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Volume 4 - 2019 Issue 6 December


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1 Haemodynamic changes in elderly patients after spinal anaesthesia – Hyperbaric bupivacaine Vs Isobaric bupivacaine

Author: Dr. M. Paul Wilson,Dr. Bennet Abraham
2 Effect of Turmeric on Inflammation in Lichen Planus

Author: S.Gokkulakrishnan, Manoj Goyal,Satya Bhushan
3 Study of Hyponatremia in Cirrhosis of Liver and Its Prognostic Value

Author: Dr. Prashant Verma, Dr. Saad Abdul Rahman
4 Study to find out the efficacy of 6 minute walk test in assessing response to medical intervention in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

Author: Kapil Dev Choudhary1, Gujan Soni2, Manak Gujrani3, Ruby4
5 Intracranial Tuberculoma: comparison of MRI findings with histopathology

Author: Dr. Ayush Gupta1, Dr. Shilpa Chhabra2, Dr.Neelu Gupta3
6 A Comparative Study to Assess Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio as a Severity Marker for Preeclampsia in Patients Attending Antenatal Clinic at SMS Medical College, Jaipur

Author: Dr. Neelam Bunkar1, Dr. Mohan Lal Meena2, Dr. B. S. Meena3, Dr. Anant Chopra4
7 A Comparative Study of Bipolar Vessel Sealing System versus Conventional Clamp Suture in Vaginal Hysterectomy in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Sawai Man Singh Medical College & Attached Hospitals, Jaipur

Author: Dr. Anant Chopra1, Dr. Suniti verma2, Dr. R N Sehra3, Dr. Neelam Bunkar4, Dr. Jyoti Saini5
8 Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome due to Hypercalcemia associated with Ectopic Hyperparathyroidism in a low socio-economic setting: a case report

Author: Zoya Fatima Rizwan Ladiwala, Dr. Umme Aimun , Ayesha Ahmed
9 Effect of Common Musculoskeletal Problems on the Quality of Life among Female Garment Workers.

Author: A. Santham Lillypet1, Gayathri M2, Pethuru Devadason3
10 Correlation between Clinical Features and Histopathology in Acute Appendicitis and Assesment of Negative Appendicectomy Rate in a Multispeciality Hospital in Central Eastern India.

Author: 1L K Verma, 2Debasis Naik, 3Dhirendra Nath Soren, 4Gouranga Charan Prusty
11 Effects of Integrated Yoga and Meditation Programme on Patients Receiving Highly Emetogenic Chemotherapeutic Drugs

Author: Dr Sanjay Kumar Godara1, Dr S. L. Jakhar2, Dr. Neeti Sharma3, Dr H. S. Kumar4, Dr M. R. Baradia5, Dr Kamlesh Kumar Harsh6
12 Thoracic epidural and Dexmedetomidine sedation for trans-sternal thymectomy - A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Garima Anant, 2Dr. Manisha Yadav
13 Type II diabetes mellitus associated cardiac dysfunction- An outpatient ward study in a medical college and hospital of northern India

Author: Dr. Sandhya Shukla1, Dr. G. C. Nayak2
14 Management of mild to moderate hypertension using Telmisartan and Ramipril - A randomized, comparative and observational study

Author: Dr. Sandhya Shukla1, Dr. G. C. Nayak2
15 Evaluation of Various Culture Methods for the Diagnosis of Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

Author: Kunal Bansal1, Ritu Aggarwal2, H K Aggarwal3, Aparna Yadav4, Priyanka Yadav5, Priyanka Bansal6
16 Living with Diabetes type 2: mapping the actors and their interactions in geriatric population

Author: 1Dr. Aditi Aikat, 2Prof. Niranjan Bhattacharya,3Dr. Debasis Basu
17 A Study To Assess Predictive Role of C-Reactive Protein In Early Pregnancy among Women attending Obstetrics and Gynaecology OPD in SMS Medical College, Jaipur

Author: Dr. Purva Sharma1, Dr. Mohan Lal Meena2
18 A Comparative Study of Depression in Infertile and Fertile Women At Tertiary Care Centre In The Department Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology At S.M.S. Medical College Jaipur

Author: Dr. Teena Jain1, Dr. Anju Sharma2, Dr. Megha Agrawal3
19 Tracheostoma Stenosis: Tracheostoma Revision in a Postlaryngectomy Patient

Author: 1Dr. Garima Anant, 2Dr. Aanchal Malik
20 Prevalence of Potentially Malignant Disorders in Dental OPD at Tertiary Care Centre.

Author: 1Dr. Nimmi Singh,2Dr. Devika Singh,3Dr Navin Mishra, 4Dr. A. K. Sharma
21 To evaluate the efficacy of oral misoprostol solution (prostaglandin E1) for induction of labour

Author: Dr. Huma Jahan1, Dr. Mansa Kumawat2, Dr. Rashmi3
22 To Compare Platelet Distribution Width and Red Cell Distribution Width between Pregnant Women with History of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Pregnant Women without H/O Pregnancy Loss

Author: Dr. Mansa Kumawat1, Dr. Huma Jahan2, Dr. Rashmi3
23 A Study of Hepatic Dysfunction In Dengue Epidemic In Bikaner

Author: Dr. Qadir Fatima1, Dr. Khushboo Kanwar2, Dr. Liyakat Ali Gauri3
24 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices about Contraceptive among Reproductive Age Group Females

Author: Dr. Mamta Gangwal
25 To study the comparison of oxygen saturation in newborns delivered by normal vaginal delivery and caesarean section

Author: Dr. Rishi Sodawat1, Dr. Satyendra Singh2
26 A Study on the Lipid Profile of Hypertensive Patients

Author: Dr. Daulat Meena1, Dr. Ramavatar Bairwa2
27 First Trimester Screening For Gestational Diabetes Mellitus with 75 Gram Glucose in Antenatal Cases- Need of Millenium

Author: 1Dr Ruby Bhatia,2Dr Sunita Mor, 3Sukhveer Kaur,4Dr KMDS Panag
28 Hepatic dysfunction in Scrub typhus patients treated at tertiary care institute: A retrospective study

Author: 1Raghunandan Meena, 2Dilip Kumar
29 To Study Morbidity and Mortality Related To Ileostomy / Colostomy Closure

Author: Dr. Praveen Agrawal
30 Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Related to Thalassemia among the Interns and Residents of Various Medical Specialties in Pakistan

Author: Saleem U1, Maab R2, Roshan TM3, Safdar S4.
31 3D Technology: The Third Dimension In Orthodontics

Author: 1Deenadayalan Purushothaman,2Dhinahar. S,3Monica Pisupati,4Dhivya Dilipkumar, 5Krithika. A
32 Psychological Aspects of Nomophobia among Medical College Students, Dehradun.

Author: Dr. Harsimranjit Kaur Natt1, Dr.Ritu Singh2
33 A Study of Systemic Markers of Inflammation in Alcoholic Subjects in the Tertiary Care Centre of Kumaon Region

Author: D.P.Shukla1, Sangeeta Singh2, Seema Gupta3, Ashok Kumar4
34 Comparative Evaluation of Glottic View on Direct Laryngoscopy with or without Head Elevation in Paediatric Population

Author: 1Garima Anant, 2Sreevani Narala
35 A Correlative Study of Alteration of Serum Ferritin, Uric Acid and Magnesium Levels in Autoimmune Diseases Affecting Skin.

Author: Isha Malik1, Sumit Dokwal2, Vasudha Dhupper3, Prasanta Saha Roy4, Deepika Dalal5, Praveen Prashant6

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