscopy peri renal hematoma leading to diagnosis of hemophilia and angiodyslasia colon- A rare clinical cluster.

Author: 1Dr. Varun V Agarwal, 2Dr. Mukund G Andankar,3Dr. Hemant R Pathak
39 To assess the Histological profile and diagnostic yield of various procedures in patient of Lung malignancy

Author: 1Dr.Aditya K. Gautam, 2Dr.Adesh kumar,3Dr.Ashish K Gupta , 4Dr.Raghuvendra Singh, 5Dr.Prashant Yadav
40 An In-Vitro Comparison of the Retention of Cement-Retained Implant-Supported Crowns with and Without Circumferential Grooves on Implant Abutment

Author: 1Dr Arvind I. Moldi , 2Dr Aradhana Rathod, 3Dr Ajay Singh
41 Analysis of Prescription in the Department of Cosmetic Surgery - According To Who Prescribing Indicators

Author: 1Md.Younus Mohiuddin, 2Syed Arshad, 3D.Sudheer kumar, 4P.Kishore
42 Haematological Profile As A Screening Tool For Neonatal Sepsis : A Hospital Based Study

Author: 1Dr Neha Batra, 2Dr Deepa Hatwal, 3Dr Arvind Kumar, 4Dr Sheela Chaudhari, 5Dr S.K Barpanda
43 Case report – Acupuncture treatment in patient with osteopenia and MEN1

Author: Prof Dr Jihe Zhu1, BSc Blagica Arsovska1, 2, BSc Kristina Kozovska1, 3
44 Functional and radiological outcome of PCL avulsion fractures treated operatively

Author: Dr Rahul Kadam, Dr pratik Gohil, Dr abhay chhallani, Dr saijyot raut, Dr akshay Shah, Dr ankit agrawal
45 Impact of formative and summative assessments on 1st year physiology university exam in Medicine our experience

Author: Dr. Mujahid Mohammed1*, Dr. Ranjit babu K2, Dr. Shobha Mohammed3
46 Type of Wound Drainage and Post Operative Morbidity after Modified Radical Mastectomy

Author: 1Dr. Alex Oommen,2Dr. Thara Augustine
47 Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: A rare cause of severe anemia

Author: Dr Ravi Prakash, Dr Pradeep Mital,Dr Sujata Agarwal, Dr Aradhana Singh,Dr Vinay Kumar Meena
48 Non-surgical Management of Necrotic Immature Permanent Teeth using a novel material Biodentin- A case report

Author: Anil K. Tomer1, Panna Mangat2, Akankshita Behera3, Nitish Mittal4
49 Leech therapy In Non-Healing Ulcer - a Case Study

Author: Neelofer¹, Khalid.Z.Khan², F.S.Sherani³
50 Evaluation of Short Term Outcome of Elective and Emergency Surgery for Colorectal Cancer: A Single Institute Experience

Author: Maitreyi S Patel1, Rajeev R Satoskar1, Monty Khajanchi1
51 Evaluation of Cases of Intestinal Malrotation with Midgut Volvulus

Author: 1Dr.Santosh V.Patil, 2Dr. Priya S. Patil, 3Dr.Vibhu Sharma, 4Dr.Sudhakar S. Jadhav
52 Histogenesis of Human Adenohypophysis and Differentiation of Corticotrophs and Thyrotrophs

Author: 1Anandi Neel Bande, 2Dr.Megha Arun Doshi,3Dr. Priya Santosh Patil, 4Dr.Nitin Radhakishan Mudiraj
53 Effects of dengue infection on pregnancy outcome

Author: Dr Aditi Phulpagar1, Dr. Snehal Shintre2, Dr. Manvi Gupta2
54 Study of correlation between hba1c and complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus in southern odisha, India

Author: 1Sachidananda Nayak, 2Susanta Kumar Nahak, 3Bijaya Kumar Behera, 4Jaison George
55 A case of prolonged restricted mouth opening-An approach to the diagnosis

Author: 1Dr. Shruti Kirti,2Dr. Virendra Singh, 3Dr. Vijaylaxmy Malhotra, 4Dr. Vidushi Mahendru, 5Ambika Gupta
56 Assessment of the Training Needs In Health Care Professionals for Better Goals

Author: Lt Col Neeraj Garg*, Dr Ruchi Garg $, Dr Shakti Kr Gupta@, Brig Sunil Kant, VSM**
57 A prospective study of a modified minimal open preperitoneal (MOPP) mesh hernioplasty for bilateral, complex & recurrent groin hernias.

Author: Prof Dr Pradeep Saxena

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