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Volume 2 - 2017 Issue 5


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1 Agenesis of Corpus Callosum in an Elderly Male

Author: Dr. Deepak Reddy, Dr. Pradeep Kumar
2 Comparative Evaluation of Fracture Resistance of Roots Using Different Root Canal Filling Monoblock Systems: An Ex-Vivo Study

Author: 1Dr. Saurav Purbay,2Dr. Azhar Malik,3Dr. Anshdeep Singh,4Dr. Sumit Sabharwal, 5Dr. Nancy Bansal Agarwal, 6Dr. Pulkit Gupta
3 A study of pattern of admissions and outcome in pediatric intensive care unit at rural Haryana.

Author: 1Dr. Raghvendra Narayan,2Dr. Shivani Singh,3Dr. Mani Garg
4 A Survey of Knowledge of Antiseptic and Disinfectant Use Among Interns in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Author: 1Dr Adit Atul Deshmukh, 2Dr Sangeeta Sanjay Dabhade,3Dr Balasaheb Baburao Ghongane
5 Relationship between ABO Blood Group and Periodontal Disease: A Clinical Study

Author: Chandan Kumar Das1, Purobi Choudhury 2, Mrinmoy Bhuyan3, Swarga Jyoti Das4
6 To Study the Electrocardiographic Changes in Chronic Severe Anemic Patients

Author: Tejinder Talwar1, Parvesh Malik2, Munish Gupta3, Kiran Kumar Singal4
7 Oral Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma – An Enigmatic Entity and Its Journey across Six Decades.

Author: 1Dr. Prasanna Kumar D., 2Dr. Radhika Pethkar, 3Dr. Abhishek P. T.
8 Anomalous Right Inferior Phrenic Artery: A Case Report and Its Clinical Significance

Author: 1Dr. Kamal Singh, 2Priyanka Parmar, 3Dr. Aarti Rohilla
9 Evaluation of Antiulcer Activity of Abelmoschus Esculentus in Laboratory Animals

Author: Dr. Sam Pavan Kumar G*, Dr. Pushpalatha Chinnam, Dr. Govardhan Reddy Kasireddy*
10 Provisional Restoration for Implant in the Esthetic Zone: A Review

Author: Dr. Nazish Baig,Dr. Babita Yeshwante, Dr. Reshma Rathod, Dr. Suresh Khiyani, Dr. Sejal Shinde, Dr. Vishakha Patil
11 A Study on Use of Synthetic Mesh in Patients Undergoing Ventral Hernia Repair during Colorectal Resection

Author: G. V. Ramana, G Someswara Rao, Ch. Umamahesh Rao
12 Awareness of Pharmacovigilance and Impact of Educational Intervention among Homeopathic Practitioners and Nursing Staff in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Rekha Y. Aherkar,2Dr. Jagrati Verma,3Dr. Balasaheb B. Ghongane
13 Retrospective Analysis of Clinical Isolates of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in a Tertiary Centre in Kerala: Two Year Study

Author: Dr. Lancy. J, Dr. Lizy Mathew,Dr. Seema A. Nayar
14 A Study of Histopathological Changes in Fallopian Tubes in Ectopic Pregnancies- A Hospital Based Study

Author: 1Dr. Bharti Devi Thaker,2Dr. Rita Thakur
15 Pleomorphic Adenoma of Lacrimal Gland-A Case Report

Author: Dr. Bhawana Choudhary, Dr. Neelu Gupta, Dr. Sunita Kulheri
16 Fungi Causing Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media and Antifungal Susceptibility Testing of Candida Isolates in A Tertiary Care Centre in Kerala.

Author: Dr.Jyothi.R,Dr .Samitha,Dr.Harilal,Dr RamaniBai.J.T,Dr.Lancy.J
17 A Study of Clinical Profile and the Causative Organism in Patients with Nosocomial Pneumonia.

Author: 1Deepu Changappa Cheriamane,2Ria Ann Thomas, 3Irfan K M, 4Bacchu Singh Verma,5Deepak Tekke Hari
18 Functional Evaluation of Arthroscopic Repair of Meniscal Tear in Adults

Author: Amit Meena, B. P. Sharma, Sumon S Saikia, Rahul Grover, Gaurav Singh, Manoj Kumar
19 Clinical and Bacteriological Profile in Aecopd

Author: 1Dr.V.N.Raju Md, 2Dr.A.Ayyappa Md,3Dr. T. Anil., 4Dr. V. Prathyush
20 A Comparative Study of Different Doses of Dexmedetomidine in Attenuating Hemodynamic Response in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

Author: 1Chittaranjan Panigrahi,2Siddhanta Choudhury,3Dulal Kisun Soren, 4Sumati Kandi, 5Subha Soumya Dany, 6Sithun Kumar Patro
21 Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in COPD patients attending a tertiary care centre

Author: R Remya*, B Jayaprakash**, D Rajan***, K AnithaKumari****
22 Infection Control in Orthodontics and Prosthodontics: Review and Update

Author: 1Dr. Mohd. Yunus Ansari, 2Dr. Mukul Saxena
23 Effects of Topical Triamcinolone Acetonide Application after Sinonasal Surgeries

Author: Mayank Yadav1, M. Khalid Farooqui2, T.S. Anand3
24 Measurements of the Acid Binding Capacity and Buffering Capacity of Ingredients Used in Poultry Feeds

Author: Mehdi Dadgar
25 Computer Aided Drug Design and Molecular Docking Studies on a Series of 1, 5 Dihydro Benzothiazepines as New Class of Cox-2 Inhibitors

Author: Venkata rao vutla*1, Chaluvadi Jaswanth kumar1, K.N.Rajini kanth1 and Rama Rao Nadendla1
26 Prevalence of Different Types of Headache and Migraine Disability Assessment: A Cross Sectional Study among University Students

Author: Mushtaq Ahmed1, Rafaqat Bota2, Madiha Ariff3, Hassan Bin Ajmal3, Marwa Qaiser3
27 “Disseminated Peritoneal Leiomyomatosis” An Imitator of Disseminated Intra-Abdominal Malignancy

Author: 1Dr. Priya Poickattusseril Vasu,2Dr. Lailaraji Navamoni
28 RP- HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Meropenem and Vaborbactam in Bulk Samples

Author: Sreelakshmi. Ma, R.L.C. Sasidhara, Raviteja. Bb
29 Level of Serum Magnesium in Sudanese Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Author: Hajir Taj Elsir Hamd1, Abdelmula Mohamed Abdalla2
30 Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Ki-67 in Ductal Breast Carcinoma in Central Sudan

Author: Yosuf S. Abdulwahab1, Rania M. SidAhmed2, Hind O. Taha3, Ahmed A. Mohamedani 4
31 Determining the Efficacy of Obturation Techniques in Primary Molars Using 2-D and 3-D Radiographs

Author: 1Dr.Sumaiya Nezam, 2Dr.Nudrat Neyaz, 3Dr. Bharatendu Kawatra, 4Dr.Shabab Ahmed Khan, 5Dr.Deepmala, 6Dr.Pulkit Gupta
32 Co-Relation between Oxidative Stress and Socioeconomic Status in HIV Pregnant Women at Grant Government Medical College and JJ Group of Hospital Byculla Mumbai

Author: Rajesh Bhanudas Rajekar1. Ranjit S. Ambad2
33 Formulation and In vivo Evaluation of sustained release pellets of bosentan by pan coating process

Author: G. Venkata Ramireddy1*, K.V. Ramana Murthy2
34 Burning Mouth Syndrome- A Review

Author: Dr. R. Kanmani,Dr. E.B. Kayalvizhi, Dr. Anandi. M.S,Dr. A. Kannan, Dr. M. Ashwin Chandra Veni
35 A Study on the Prevalence of Various Enterococcus Spp. In Various Clinical Infections in Patients Attending Tertiary Care Centre.

Author: Dr. S. Nalayini,Dr. M. R. Vasanthapriyan
36 A Comparative study of Epidural Ropivacaine (0.75%) with Ropivacaine (0.75%) plus Clonidine for lower abdominal and lower limb surgeries.

Author: 1Dr Anil Kumar Singh,2Dr Kumar Shailesh, 3Dr Shahjad Akhtar, 4Dr Niranjan Kumar Verma
37 MRI in Evaluation of Spinal Trauma: Imaging Techniques, Correlation with Neurological Status and Clinical outcome

Author: Verma Ashok Kumar*, Mishra K B**, Chandan Kumar***
38 Trends in Benign and Malignant Lesion on FNAC

Author: Singh R.K.*, Maurya R.K. **, Mishra K.B. ***, Kumar Vinod****, Singh Saurabh*****
39 Effect of Magnesium Sulphate on Peri-Operative Analgesia

Author: 1Dr Anil Kumar Singh,2Dr Kumar Shailesh, 3Dr Shahjad Akhtar, 4Dr Niranjan Kumar Verma
40 Effect of preloading of intravenous crystalloid fluids on postoperative nausea and vomiting

Author: Dr. Devendra kumar J. Prajapati, Dr. Kinna Shah, Dr. Bipin Patel
41 Detection of IgG antibodies in Radiologically proven and unproven Clinically Suspected cases of Neurocysticercosis

Author: 1Dr. R V S Kumar, 2Dr. K. Sridhar*
42 The study of Hemoglobin levels in Neonatal Jaundice

Author: 1Harish Kumar B, 2B. Rajini, 3Akshay Berad
43 Aetiological and demographic profile of patients who had undergone electro diagnostic studies

Author: 1Dr. Santhosh Kothirappallil Raghavan, 2Dr. Roy Rama Chandran, 3Dr. Charvakan Suthan, 4Dr. Mitu Chirakkalthazhath Sankar, 5Dr. Dhanya Raj
44 Determination of metal ion release from fixed orthodontic appliances – an in vivo study

Author: Akhil shetty1, Jubin Baby Abraham2, Azhar mohammed3, E.sneha4
45 Study of Haemoglobin Levels in Alcoholics in Comparsion with Non Alcoholics.

Author: 1Shirisha Jannu, 2Akshay Berad
46 Role of IVH Score in Estimating Intraventricular Hemorrhage

Author: Dr. Ridhima Gupta1, Dr.G.L.Meena2*
47 Changes in Electrolytes level and ECG parameters in Chronic Kidney Disease patients post haemodialysis and the correlation of their changes: a cross-sectional study done in Karwar, Karnataka

Author: Clevin Rashmi Rebello1, Prasad BK2, Preethi G Hegde3
48 To study Clinical presentation and Etiology of Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Adults.

Author: Dr. Ridhima Gupta1, Dr.G.L.Meena2*
49 Stress: Mechanisms and Its Oral Implications

Author: 1Dr Deepika Meesala, 2Kishore kumar, 3Pradeep kumar
50 Risk Management of Anesthetics during General Surgery

Author: Dr. Ehteshamuddin Arshad,2Dr. Ruhi Tabassum
51 Comparative Study between Non Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy and Abdominal Hysterectomy- A Prospective Study

Author: Dr. Balwinder Kaur,Dr. Manjit Kaur Mohi, Dr Rosy Bansal, Dr. Manjeet Kaur
52 Difference In Distance Interpupillary Distance Between Different Age Group Of Different Malaysian Races Within Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.

Author: Subhadeep Das, Kartiga Sandira Segaran, Mousumi Dutta DOI No.
53 A Prospective Comparative Study on Role of Medicated and Non Medicated Suture Material in Preventing Surgical Site Infections

Author: 1Dr. R K Singh, 2Dr. Sushil Kumar, 3Dr. K B Mishra, 4Dr. Dinesh Mariya
54 Distribution of ABO and Rh Blood Groups Among medical students in Telangana.

Author: 1Harish Kumar B., 2Akshay Berad
55 Study of Serum lipid profile in Prepubertal, Reproductive and Postmenopausal women.

Author: 1A.R.Vidyullatha, 2 M.Veera Mohan Rao, 3Akshay Berad
56 Sustained Release of Calcium Ions &Ph Maintenance from Different Vehicles containing calcium hydroxide- an in vitro study

Author: 1Dr.Santham Krishna Moorthy, 2Dr.Sugumaran, 3Dr.M. Khajakhalid Nawaz, 4Dr.Shivakumar Sivaraman
57 Craniofacial Fibrous Dysplasia: A case report and Review

Author: 1Dr. Sahuthullah Yasmeenahamed, 2Dr. Pazhani Ambiga,3Dr. Mani Sudhaamani,4Dr. Shivakumar Sivaraman
58 Neurilemmoma: A Case Report And Review

Author: 1Dr. Shivakumar Sivaraman,2Dr. Mani Sudhaamani,3Dr. Pazhani Ambiga, 4Dr. Sahuthullah Yasmeenahamed
59 A Conventional Approach Towards Regaining Space Using Fixed Open Coil Spring: A Case Report.

Author: 1Dr.M.Manoharan, 2Dr.A.Kiruthiga Revathy, 3Dr.Patil Disha,4Dr.V.Mahesh Mathian
60 Intraoral Lipoma - A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr.I. Ilangani, 2Dr. Kanmani. R, 3Dr.Anandi.M.S, 4Dr. Kannan.A, 5Dr.P.H.Raghuram
61 Evaluation of Pulmonary Function in NIDDM Patients by Spirometry

Author: 1Shirisha Jannu, 2Akshay Berad
62 Spinal Metastasis of Breast Cancer after 14 Years: A Rare Case Report

Author: Prasanta Kumar Parida1. Dharma Niranjan Mishra2
63 Validating a New Tool on Assessment of Fulfilment of Expectations of Patients with Non-Communicable Diseases – An Ordinal Data Analysis Approach

Author: 1Dr. Arista Lahiri, 2Dr. Arup Chakraborty
64 Estimation and Comparison of Serum Beta 2 Microglobulin Level Among Patients with Oral Leukoplakia, Oral Submucous Fibrosis, Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Controls – An Observational Study

Author: 1Dr. John Baliah MDS, 2Dr. Vaishali Keluskar,3Dr. Anil Malleshappa,4Dr. David Livingstone, 5 Dr.Kayalvizhi EB
65 Demographic factors and medical conditions associated with CTS

Author: 1Dr. Santhosh Kothirappallil Raghavan, 2Dr. Roy Rama Chandran, 3Dr. Charvakan Suthan, 4Dr. Mitu Chirakkalthazhath Sankar, 5Dr. Dhanya Raj
66 A Study on Anemia and Its Association with Hematological Parameters in Different Age Groups

Author: Pramod Shinde1, P Jogi Naidu2, Shamili Moningi3
67 Epidemiological Anthropometric and Dietary Assessment of Patients with Reflux Symptoms

Author: Mayank Jain, Pratibha Sharma
68 Periodontal Health Status of Fishermen of Coastal Odisha, India

Author: Dr. Subha Soumya Dany, Dr. Choubarga Naik,Dr. Anup Kumar Satpathy,Dr. Pradeep Tangade, Dr. Aasim F. Shah, Dr. Rajput Prashant
69 Lipid Staus in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Before & After Interferon Based Therapy

Author: Hira Laghari,Sunil Dat Maheshwari, Najeeb Ullah Ansari
70 Occult Type II Dents in Dente Revealed By Cone Beam Computed Tomography in a Rare Case of Ekman Westborg Julin Syndrome

Author: 1Kayalvizhi EB, 2John Balaih, 3David Livingstone, 4Thirumurugan K
71 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Ocular Defect- A Case Report.

Author: 1Vivek Jadhav,2Nikita Parasrampuria, 3Vishakha Patil
72 Role of patch testing in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in a tertiary centre in North Kerala, India

Author: 1Dr. RAHIMA S,2Dr Saleem P M,3Dr Pavithran
73 Outcome of Dexamethasone cyclophosphamide pulse therapy in immunobullous disorders: a prospective study from a tertiary Centre in north Kerala, India

Author: 1Dr. RAHIMA S,2Dr. NAJEEBA R, 3Dr. ABDUL LATHEEF E.N, 4Dr. BINDU V, 5Dr. Sarita S
74 CT and MRI Evaluation of Brain Tumour & Tumour like Conditions at Medical College Hospital, Bikaner.

Author: Pradish Sheoran1, Deepika Meena2*, G.L.Meena3
75 MRI Cervical Spine Findings in Patients Presenting With Neck Pain

Author: Pradish Sheoran1, Deepika Meena2*, G.L.Meena3
76 Antibiotic Prescriptions Pattern in Paediatric In-Patient Department with Lower Respiratory Tract Infection at a Tertiary Care Hospital, Davangere.

Author: *Akhila James1, Chaithanya Kumar T2, Dr. Jose John3
77 Comparative Evaluation of the Sealing Abilities of Different Materials as Barriers to Coronal and Apical Microleakage Using Dye Penetration Method-An In Vitro Study

Author: Dr. Neha Sharma, Dr. Harkanwal Kaur Bhullar, Dr. Saurabh, Dr. Ankur Gupta, Dr. Priyanka Garg, Dr. Rashi Agrawal
78 Effect of Manipulation/Mobilization Techniques on Pain and Range Of Movement in Post Operative Management of Colles Fracture

Author: 1Dr.Birupakshya Mahakul (pt),2Dr Harpreet Singh, 3Dr.Saswat Samant, 4Dr.Aakansha patnaik(pt)
79 Study of Pediatric Drug Formulations at Drug Store in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Author: Dr Milind L. Pardeshi1, Dr Vikram N. Patil*2, Dr Balasaheb B. Ghongane3
80 Rising Caesarean Rates: A Reason for Concern

Author: Dr. Sushma Sinha1, Dr. Surya Malik2*, Dr. Mala Dixit3, Dr. Mansi Dhingra4
81 Red Cell Alloimmunisation in Multitransfused Cancer Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Northern India.

Author: Dr. Kajal Khajuria1, Dr. Vijay Sawhney2, Dr. Meena Sidhu3
82 Chest X- Ray Findings in Patients of Tuberculous Lymphadenitis

Author: Dr Deepali R Gaikwad
83 Bacteriological Profile of Cerumen in Patients with Recurent Otitis Externa & Open Mastoidectomy Cavity.

Author: 1Dr Souvagini Acharya, 2Dr Himanshu Mishra,3Dr Nilamadhaba Prusty

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