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Volume 4 - 2019 Issue 3 June


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1 A Study to Evaluate and Compare the Outcome of Ossiculoplasty Using Autograft (Ossicle/Cartilage) Versus Allograft (Porp) In Intact Canal Wall Surgery

Author: Aviral Verma1, Deepchand2, Gaurav Gupta3
2 Dental Whitening: Case Report

Author: Pr Jalila DAKKAKI, Dr. Sara DHOUM, Pr. Amal ELOUAZZANI, Pr. Mouna JABRI,
3 Viral load on Preeclamptic pregnant women with and without periodontal disease and its effect on pregnancy outcomes- A Cross-sectional study.

Author: 1Swetha Tanneeru, 2 Jaideep Mahendra, 3 Mahaboob Vali SK
4 The women knowledge, attitude and perceptions of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

Author: Dr. Shiv Charan Meena1, Dr. Raghvendra singh2
5 Comparative study of patients after laparoscopic surgery with and without drain for duration of gas under diaphragm: residual pneumoperitoneum

Author: Rupam Kumari1, Hemant Kumar Garg2, Atul Bhatnagar3, Amarjeet Singh Gulati4, Rahul Kumar Rai5, Nakkala Guru Prasad 6
6 A Comparative Study Of Efficacy of Silodosin With Or Without Tadalafil In Treatment of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Associated With Bph (LUTS/BPH) In Men – A Single Centre Study

Author: Hemant Kumar Garg1, Atul Bhatnagar2, Rupam Kumari3, Amarjeet Singh Gulati4, Rahul Kumar Rai5, Nakkala Guru Prasad 6
7 Clinico-epidemiological spectrum of early onset neonatal sepsis in neonates admitted in NICU of a tertiary care institute

Author: Dr. Moti Lal Soni
8 Etiological Spectrum, Clinical Profile And Prognostic Factors In Variceal Upper Gastointestinal Bleeding.

Author: Vipin Goyal1, Shinu Singla2
9 Evaluation of Alvarado Score and Its Diagnostic Importance in Reducing Negative Appendectomy in Right Iliac Fossa Pain

Author: Dr Shavez Khan1, *Dr Yogesh Kumar Sharma2, Dr Mohit Jain3
10 Functional Pain Abdomen in Children: Epidemiology and Etiopathology abstract

Author: Dr. Anubha Nema1, Dr. Sunil Kumar Mittal2
11 Complications in Dengue like Illnesses

Author: Dr. Anubha Nema1, Dr. Sunil Kumar Mittal2
12 Adenoid Hypertrophy in Adults: Report of Two Cases

Author: 1Chijioke C. Anekpo, 2 Anthony J. Edeh, 3Wilfred O. Okenwa
13 An Epidemiological Study of Varicocele

Author: Dr. Kedar Nath1, Dr. Deepika Meena2, Dr. G. L. Meena3
14 To Study the Co-Relation between Diabetic Retinopathy and LVDD at Tertiary Care Hospital, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Author: Dr. Rajat Kumar tuteja1, Dr. S.L. Mathur2, Dr. Vinod Kumar3, Dr. Neha Bagga4
15 Prognostic Importance of WBC Count in Acute Myocardial Infraction

Author: Dr. Sukh dev Choudhary1, Dr.Himanshi Choudhary2, Dr. Suman Choudhary3, Dr. Sonika Choudhary 4
16 A Study to Compare the Effect of Dexmedetomidine and Clonidine as an Adjuvant to Ropivacaine for Epidural Anesthesia in Infraumbilical Sugeries

Author: Dr. Rajendra Verma1, Dr. Seema Yadav2
17 A Study on Blood Transfusion, Postoperative Pain and Length of Hospital Stay in Staggered Total Knee Replacement: A Retrospective Analysis on 120 Patients.

Author: Dr Parrot Prasannan1, Dr Sanjeev Bhaskar2*
18 Evaluation of Anatomical Variations of Paranasal Sinuses Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography - A Retrospective Study

Author: 1M. Amala,2K.Saraswathi Gopal
19 A Comparative Study on Conservative and Surgical Management of Degenerative Disease of Lumbar Spine with Canal Stenosis.

Author: Dr Atul Ajith1, Dr Sanjeev Bhaskar2*
20 A Study of Fasting Lipid Profile in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Author: Dr. Mahaveer Swami1, Dr.O.P.Patidar2, Dr. R.N.Meena3
21 Microalbuminuria in Nondiabetic Acute Ischaemic Stroke

Author: Dr. Bhanwar Lal Kumawat1, Dr. Madhuri Meena2, Dr. Y.K.Sanadhya3
22 To Study the Effect of Yoga on Blood Sugar Profile in Diabetics Type-2 Patients

Author: Usha Rani1, Mahendra Kumar2
23 Heart Rate Variability in Trained Athletes and Sedentary Individuals- A Comparative Study in Rajasthan

Author: Usha Rani1, Mahendra Kumar2
24 Comparative Study of Sympathetic Function Tests in Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Women

Author: Archana Ruhela1, Usha Rani2
25 A comparative study on cardiovascular parameters in Normal & Type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients in Rajasthan

Author: Usha Rani1, Archana Ruhela2
26 A Study of Serum Uric Acid Levels in Preeclampsia

Author: Shesharam Patel1, Kanaram Patel2
27 Prevalence of Aerobic Vaginitis its Microbial spectrum and Antibiogram at a Tertiary care Hospital, Patna.

Author: Dr. Neelima Singh, Dr. Dipali Prasad, Dr. Namrata Kumari, Dr. Anima Xess
28 Cytodiagnosis of Infantile Fibromatosis Colli

Author: Shakti Kumar Yadav, Alka Yadav, Sompal Singh, Namrata Sarin, Sonam Kumar Pruthi
29 Comparison of the Efficacy of 0.5 Percent Levobupivacaine with a Combination of 0.5 Percent Levobupivacaine and Hyaluronidase, in Ultrasound Guided Axillary Brachial Plexus Block for Forearm and Hand Surgeries

Author: Dr. Jilu John, Dr. J Bennet Abraham*, Dr. Arun S, Dr. Sathyamma T.
30 A Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effects of Addition of Intrathecal Fentanyl with Clonidine To 0.5% Levo-Bupivacaine for Patients Undergoing LSCS.

Author: Dr J Bennet Abraham1, Dr Jemela Bennet2*
31 The Potency of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L) Seeds Ethanol Extract as Larvacidal on Aedes aegypti larvae

Author: 1Sulastri, 2Ernawati, 3Khoirul Anwar,4Dya Sustrami, 5Sri Agus Sudjarwo
32 Assessment of Functional Outcome in Periarthritis Shoulder Using Two Different Steroids in Ultrasound Guided Suprascapular Nerve Blocks: A Double Blind Randomized Clinical Trial

Author: Dr. Sachin Kanwar1, Dr. Sheetal Thakur2
33 Clinical Presentation and Hormonal Profile of Patient with Non-Inflammatory Benign Breast Disease

Author: Dr. G.D. Yadav,Dr. Shraddha Verma, Dr. Shashi Prabha, Dr. Amit Singh
34 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices about Contraceptive among Reproductive Age Group Females

Author: Ruchi Saxena1, Gajendra Saxena2
35 Study on Awareness of HIV-AIDS among Pregnant Woman in Rural Bikaner Rajasthan

Author: Dr. Rattiram Meena1, Dr. Rekha Acharya2, Dr. Aarti Acharya2
36 Case of Empyema Necessitans Present with Discharging Sinus

Author: Pawan Kumar Saini1, Devendra Yadav2, Ramesh Kushwah3, Rozy Badyal4, Arti Singh5, Akhil Kumar Saini6
37 Knowledge and Attitude of People toward Epilepsy in a Tertiary Care Hospital of West Bengal

Author: 1Dr. Kakoli Boral,2Dr. Sourav Naiya,
38 Correlation between Dyslipidemia and Markers of Inflammation in Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Population

Author: 1Shailaza Shrestha,2Dr Preeti Sharma, 3Dr Pradeep Kumar, 4Dr Mahendra Prasad,
39 Breastfeeding Practices amongst Mothers of Dobi, a Rural Community in Abuja

Author: Nwankwo BB1, Agbo A E2
40 Cross Sectional Study of comparative analysis of Blood Pressure by Mercury, Digital and LED Sphygmomanometer among Medical Students of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital.

Author: Narendra R. Pathak1, Utpalakshi Jain2, Chirag B. Mistry 3
41 Unusual Sites of Dermoid Cysts

Author: Mereen Susan Roy, Naveen K , Sathyaki .D .C ,Mohan .M
42 Morphometric Study of Femoral Artery and Profunda Femoris Artery in Femoral Triangle in Adult Human Cadavers

Author: 1Nisha Shyamsundar Pareek, 2Dr. Nitin Radhakishan Mudiraj, 3Dr. Manisha Randhir Dhobale
43 Clinical Profile of Patients with Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in Malwa Region.

Author: Dr. Snehal Mishra,Dr. Chetan Mathur
44 Various Causes of Donor Deferral amongst Person Reported For Blood Donation at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Author: Sonam Alha1, Arun Bharti2, Kuldeep Mehra3, Mamta Mehra4

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