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Volume 3 - 2018 Issue 2 April


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1 A 12 month Observational study to see Clinical spectrum of Cardiorenal syndrome type 1 comparing distribution of subjects according to stages of AKI and length of hospital stay in ACS and ADHF group at health care center.

Author: Dr. Shivam Yadav, Dr. Dinesh Jain,Dr. Vikas Makkar
2 Assessment of Reasons and Pattern of Treatment Interruption during Intensive Phase of MDR-TB Treatment

Author: Dr.Kamendra Singh Pawar1*Dr.Ramakant Dixit2
3 A Study on the Incidence of Post Mastectomy Pain and Phantom Breast Syndrome Following Mastectomy

Author: Professor Dr.Shanthakumar
4 Insight in the Patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, A Cross Sectional Study

Author: Dr.Tanuj Verma, Dr. Pritika Srivastava
5 A Case Report On Gitelman Syndrome: Rare Cause of Hypokalemia

Author: Md. TariqueNadeem2*, KhaleequaTabassum1, Uma Maheshwari. C1, Rishitha.A1, Jalal Md1
6 Histopathological study of Appendix: A Study In Consecutive 1000 appendectomies

Author: Dr.Anuradha1, Dr.Vanita kumar 2, Dr.Shree Rathore3, Dr.Neelu Gupta4
7 To compare the effects of different solvents on the accuracy of different apex locator

Author: 1 Richa Murarka, 2Zinnie Nanda, 3Kranthikumar Reddy, 4 Jaspal Rajpurohit, 5 Shashank Nanhe
8 Study of 50 cases of seizures in adults and its clinical profile.

Author: Dr. Atishay Jain, Dr. Vaibhav Yadav
9 Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Heart Disease at Tertiary Care Hospital Northern Western Rajasthan.

Author: Ankita Jain1, Arpit Agarwal2*
10 An Overview of Stem Cells in Dentistry

Author: 1Dr.Gaytry.S.S., 2Dr.Mahesh mathian.V., 3Dr.Gawthaman. M ,4Dr.vinodh.S.
11 Vulval Tuberculosis Mimicking Vulval Malignancy- A Case Report

Author: Dr.Pritika Srivastava, Dr. Shivani Singh, Dr. Hem Prabha Gupta, Dr. Garima Maurya
12 Management of Mandibular First Molar with Six Root Canals: A Case report

Author: 1Jaspal Rajpurohit, 2Zinnie Nanda, 3Kranthikumar Reddy, 4Richa Murarka, 5Anand Agarwal
13 Esthetic rehabilitation of maxillary anteriors with porcelain laminate veneers.

Author: Dr. Babita Yeshwante, Dr. Vishakha Patil, Dr. Nazish Baig, Dr. Vivek Jadhav, Dr. Pawan Raktade, Dr. Pooja Mundada
14 A comparison between effectiveness and safety of endotracheal tube cuff filled with air, plain lignocaine and alkalinized lignocaine for postoperative sore throat and emergence phenomena.

Author: Dr. Dulal Kishun Soren, Prativa Panda, Dr. Sidharth Sraban Routray,Dr Ipsita Pati,Dr Santi Swaroop Pattnaik
15 Role of Interventional Procedure in Current Obstetrics

Author: Dr. Pritti Priya , 2Dr Vineet Mishra, 3Hetvi Patel
16 Study of Thyroid Dysfunction in Women with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding At Tertiary Care Hospital In Western Rajasthan

Author: Preeti Sankhla1, Kamlesh Yadav2, Anil Khatri3
17 KAP study regarding Biomedical Waste Management (BWM) among the undergraduate medical students: A cross-sectional study.

Author: Dr.S.Soumya1, Dr. Praful.S.Maste2, Dr. Archana Uppin3
18 Hematological profile of children with Severe Acute Malnutrition admitted in a tertiary care centre of Western Rajasthan

Author: Abhishek Kothari*, Ghanshyam Singh Sengar**
19 Impact of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia in Hospitalized Children in A Tertiary Care Center In Western Rajasthan

Author: Dr. Vivek Parihar*, Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Sengar**
20 Age Of Menarche Determinants And Menstrual Problems In Adolescent Girls : A Cross-Sectional Study

Author: Dr. Sarita Meena1, Dr. Purnima Pachori2
21 Attenuation of stress response to laryngoscopy and intubation: Sublingual nitroglycerin spray vs intravenous fentanyl and sublingual nitroglycerin spray

Author: Dr. Dulal Kishun Soren,Dr. Sidharth Sraban Routray, Dr Sameer Kumar Pattanayak, Dr Soumyakant Mallik, Dr. Debasish Debata
22 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices related to cervical cancer among women:- Gynecology department of SMS Medical College Jaipur

Author: Lata Rajoria1, Mukesh Kumar Swami2, Pushpa Nagar3, Nidhi Goyal4, Soumya singh5, Prachi Gupta6
23 Results of Proximal Fibular Osteotomy for Medial Joint Space Osteoarthritis Knee

Author: Dr. Ravindra Gupta, (M.S.), Dr. Vinay Tantuway (M.S.)
24 Study of Hematological Manifestations in HIV/Aids and To Assess Their Correlation to Severity of Disease

Author: Vinit Agarwal1, Shiv Charan Jelia2, Shyoji Ram Meena3, Devendra Ajmera4, Pankaj Jain5, Shail Agarwal6.
25 Smoking status and lung cancer trends – A Single center experience from Southern India

Author: Giridhar B Hosmane1*, Srividya2, Rajesh V3, Abhijeet singh4, Anirban chakraborty5
26 A Study of Pleuro-Pulmonary Menifestations of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author: 1Atishay Jain, 2Abhijeet Jain
27 Gorlin-Goltz Syndrome: A case report

Author: Shiv P. Sharma, Abdulmajeed Aljabr, George Varghese
28 Study of Clinical Spectrum, Laboratory Profile and Outcome in Dengue Virus-Infected Children Admitted In P.B.M. Children Hospital, Bikaner Rajasthan

Author: Dr. Santosh*, Dr. Agarwal Dk**, Dr. Agrawal R**
29 A Study of Clinical Features, Laboratory Profile, Outcome of Malaria Patients Admitted In PBM Children Hospital, Bikaner

Author: Sapre A*, Tanwar GS**
30 Evaluation of Adverse Events Associated With Allogenic Whole Blood Donation Observed At a Tertiary Care Center in Bikaner, Rajasthan (India)

Author: Shailendra Vashistha, N.L. Mahawar, D.R. Arya, Sonam Alha, Mamta Mehra, Shaina Raheja
31 Effect of Adding Dexmeditomidine to Levobupivacaine in Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block- A Randomized, Controlled Study

Author: 1Dr. Manish Gupta, 2Dr. Shikha Goyal, 3Dr. Neelima Tandon
32 Management of Acute Sigmoid Volvulus in a Tertiary Centre. A time to welcome Resection Anastomosis Primarily

Author: 1Dr. Mrigendra Kumar Rai,2Dr. Binay Kumar,3Dr. Gaurav Mishra, 4Dr. Jiwesh Kumar
33 Filarial Lymphedema: A Debilitating Old World Disease in Modern Tropics - Our Experience and Review of Literature

Author: 1Dr. Binay Kumar,2Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Tiwari, 3Dr. Tanushree Kar,4Dr. Gaurav Mishra, 5Dr. Jiwesh Kumar
34 Evaluation of Vaccum Assisted Closure Therapy for Soft Tisuue Injury in Open Musculoskeletal Trauma at Tertiary Heath Care Center-Index Medical College, Indore

Author: Dr. Ravindra Gupta1, (M.S.), ** Dr.Vinay Tantuway (M.S.), ** Dr.Anshul Patel
35 Morphological Neutrophils is most and lymphocyte least commonly effected hematological cells on peripheral blood smear after long duration steroids therapy for patients

Author: Dr. M.S.Koolwal, M.D.
36 Acquired Pelger-Huet Anomaly and Altered morphology of neutrophils-in vivo Cytotoxicity in patients of sickle cell anaemia treated with hydroxyurea

Author: Dr.Shailendra Singh Thakur1 ,** Dr.C.V.Kulkarni2
37 A Novel Technique of Decircumcision

Author: Dr Debarati Chattopadhyay1, Dr Madhubari Vathulya1, Dr Farhanul Huda2
38 Correlation of Serum Sodium at Admission with the Staging, Neurological Deficits and Imaging Abnormalities in Tuberculous Meningitis

Author: Virendra Atam1, Gyan Ranjan Nayak2, Arpit Gupta3
39 Tightness of two coronal obturation techniques: Comparative study

Author: Hafsa ELMERINI1, Sara DHOUM2, Said DHAIMY3, Meryem LYTIM4, Kenza JABRANE2, Amal ELOUAZZANI5, Iman BENKIRAN6
40 Effect of stress on cortisol and vanillyl mandelic acid levels

Author: Meenakshi Panthari1, Akash Gupta2*, Gautam Sarkar3, Suryakant Nagtilak4, Sandeep Chaudhary5
41 Morphometric Study of Atlas Vertebra in Rewa Region

Author: P.G.Khanwalkar1, Bhaskar B.Reddy2
42 Comparative study of the epidural Ropivacaine with Butorphanol & Ropivacaine with Nalbuphine for post operative analgesia in lower extremity surgeries

Author: 1Dr Sumita Mohanty, 2Dr Khageswar Raut,3Dr Sidharth Sraban Routray, 4Dr Vijaye Partha Ray, 5Dr Soumyakant Mallick
43 Neonatal positivity of CRP test in early onset neoanatal sepsis in relation to duration of PROM vs PROM delivery Interval (PDI)

Author: Dr. Nagesh v Dasarwar1, Suresh Kumar Y2, Dr. Sravya Datla 3, N Bhaskar Rao4
44 A Study on Evaluation of Salivary Gland Tumors Diagnosed Using Computed Tomography (CT)

Author: Manda Chandramouli1, Aditya Nutakki2, Aswini G3
45 Vital Tooth Bleaching Using Locally Prepared Hydrogen Peroxide Gel: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Roopali Warade,Dr. Pawan Raktade,Dr. Sadashiv Daokar
46 Color Doppler Study of Endometrial Spiral Artery in Unexplained Infertility

Author: 1Dr.Shivani Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Gynae &Obstetrics
47 Gestational diabetes and adverse pregnancy outcomes: Experience in Tertiary care hospital in Mumbai.

Author: Dr Bilal Ur Rehman1 Dr Saiqa Zahoor2
48 A study on bacterial and fungal infections in renal transplant recipients

Author: 1Kandasamy Anuradha, 2Jeyachandran Dhanapriya
49 A Clinicopathological Study of Leiomyoma with Secondary Changes in Northern Western Rajasthan

Author: Ajit Singh1, S.P. Vyas2, Neelu Gupta3, Lakshaya Singh4
50 Serum Zinc Level in Children with Simple Febrile Convulsions at Tertiary Care Hospital in Western Rajasthan

Author: 1Deepak Choudhary, 2R.K.Soni, 3Sandeep Kulhari
51 Relevance of Position of Surgically Important Mental Foramen in Human Mandibles of Vindhya Region

Author: P.G.Khanwalkar1, Bhaskar B.Reddy2
52 Management of Aggressive Periodontitis- A Case Report

Author: Asok Anjhana1, Thomas Biju2, Ramesh Amitha3, Talwar Avaneendra4
53 A Comparative Study between Umbilical Cord Area and Abdominal Circumference to Predict Macrosomia in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Author: Dr. Nidhi Jain,Dr. Deepak Goel
54 Maternal and fetal outcome in pregnancy specific liver disorders

Author: Dr. Swati Kochar1 ,Dr. Suryawanshi Shatabdi1,Dr. Santosh Khajotia1 ,Dr. Suman Budania1 ,Dr. Naveen Kumar2
55 Study of Serum Lipid Profile Level in Coronary Artery Disease Patients

Author: Pratima Chouhan1, Puneet Nag2
56 A Prospective Comparative Study to Assess the Impact of Maternal Body Mass Index on Obstetric Outcome at Tertiary Care Hospital in Western Rajasthan

Author: Aparna Lalit1, Madhu (Patni) Bhat2
57 Postinfective Contracture Umbilicus: simple technique for umbiliconeoplasty: ideas and innovations

Author: Dr. Madhubari Vathulya
58 Evaluation Of Root Zx, Apex Id, Propex Pixi And Raypex 6 In Teeth With Wide Apical Foramen An In-Vitro Study.

Author: 1Dr. Kalpana Pawar, 2Dr. Dimple Jethwani, 3Dr. Sadashiv Daokar, 4Dr. Kapil Wahane , 5Dr. Pawan Raktade, 6Dr. Rohit Tambake
59 Developing and Validating Modules for Communication Skills for MBBS Students

Author: 1Apoorva Pande, 2Dr. Anne Wilkinson
60 Demographic Profiling of Cases of Blunt Thoracic Trauma Presenting With Rib Fractures

Author: 1Harvinder Singh, 2Dasari Harish, 3Ajay Kumar, 4Amandeep Singh, 5Robin Kaushik, 6Ravinder Kaur
61 To Evaluate The Effect Of Storage Medium On Fracture Resistance Of Reattached Tooth Fragments By Using Flowable Composite Resin

Author: 1Dr. Sadashiv Daokar, 2Dr. Laxmikant Late, 3Dr. Kalpana Pawar, 4Dr. Kapil Wahane, 5Dr. Rohit Tambake, 6Dr. Prachi Mapari
62 A rare case of Deep Vein Thrombosis due to combined deficiency of Protein C and Protein S

Author: 1Dr. Ankur Banik, 2Dr. Rajkumar Sangiri, 3Dr. Aakash Roy,4Dr. Satyaki Roy

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