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Volume 5 - 2020 Issue 2 March


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1 Morphometric evaluation of subaxial vertebrae, its orthopedic and neurosurgical implications: a cross-sectional study of dry bones in north India

Author: Dr. Vishal Verma, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Neelam Vasudeva,
2 Hypothyroidism in Tribal Population of Bastar Region of Chhattisgarh, India

Author: 1Dr Jyotindra Kumar Sahu, 2Dr Amar Singh Thakur, 3Dr Rajeeb Kalita
3 Spectrum of Skin Lesions: A Histopathological Study

Author: 1Megha Sharma, 2Nitin Gupta
4 A Comparitive Study between Modified Alvarado Score and Appendicits Inflamatory Response Score in Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis

Author: 1Dr. Sanjay Kala, 2Dr. R.K. Jauhari, 3Dr. Yukteshwar Mishra, 4Dr. Rounak Mehrotra
5 Cerebroplacental Ratio: An Indicator of Perinatal Outcome in High-Risk Pregnancies

Author: 1Dr Pragya Choudhary, 2Dr Seema Sharma, 3Dr Deepika Chahar, 4Dr Sapna Kumari Yadav
6 To compare success rate of oral nifedipine and intramuscular progesterone in treating threatened preterm labor

Author: 1Dr. B S Meena, 2Dr. Vacha Sardar, 3Dr. Suman Mendiratta
7 Comparing Outcomes of Intrauterine Insemination in Stimulated Cycles Timed To HCG Trigger and Follicular Rupture: A Randomised Comparative Study

Author: 1Dr Deepika Chahar, 2Dr Jaya Choudhary, 3Dr Jai Chowdhary, 4Dr Pragya Choudhary
8 A Comparative Study Between Three In One Femoral Nerve Block And PSOAS Compartment Block For Post Operative Analgesia In Orthopaedic Procedures on Femur

Author: 1Dr. J. Bennet Abraham, 2Dr Arun Mammen Mathew
9 A comparative study between vaginal misoprostol tablet versus intracervical dinoprostone gel for induction of labour in primi postdated pregnancy

Author: 1Dr. Abinash Moharana, 2Dr. Sibananda Nayak
10 A Study on Radiological and Functional Assessment in Acute Diaphyseal Fractures of Radius and Ulna in Adults following plate Osteosynthesis

Author: Dr.M.V.Sudhakar
11 Assessment of Nutritional Status of Under Five Children Attending At Opd Balakati CHC, Bhubaneswar, Odisha from August-2018 to December-2018

Author: 1Dr. Abinasha Mohapatra, 2Prof. Asishbala Mohapatra, 3Dr. Pragyan Paramita Bairisal
12 Study of Clinical and Aetiological Profile of Neurological Manifestations in HIV Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre of Kumaon Region

Author: 1Makrand Singh, 2Gaurav Yadav, 3S.R Saxena, 4Yatendra Singh, 5Anamika Yadav
13 Biomechanics for Correction of Vertical Skeletal Class II and Dental Class II Subdivion Malocclusion Using Infrazygomatic Screws

Author: 1 Balaji Rajkumar, 2 Ratna Parameshwaran , 3Rashika P, 4Devaki Vijayalakshmi
14 Effect of subchorionic hemorrhage on pregnancy outcome in first trimester vaginal bleeding: a prospective study.

Author: 1Dr. Sapna Kumari Yadav, 2Dr. Jaya Choudhary, 3Dr. Pragya Choudhary, 4Dr. Neha Bardhar
15 Anaesthesia Management in Patient of Joubert Syndrome Posted For Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) Catheter Insertion

Author: 1Dr.Ankur Dixit, 2Dr.Shobha Parashar, 3Dr.V.K. Parashar, 4Dr. Garima Dixit, 5Dr. Abhinav Gupta
16 Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Primer and Adhesive Composite Containing Silver Nanoparticles

Author: 1Dr. Tivanani Venkata Durga Mahendra, 2Dr. Vyshnavi Mulakala, 3Dr. Bhanu Satyanarayana
17 An Epidemiological Study of Hypertension among Resident of Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Mona Narain, 2Dr. Shailesh Kawale, 3Dr. Priyanka Choudhary
18 Cardiac and Neurological Manifestations in Dengue Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital Bikaner, Rajasthan

Author: 1DR. L. A. GAURI, 2Dr. Sandeep Kumar, 3Dr. Parvez sameza, 4Dr. Kuldeep Saini, 5Dr. Atma Ram Chhimpa, 6Dr. Gaurav ,7Dr. Ramesh Jat, 8Dr. Akanksha
19 A cross sectional study on correlation of handgrip strength with various anthropometric indices in north Indian male population

Author: 1Ashish Jacob, 2Dr. Vishal Verma
20 To study and compare maternal complications following primary caesarean section in primigravida and multigravida

Author: 1Dr. Sarika Gothwal, 2Dr. R K Meena,3Dr. Rattiram Meena
21 To Study Lipid Profile Status in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients

Author: 1Dr. R K Meena, 2Dr. Sarika Gothwal, 3Dr. Rattiram Meena
22 Efficacy and Safety of Low Dose Atropine 0.01% in Slowing of Progression of Myopia

Author: 1Dr. Shakti Krishan Rajguru, 2Dr. Dimple Shakeet
23 A Comparative Study of Intra-Operative Complication of Bipolar Vessel Sealing System Versus Conventional Clamp Suture In Vaginal Hysterectomy

Author: 1DR. B.S.Meena, 2Dr. Anant Chopra, 3Dr. Suniti verma, 4Dr. Neelam Bunkar
24 To find umbilical coiling index of neonates with intrauterine growth restriction

Author: 1Dr. B. S. Meena , 2Dr. Dharmishtha Maida
25 Platlet Counts Decrease with Severity of Pre-Eclampsia

Author: 1Dr. B. S. Meena, 2Dr. Neelam Bunkar, 3Dr. Mohan Lal Meena, 4Dr. Poorwa Sharma
26 Factors Associated with Diarrhoeal Morbidity among Under-Five Children in Tea Gardens of Jorhat District, Assam

Author: Mohd Asif , Anuja Baruah, Bishnu Ram Das
27 Idiopathic spontaneous pneumoperitoneum: a “not so rare” case report with diagnostic and treatment options

Author: 1Allan L. Hilario, 2Donnatella V. Hilario
28 To Compare Two Doses of Intravenous Dexmedetomidine in Attenuation of Haemodynamic Response to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation

Author: 1Dr Nandita Kad , 2Dr Shruti , 3Dr Vineet Kumar , 4Dr Anju Ghai, 5Dr Ashish Sikarwar
29 A Study of Histopathological Spectrum of Melanocytic Tumors of the Skin

Author: 1Dr Vimlesh, 2Dr Vineet Kumar, 3Dr Vanita Kumar
30 Histopathological Spectrum of Keratinocytic Tumors of Skin at Tertiary Care Centre

Author: 1 Dr Vimlesh, 2Dr. Rekha S., 3Dr Vanita Kumar
31 Correlation of Serum Cholesterol and Bone Mineral Density in Post Menopausal Women at SMS Medical College Jaipur, Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Jyoti Jain , 2Dr. Lata Rajoria, 3Dr. Sunita Hemani , 4Dr. Manishi Gaur
32 A Comparative Study of Early Versus Late Onset Pre-Eclampsia

Author: 1Dr Shiv Singh Barala, 2Dr Pravin Kumar, 3Dr Jyotsna vyas, 4Dr Lata Rajoria
33 Effect of Periodontal Status on Pregnancy Outcome: A Randomised Control Trial

Author: 1Alaka Subodh,2 Rekha P Shenoy, 3Praveen Jodalli,4 Laxminarayan Sonde,5 Imran Pasha M, 6Abhilash R Krishnan
34 A Prospective Randomized Study of Comparision Between Closure Versus Non Closure of Peritoneum In Open Appendicectomies

Author: 1Dr. Shivkumar Bunkar, 2Dr. Tushar Ahuja, 3Dr. Kalpana Agarwal
35 Acute Hemorrhagic Leuko-encephalitis - A rare complication of Dengue infection.

Author: 1Dr Swathi Krishna, 2Dr Sanjeevani Mavaskar, 3Dr Savita Khadse

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