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Volume 3 - 2018 Issue 3 May


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1 A Study to Observe Blood Loss Reduction by Tranexamic Acid Before and After Caesarean Section

Author: Delphine Supriya1, M. Mumtaj2
2 Epigenetic biomarkers for lung cancer and copd

Author: Sarika Pandey1*, Rajiv Garg2, Surya Kant3, Priyanka Gaur4, Mohammad Waseem5
3 Cardioprotective Effects Of Calcium Gluconate And Dopamine On Acute Propranolol Toxicity In Mice

Author: Allan L. Hilario, MD1, Phylis C. Rio, MD2
4 A Study of Clinical and Echocardiographic evaluation of Right ventricular function in patients of first acute Inferior wall myocardial infarction with or without Right ventricular myocardial infarction

Author: 1Dr Sunita Kumbhalkar, 2Dr Pritam Kataria, 3Dr Shantanu Sengupta
5 Disseminated Tuberculosis Presenting As Massive Splenomegaly And Hypoadrenalism

Author: Anju Raj.M* Kamalasanan.C.G **Aquil Kalanad***
6 The Relationship of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol Level with Haemorrhagic Transformation of Acute Cerebral Infarct

Author: Dr. Prem Singh, Dr. Reena Singh, Dr. Arvind Kumar, Dr. Abhishek Kumar
7 Comparison of two different doses of injection esmolol on haemodynamic response and seizure duration during electroconvulsive therapy

Author: 1Dr. Abhijeet Subhash Saboo,2Dr. Vaijayanti Nitin Gadre
8 Clinical status of thyroid functions in patients with diabetes mellitus

Author: 1Kamalasanan.C.G *,2Kiran Kamalasanan
9 Vancomycin induced Generalized Tonic Clonic Seizure- A Rare Case Report

Author: S Rani1, B Sharma2, M Rawal3, R Saini4
10 Role of Uterine Packing in Control of Postpartum Haemorrhage in Modern Obstetrics

Author: Dr. Renu Jain
11 Metastasis of solid tumors into bone marrow: An experience from a tertiary care centre.

Author: Nusrat Bashir1, Tazeen Jeelani1, Bilal Musharaf2 , Ruby Reshi3 , Nausrat Ali2, Ambreen Beigh2
12 Predictors of Extubation Failure Among Type II Respiratory Failure Patients

Author: Prachi Tambur1, Wadha Alqahtani1, Ahlam majrshi1, Bedoor Alotaibi1, Ebtihal Alharbi1, Kavita Sudersanadas2, Winnie Philip3, Shoeb Qureshi3
13 Role of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in the diagnosis of maxillofacial swellings-A Clinical Study

Author: Twinkle S Prasad1 , Deepa Sujatha2, Anita Balan3
14 A Statistical Anylysis on Association of Tissue Hormonic Imaging and Superior Image Quality

Author: 1Dr. Prashant Titare,2Dr. Ajay Vare, 3Dr. Varsha Rote-Kaginalkar,4Dr. Dayanand Kawade,5Dr. Samruddhi Sonawane, 6Dr. Suhasini Patil
15 A Survey To Assess The Difficulties Faced By Dental Students During The Clinical Procedures, While Making Complete Denture Prosthesis.

Author: Dr. T.Ashish1, Dr. Bharathraj Shetty2,Prof.(Dr.) Chethan Hegde3
16 Functional outcome of anterior V/S posterior Approach in hemiarthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty through lateral incision

Author: Dr Rahul kadam, Dr Sharvari Gunjotikar, Dr Abhay Chhallani, Dr Akshay Shah, Dr Vicky Jain, Dr Deepak Jain
17 Association of Socio-Economic Status with Metabolic Syndrome – The Case of the Northwest Region of the Republic of Macedonia

Author: Atila Rexhepi1*, Meral Rexhepi1, Shaban Memeti2, Ylber Jani3, Nevzat Elezi1
18 Expression of COX-2 in Normal Oral Mucosa, Oral Submucous Fibrosis and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma- An Immunohistochemical Study.

Author: 1Dr. Shruti Singh, 2Dr. Satish B.N.V.S, 3Dr. Maharudrappa Basnaker,4Dr. Fahad Mansoor Samadi, 5Dr. Shaista Suhail,6Dr. Manjari Sonam
19 To Evaluate Excess Anteversion In Patients With Avascular Necrosis Of Hip Treated With Total Hip Arthroplasty.

Author: Dr Rahul Kadam, Dr Deepak Jain, Dr Abhay Challani, Dr Vicky Jain, Dr Akshay Shah, Dr Ankit Agarwal, Dr Sachin Pandey
20 A Study of the Effect of Osteoporosis to Quality of Life for the Elderly

Author: Hui- Chu Liu1,2, Yih-Wen Tarng3, Aih-Fung Chiu2, Chao-Hsien Lee4, Tsan Yang4*
21 Clinical Profile of Lens Induced Glaucoma: A Descriptive Study

Author: 1Dr Prabha Gupta,2Dr Abha Shukla
22 A Rare Case Report of Caesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy

Author: Dr. Rakesh H J, Dr. Valsa Diana
23 Platelets lymphocyte ratio, Raised red cell distribution width and platelets distribution width as a risk assessment prognostic tool for septicemia pediatrics patients

Author: Dr.Shailendra Singh Thakur1,** Dr.C.V.Kulkarni2
24 Macrophage Distinct Process: Efferocytosis in Oral Cancer

Author: Supriya Sharma1*, Shaleen Chandra, 2 Shalini Gupta3
25 Cross Sectional Study of Body Mass Index, Waist Hip Ratio and Blood Pressure among Medical and Dental Students

Author: 1Rakesh Pathak, 2Berendra Yadav, 3Ashish Kumar Sharma, 4Ajay Kumar Singh, 5Sandeep Kumar Sharma, 6Shrikant Sharma, 7Nilima Tripathi
26 In-vitro study on drugs causing bone marrow depression to evaluate their effects on leukaemia cell lines

Author: Dr. Jaisen Lokhande1, Dr. Sudhir Pawar2
27 Papillary Eccrine Adenoma: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Laila Raji N, Dr. Teenu Mary Thomas
28 A Study of Lipid Profile in Diabetes Mellitus at tertiary care center Shahjahanpur, U.P.

Author: Sandeep Kumar Sharma1, Gajendra Singh Dhakad2
29 Quality of life among cosmetology patients in Indian patients

Author: Dr. Masarat Jabeen Senior Resident, Dr. Rita Sood Professor, Dr. Sanjay Gupta Professor, Dr. Deepika Kour Sodhi, Dr. Chandni Arora intern
30 The Incidence, severity, outcome and preventive measures of burn injuries in epileptic patients: An experience of burn unit in Govt. Medical College Srinagar.

Author: Zahid Mohd Rather, Mohd Nazrull Islam, Nighat Ara Majid, Zubair Gul Lone, Aabid Rasool Bhat
31 Retrospective Study of Sickle Cell Disease in Tribal District of Maharashtra: Gondia

Author: Dr Suresh Ghangale1 , Dr Sanjivani Jadhao2,Dr Pallavi Kamble3,Dr Ashok Jadhao4, Dr Durgesh Sahoo5
32 Prospective observational study to determine Analysis of Antibiotic Use at tertiary care rural based, teaching hospital at Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Author: Tiwari Pawan, Chouhan Vijay, Chourishi Ashutosh
33 A Study on Ultrasonographically guided fine needle aspiration cytology of breast.

Author: E Giri Kumar, Parameswari, S V R Rajasekhar
34 A Study on Adenosine Deaminase (ADA) Activity in Tubercular Serositis: As A Diagnostic Tool

Author: Asraf 1, T. Manmadha Rao2 , K. Sreenivasa Rao3
35 A Study on Chest X-Ray Patterns in Relation to CD4 Count in patients with HIV

Author: K Sreenivasa Rao1, T Lalwani Shyam2, V Asraf 3,T. Manmadha Rao4
36 Tumor Microenvironment: A Review

Author: Dr.Shivani Singh
37 Splenic abscess due to multi drug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in a post-renal transplant patient – Case Report

Author: Dr Wasim Ahmad, Dr Namrata Kumari, Dr Shailesh Kumar, Dr S K Shahi
38 A Study on Clinical Efficacy of Calcium Channel Blockers and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers in Hypertension with Left Ventricular Dysfunction

Author: S.Sindhuja, JaveriaYasmeen,N.Pragna,K.Niharikadharma, K.Rahul, Dr.Sai reddy,P.Usha sree
39 Trabeculectomy in exfoliation glaucoma: its effectiveness in a hospital based prospective study.

Author: Suraya Kounser1, Sheikh Sajjad Ahmad2, Khurshid Ahmad3, Nusrat Shaheen4
40 Crestal Bone Evaluation and Implant Success Rate In Type 2 Diabetic Patients after Immediate Loading of Dental Implants

Author: Prof. (Dr.) Rakshith Hegde, Dr Swati Singh, Prof. (Dr.) Chethan Hegde, Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Shetty
41 A Prospective 1 year study to see Clinical profile of Cardiorenal syndrome type 1 comparing distribution of Mortality according to stages of AKI in ACS and ADHF group in a tertiary Health centre.

Author: Dr. Shivam Yadav, Dr. Dinesh Jain, Dr. Vikas Makkar
42 Occupational Exposure of Pesticides and Preventive Practices among Farmers in a Rural Block, Odisha

Author: Dr Shalini Ray1, Dr R.N Rout2, Dr I Mohapatra3, Dr J Nayak4
43 A Prospective Study to Evaluate the Impact Of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy On CD4 T Cell Count

Author: Dr.Triven Sagar Sandepogu,Dr. Chennakesavulu Dara, Dr. Thejkumar Chengalva
44 Assessment of Cesarean Scar Strength By Different Technique

Author: 1Dr Sangita Sahu,2Dr Urvashi Verma, 3Dr Saroj Singh,4Dr Shikha Singh, 5Dr Rekha Rani, 6Dr Poonam Yadav,7Dr Asha
45 Management of Resorbed Ridge with Flabby tissue: A Case report

Author: 1Babita Yeshwante, 2Sejal Shinde Tambake, 3Nazish Baig, 4Vivek Jadhav, 5Rohit Tambake, 6Nimisha Barve
46 Serum Creatinine Kinase – An Alternative Diagnostic Marker In Ruptured Tubal Pregnancy In Women Attending A Tertiary Care Hospital In North India

Author: Farhat Ali Lone 1, Sabha Malik1, Liaqat Ahmad Malik2, Parvez Mohi Ud Din Dar2, Hilal Ahmad Wani3, Afshan Anjum Wani2
47 Pattern of Malaria Infections at Tertiary Care Hospital of Haldwani (Nainital) Uttarakhand - A Hospital Based Retrospective Study

Author: Ravi Saini1, Umesh2*, Vinita Rawat3, Mukesh Kumar4, M S Deopa5
48 A Comparative Study of Conventional and Hypo fractionated Adjuvant Radiotherapy in Post Mastectomy Breast Cancer Patients

Author: Dr. Swapan Kumar Mallick 1, Dr. Ghafran Nahid 2, Dr. Rajiv Lochan Jena 3
49 Spectrum of Breast lesions – A one year study of FNACs in palpable breast lumps.

Author: Sujata R Kanetkar1, Suresh J Bhosale2, Atul Beniwal4, Heena Shah4, Dhiraj Shukla3 Nikita Vohra4
50 Rural Mobile Ultrasonography in Africa: Need, Prospects and Feasibility

Author: Grace G. Inah*, Anthonia A. Ikpeme*, Emmanuel E. Ekanem
51 Abdominal complications of ascaris lumbricoides in adults: A prospective hospital based 8 year experience from an endemic area of north India.

Author: Khurshid Ahmad Ganaie1, Suraya Kounser2, Shabir Hasan Rawa3
52 Clinical Utility of Different Lipid Measures in Acute Coronary Syndrome in Young: An Observational Study in North Kerala

Author: 1Kamalasanan CG *, 2Rona Joseph P, 3Udayabhaskaran V

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