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1 A Clinical Study of Incisional Hernia: Retrospective Study from Tertiary Level Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Neeraj Kumar Dewanda, 2 Dr. Kishan Lal Meena, 3 Dr. Deshraj Chawla,4 Dr. Harsh Kumar, 5 Dr. Rohit Mishra, 6 Dr. Pankaj Jhang
2 A Clinico- Radiological Spectrum of Connective Tissue Disease Associated Interstitial Lung Diseases in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Dr C.L.N. Yamini Priyanka, Prof. Dr.K.V.V. Vijaya Kumar, Dr.Ch.Radhika, Dr.Ch.R.N. Bhushan Rao, Dr.A.Ayyappa, Dr.B.M.S.Patrudu, Dr.K.Rajanikanth, Dr.K.Phanindra Vasu, Dr.G.Rajyalakshmi
3 A Comparison of Self-Designed Scanner Device and AutoCAD Image Calibration Method with Gold Standard Classical Ink Foot Print Method: An Analysis of Arches of Foot

Author: 1Dr.K.Vijayakumar, 2Dr. S. Senthil kumar, 3Dr.Vaishaly Bharambe, 7Dr.Raju bokan
4 A Prospective Study for Evaluation of b Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin in Cervicovaginal Fluid as a Predictor of Preterm Delivery in Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Sawai Man Singh Medical College Jaipur

Author: Dr. Alka Jilowa1, Dr. B S Meena2
5 An Etiological Profile of Ascites in Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Center in Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand

Author: Garbyal N1, Kumar A2, Satyawali Vn2, Joshi A3
6 Biodentine: Current Development

Author: 1Pr. Dakkaki Jalila, 1Pr. Dhoum Sara, 2Dr Skalli Radia,3Pr Jabri Mouna
7 Clinical Characteristics and Genetic Patterns of Isoniazid Mono Resistance in Pulmonary and Extra- Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Author: Dr.G.Rajyalakshmi, Prof. Dr. K.V.V.Vijaya Kumar MD, Dr.Ch.R.N. Bhushan Rao MD, Dr. A. Ayyappa MD, Dr. B. M. S. Patrudu MD, Dr. P. V. Siva Ram MD, Dr. K. Phanindra Vasu, Dr .C. L. N. Yamini Priyanka
8 Comparative Evaluation of Flexural Strength of Cention N, Zirconomer And Glass Ionomer Cement Fuji IX : An In-Vitro Study

Author: Anil K Tomer1, Megna Bhatt2, Leena Tomer3, Afnan Ajaz Raina4, Hysum Mushtaq5, Supriya Singh6, Shivendra Ahlawat7.
9 Comparative Study of Intra Cervical Foley’s Catheter versus Dinoprostone Gel for Cervical Ripening at Term.

Author: Mohinee Dhaka 1,Rakhi Arya2,Reena Pant3, Krishna Priya Banerjee4
10 Comparative Study of Platelet Rich Plasma, Povidone Iodine And silver Sulfadiazine Dressing In Management of Burns

Author: Dr. Bharti Saraswat1, Dr. Ashok Yadav2
11 Comparison of Typhidot IgM test and blood culture in children with clinically compatible enteric fever

Author: Dr. Nitesh1, Dr. Bharti Bhandari2, Dr. Ragini Singh3
12 Dietary patterns and body mass index (BMI) of a rural population living in coastal area of Tamilnadu, India

Author: 1Dr. Ramesh Chand Chauhan, 2Dr. Parmeshwar Satpathy,3Dr. Adrija Roy,4Dr. Sembagamuthu Sembiah ,5Dr. Sunil Kumar Panigrahi, 6Dr. Neeraj Pawar
13 Distribution of Chikungunya Cases in Madurai District during Outbreak

Author: 1Dr. Vasanthapriyan Moongilpatti Ramasami, 2Dr.Sugumari Chandrasekaran, 3Dr.Selva Prabhu Antonyraj
14 Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome: A Rare Case of Hemiparesis with Classical Radiological Findings

Author: 1Dr Ankita Singh, 2Dr Pradeep Mital, 3Dr Sujata Agarwal,4Dr Vinay Jorwal,5Dr Shashi Bhushan,6Dr Jitendra Kumawat
15 Effect of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in the Management of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (LABC) In a Tertiary Care Center

Author: Dr. Bharti Saraswat1, Dr. Jai prakash Songara2, Dr. Man Singh Bairwa
16 Effect of Turmeric on Oxidative Stress in Oral Lichen Planus

Author: 1S.Gokkulakrishnan,2Manoj Goyal, 3Satya Bhushan
17 Evaluation of Modified Alvarado Score in Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis

Author: 1Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma, 2Dr. Arun Bhargava
18 Fetomaternal outcome of 25µg vaginal Misoprostol v/s Dinoprostone Gel for IOL at Term PROM

Author: Dr. Sunita Maheshwari1, Dr. Shweta Jinger2
19 Histomorphological study on Ectopic pregnancies in a tertiary care obstetrics centre – a retrospective 5year study.

Author: 1Dr. Revathy Mahendran, 2Dr. Madurai Padmanaban Kanchana,
20 Histopathological Profiles of Neoplastic Urinary Bladder Lesions: A Retrospective Study

Author: Dr. Nisha Attri
21 Large Giant Cell Tumour of Distal Femur in 88 Year Old Male Patient: Treatment with Extended Curettage and Bone Cement - A Rare Case Report.

Author: 1Umesh Yadav, 2Zile Singh Kundu, 3Kshitish Chandra Behera, 4Himanshu Bansal, 5Ashish Devgan, 6Vasudha Dhupper, 7Ravi Sihag
22 Maternal Outcome in Obstetric Patients Requiring Critical Care in a Tertiary Referral Centre

Author: Dr. Ansari Neelam Kaiser1, Dr. Madhuri Mehendale2, Dr. Arun Nayak3
23 Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser(MRKH): Rare Disorder

Author: 1Bhavya Gupta,2Munish Gupta, 3Ayushi Bansal
24 Oral Manifestations of Morquio-Brailsford Syndrome with Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Rare Presentation of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IV

Author: 1Dr.Veenakrishnan, 2Dr Sreela L.S,3Dr.Philips Mathew, 4Dr.Twinkle S Prasad, 5Dr.Admaja K Nair
25 Pediatric radiation exposure risk from Computed Tomography (CT) scan

Author: Zakirulla M1*, Nouf Essa H Assiri1, Albatool Mohammed Alqahtani1, Rasha Hussain H Alzahrani1, Asma M Alqahtani1, Maha M Alshehri1, Norah Ali Alqahtani1, Raghad Mohammed Al-Hunaif1
26 Preparation of Wet Specimens in Anatomy Museum: A Practical Approach to Overcome Difficulties

Author: 1Dr. K.Vijayakumar, 2Dr. Raju Bokan, 3Dr.Vaishaly Bharambe, 4Dr. Mandar Ambike, 5Dr.VK .Arun Prasad
27 Prevalence of Risk Factors in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in and Around Warangal Region

Author: M. Saikala1, D. Sudheer kumar2, P. Kishore1*
28 Prognostic Importance of Wbc Count in Acute Myocardial Infraction at Medical College, Hospital Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Author: Dr. Manish Kumar Singhal1, Dr. Daulat Meena2
29 Role of C - reactive protein (CRP) In Diagnosing Peritonitis: An Observational Study

Author: 1L K Verma, 2Debasis Naik, 3Dhirendra Nath Soren
30 Study the Incidence and Outcome of Primary Caesarean Section in Multigravida

Author: Dr Pravin Kumar1, Dr Shiv Singh Barala2, Dr Rakhi Arya3, Dr Reena Pant4, Dr Krishna Priya Banerjee5
31 The prevalence of breakfast skipping among medical students and its neuroglycopenic effects

Author: 1Dr. Prannoy Paul, 2Dr. Arun N Bhatt
32 To study the Demographic profile of fracture acetabulum

Author: 1Manish Sharma, 2Ramesh Kumar Sen, 3Sameer Aggarwal, 4Mahesh Prakash
33 To study the HHS assessment of reconstruction in total hip arthroplasty post acetabulumm fracture

Author: 1Manish Sharma, 2Ramesh Kumar Sen, 3Sameer Aggarwal, 4Mahesh Prakash

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