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Volume 4 - 2019 Issue 5 September


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1 A Study on Correlation of Serum Ferritin Levels with Biliary Cholesterol Levels in Patients with Cholelithiasis Undergoing Cholecystectomy

Author: Dr. D S Kumaresan
2 Perforation in Acute Appendicitis among Patients of Tertiary Care Hospital Chennai.

Author: Dr. D S Kumaresan
3 A Study of Opportunistic Infections in Children Living With HIV/AIDS – A Hospital Based Study

Author: Dr. Shantisena Mishra1, Dr. Saiprasanna Behera2, Dr. Arakhita Swain3
4 Expression Profile of Neuroplasticity During Awake Surgery: Study of The 10 Firsts Low- Grade Gliomas Cases

Author: 1A.Bouadel, 2 M.Y. Oudrhiri, 3M. El Hassani, 4S. Kabbaj, 5 M. Jiddane, 6 A. El Ouahabi
5 Navigation Assisted Endoscopic Drainage of a Frontal Mucopyocele and Mucocele

Author: Manju Silu1, Gaurav Gupta2
6 Unusual Aero Digestive Foreign Bodies: A Study Revealing the Challenges And Management In Pediatric Patients

Author: Manju Silu1, Gaurav Gupta2, Deep Chand3
7 Profile of Wilson’s disease Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre

Author: 1Dr. Pragathi Kamath, 2Dr. Bela Verma, 3 Dr. Karthik K.
8 Evaluation of Hemodynamic Changes in Medical Students with Static Exercise

Author: Jasdeep Singh Sandhu 1, Vishavdeep Kaur2*, Vidushi Gupta3
9 A Comparative Study of Isometric Strength, Endurance and Gender in Medical Students

Author: Jasdeep Singh Sandhu 1, Vishavdeep Kaur2*, Vidushi Gupta3
10 Study on Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy after Female Sterilization in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Dr. Ajit Kumar Nayak1*, Dr. Manju Kumari Jain2
11 Macroscopic Study of Closure of Sagittal Suture for Estimation of Age

Author: Gagandeep Kalsi1, Amandeep Singh2, Dasari Harish3, Ajay Kumar2
12 Clinical and Pathological Study of Hysterectomies – A Review of 271 Cases

Author: Dr.G.Sudha
13 Neurophysiology of the Dependence on Chemical and Psychogenic Psychoactive Factors.

Author: Baitubaev D.G., Baitubaeva M.D.
14 Epidemiological study of antimicrobial susceptibility profile among bloodstream infection cases in ICU setting of a tertiary care hospital

Author: 1NP Singh,2Rituparna Saha, 3Nisha Goyal
15 One minute preceptor as a tool for teaching histopathology slides to postgraduate students in Pathology

Author: Dr Sadhana Mahore1, Dr Kalpana Bothale*2, Dr Sunita Vagha3
16 A Study of Port Site Complications after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies at Tertiary Care Hospital Jaipur

Author: Dr. Pradeep Kumar Verma1, Dr. Sanvar Mal Kantva2
17 Risk Factors Associated With Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Review

Author: 1*Dr.S.M.A.Razack, 2Dr.Abrar, 3Dr.Khaleel, 4Dr.Lyritha, 5Dr.Saraswathi Susarla
18 Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery: A Radical Change to Local DGH Practice.

Author: Mr Ayodeji Odofin,Mr Phillip Burgess
19 Carcinoma Encuirasse Presenting As Carcinoma Erysipeloides - A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Kalpana Bothale, 2Dr . Sadhana Mahore,3Dr.Akanksha Bothale,4Dr. Trupti Dongre
20 Prospective Single Centre Study of Acute Appendicitis

Author: Dr. Prashant Dinkar Pawar1,Dr. ArunYadavrao Mane2
21 A Study on Morphological Variation of Sacral Hiatus of Human Sacrum In Rajasthan

Author: Dr Rachna Agrawal1, Dr Manish Kumar Singhal2
22 Troublesome Worms - A Case Report on Strongyloides Infection with IBD

Author: SR. Ramakrishnan*, T. Sheela Rani1, G. Ragesh1, V.N. Vignesh Shantham2
23 A Comparative Study of Efficacy of Silodosin with or Without Tadalafil in Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Associated With BPH-LUTS

Author: Prof. (Dr.) Aggarwal B.B1, Dr. Garg Hemant Kumar2, Dr. Nakkala Guru Prasad 3, Dr. Yadav Govind4
24 Voluntary Body Donation - A Survey of Awareness

Author: Dr. Bhabajyoti Bora1, Dr. Shobhana Medhi2
25 Usefullness of Glycemic Gap to Predict ICU Mortality in Critically ILL Medical Patient

Author: 1Dr. Ram kishor Roat, 2Dr. Maniram Kumhar, 3Dr. Rahul Kumar, 4Dr. Ramesh
26 An Observational Study on Effect of Medication Nonadherence In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Author: K. Sampath Reddy1, G. Chandika1, Sufian bin mahson1, P. Manjula1, M. Venkat Ramana2, D. Sudheer kumar3, P. Kishore1*
27 A prospective surveillance of ESKAPE pathogens in the ICU of a tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Nisha Goyal, 2Bineeta Kashyap,3Smriti Srivastav, 4NP Singh
28 To See Difference in Quadrant Wise RNFL Thickness in Emmetropes and High Myopes

Author: Neha Yadav
29 Prevalence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV infections among haemodialysis patients in a tertiary care hospital: an experience in North India

Author: Malvika Singh1, Swati Sharma2
30 Subclinical hypothyroidism and its impact on lipid profile in population of Wayanad district Kerala

Author: Dr .Subhash.S.Pujari
31 Seroprevalence of Scrub Typhus among Widal Negative, Febrile Patients by a Rapid Immuno-Chromatographic Test

Author: 1Bineeta Kashyap, 2Nisha Goyal ,3Anupam Prakash
32 Dry Eye and Antipsychotic Drugs

Author: Shailender Minhas1 , Anita Thakur2
33 Profile of cancer patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital: A retrospective hospital record based study

Author: Bishnu R Das*, Arpan K Das, Saras Sanchaya, Gitali Kakoti, Anuradha H Medhi, Dhruba J Bora, Sampurna Bora
34 Comparative Study between Oral Nitroglycerine Spray and Intravenous Esmolol for Pressor Attenuation during Laryngoscopy and Intubation in Patients Undergoing General Anaesthesia

Author: 1Dr.Ankur Dixit, 2Dr.Pavan Gupta, 3Dr.V.K. Parashar
35 An Epidemiology Study of Mandibular Fractures

Author: Yogesh Kumar
36 Foreign Bodies In The Ear, Nose And Throat In A Tertiary Health Institution In Enugu, South -East Nigeria.

Author: Chijioke C. Anekpo1, Anthony J. Edeh2, Chinenye O.C. Ani3
37 Analgesics Usage Pattern among the Orthopaedics Surgery Patients and Their Effectiveness in Patient Satisfaction and Quality Of Life in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital.

Author: 1Nivetha Preethi. S, 2 Pallamreddy Pravallika, 3Pidugu Aswini Bramarambika, 4Podipireddy Sai Vihar, 5Dr S. Karthik, *6 G. Ragesh, 7Dr D. Gokul Raj.
38 Regional Anaesthetic Approach In A Patient With Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) Syndrome For Hysterectomy: A Case Report.

Author: Ashish Pareek1, Shobha Parashar2, Vinod Kumar Parashar3

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