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Volume 5 - 2020 Issue 2 April


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1 Saline Infusion Sonography: Can it be a less invasive, cheaper alternative to hysteroscopy in the management of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding.

Author: 1Dr. Neelam Nalini, 2Dr. Aditya Vardhan Singh, 3Dr. Bijeta, 4Dr. Shreshtha Singh, 5Dr. Harsh Vardhan Singh, 6Dr. Iva Rani Kalita, 7Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh
2 Indian toilet seat injuries of Achilles tendon: Results of primary repair in eleven patients

Author: 1 Saxena Himanshu, 2 Kala Shriranjan
3 Roping in private pathological services for strengthening tubercular case finding in resource constrained settings

Author: 1Ajay Kumar Singh, 2Anuj Sharma, 3Ankit Sharma, 4Vandana Saxena
4 Effects and Outcome of Epidural Steroids for Low Back Pain

Author: 1Dr. Jain Prerana, 2Dr. Singh Prabhanjan
5 Unusual location of subcutaneous dermoid cyst in breast: A case report

Author: 1Satya Prakash Meena, 2Mahaveer Rodha,3Mayank Badkur, 4Mahendra Lodha
6 To Assess The Usefulness And Efficacy of High Resolution Ultrasound In Nerve Entrapment Pathologies.

Author: 1Gorantla Praveen, 2Venkatasai. P. M , 3Udaya Baskarani Vakamudi
7 A Rare Manifestation of Typhoid Fever Hepatitis And Acute Kidney Injury: Case Report

Author: 1Arnab Choudhury, 2Biju R, 3Yegade Walmik Shrihari
8 Radiation to the Thyroid Gland during Intra Oral Dental Radiography: The Need for Diagnostic Reference Level

Author: 1Agboje Anthonio Azuka, 2Ebbi Donald Robinson, 3Uwa Onwuchekwa, 4Christian C. Nzotta
9 Pure Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Ovary- A Rare Case Report in a Premenopausal Woman

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka Anand, 2Dr. Poonam Sahni, 3Dr. Urvashi Sharma, 4Dr. Ayesha Khatoon
10 Thyroid Dysfunction in Patients of Chronic Kidney Disease

Author: 1Arvind Kumar, 2Vinay Kumar Verma, 3 Prem Singh, 4S.K. Gautam, 5Tanu Midha
11 Comparative Study of Bipolar Prosthetic Replacement and Proximal Femoral Nail (PFN) In Unstable Intertrochanteric Fracture of Femure: Interventional Prospective Randomized Study

Author: 1Dr.R.C Banshiwal, 2Dr Ramchandra Jangu, 3Dr. Lokesh Soni, 4Dr Raghuveer Meena, 5Dr Ratan Suthar
12 Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Accident

Author: 1Anil Kumar Dadhich, 2Omprakash Meena
13 To Evaluate Effect Of Horizontal Hip Offset And Leg Length Reconstruction On Functional Outcome Of Total Hip Replacement : Prospective Cohort Study

Author: 1Dr.R.C Banshiwal, 2Dr. Lokesh Soni, 3Dr Ram Chandra Jangu, 4Dr Raghuveer Meena, 5Dr Ratan Suthar
14 Tranexamic acid for the reduction of blood loss in total knee arthroplasty

Author: Dr. Pankaj Jain, Dr Raghuveer Meena, Dr. Lokesh Soni, Dr Ram chandra Jangu, Dr Ratan Suthar, Dr.R.C Banshiwal
15 To Compare The Efficacy of Oral Misoprostol Solution And Vaginal Misoprostol Tablet For Induction of Labour At Term In The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, SMS Medical College, Jaipur

Author: 1Dr. B S Meena, 2Dr. Parveen, 3Dr. Neeta meena, 4Dr. Prem, 5Dr.Prerna
16 Evaluation of Echocardiographic Diastolic Parameters in Pre-Eclamptic

Author: 1Dr Sunita Garhwal, 2Dr Asha Verma, 3Dr Anita Dhayal, 4Dr Monika Bajiya, 5Dr.Amrita
17 Clinico-Cytohistopathological Correlation of Nodular Skin Lesions In Kumaun Region

Author: 1Savita Chaudhary, 2Prabhat Pant, 3Saurabh Agrawal, 4Pankaj Kumar Verma, 5Vindhya Joshi
18 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among Residents of Kashmir towards Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: 1Saima Nazir, 2Arshad Rashid
19 Is support of antibiotics in postoperative period required in planned elective surgeries

Author: 1Dr. S.Vijay Kumar
20 A Study of Antimicrobial Resistance and Susceptibility Pattern of Various Pathogens Causing Urinary Tract Infection in the Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Author: 1 Lokeshwar.S, 2 M D Suheil, 3 Nithimol.S, 4 Nowfiyasaharbanu M I, 5 S. Karthik, 6 G. Ragesh, 7 P.Seenivasan
21 Significance of Adenoid Hypertrophy in Adults.

Author: 1Dr Gangadhara Somayaji, 2Dr.Syam S, 3Dr Sheetal Rai
22 Hemangioma a case Report: Our Experience

Author: 1Dr.Sharan Basappa Japatti, 2Dr. Rahul Surushe, 3Dr. Namrata Chourasia, 4Dr. Rashmi Yajurvedi
23 Correlation of Empiric Antibiotic Use with Susceptibility Pattern of Blood Isolates in Septicemia Patients in an Intensive Care Unit

Author: 1Dr.Uma Sekar, 2P. Sathish, 3K. Sathish Kumar, 4M. Saravanan, 5R. Sathyalakshmi, 6S. Karthik, 7G. Ragesh
24 Platelet Dysfunction in Uraemia: An Observational Controlled Experiment

Author: 1Vimlesh Kumar Verma, 2Dharmendra Uraiya, 3Anoop Kumar, 4Rahul Pandey
25 Association of secondary education and marital status in People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) patients at antiretroviral (ART) centre in Western Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Rajesh Kumar Meena, 2Dr. Naveen Kishoria, 3Dr. Vivek Lakhawat, 4Dr. Kamlesh Goyal
26 The Health Effects of Light on Worker’s Health

Author: 1Seyedeh Negar Assadi
27 Risk Adjusted Analysis of Patients Undergoing Emergency Laparotomy Using Possum and P- Possum Score - A Prospective Study

Author: 1Dr. Neeraj K Dewanda, 2Dr. Pankaj Jhang, 3Dr. Deshraj Chawla, 4Dr. Harsh Kumar, 5Dr. Sanjay kharoliwal, 6Dr. Ritu K Meena
28 Iatrogenic physeal plate injuries and its sequelae.

Author: 1Mohammed Jalal Mohiuddin, 2Mohammed siddique mohiuddin, 3Chinnamari Rahul Reddy
29 The prevalence of thyroid dysfunctions in metabolic syndrome, females are more prone than males

Author: 1Dr. Sowjanya Reddy B, 2Dr. Srinivas Aditya S
30 Anaesthetic Management in a Case of Bronchial Obstruction Causing Lung Collapse

Author: 1Dr Ashish Yadav, 2Dr Kirti kamal, 3Dr Vineet Kumar, 5Dr Parul Gupta, 6Dr Renu lamba, 7Dr Kiran Mittal
31 Metrical and non-metrical variations of supraorbital notch/foreman in Sudanese and Indian population

Author: Abdoalmonim Abdoalrhaman Mohammed, Mahmoud Satte
32 A case report of transient headache and facial palsy with cerebrospinal fluid leucocytosis

Author: 1Dr. Neetu Mariam Alex, 2Dr. M. Phani Krishna, 3Dr. J R Subramaniam
33 Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst of Anterior Maxilla With Multiple Impacted Teeth : Case Report

Author: Dr. Venkatesh Balaji Hange , Dr.Shrey Srivastava, Dr.Shishir Mohan Devki, Dr.Suhas Kamble
34 Socio-demographic profile of the women presenting with preterm premature rupture of the membrane at tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. B S Meena,2Dr Urmila Kumari, 3Dr Nupur Hooja, 4Dr Premlata Mital, 5Dr Kavita Chaudhary, 6Dr Priya Sonkhya, 7Dr Saloni Sethi, 8Dr Ankita Chaudhary
35 A Rare Craniofacial Fibrous Dysplasia – Case Report and Review of Literature.

Author: 1Dr. Sonal Madan, 2Dr. Deval Kale, 3Dr. Setu P. Shah
36 Rise of New Pandemic Covid-19, Etiology, Clinical Features, Treatment: A Narrative Review

Author: 1Dr. Venkatesh Balaji Hange, 2Dr.Shrey Srivastava, 3Dr.Shishir Mohan Devki, 4Dr. Hasti Kankariya
37 Study of pattern of fusion of coronal suture using skull radiography and its association with documented age in males.

Author: 1Dr Ishita Manral , 2Dr Rashid Nehal Khan, 3Dr Abhijit Rudra
38 Fracture Resistance of Mandibular Molars with Class 2 Preparation Restored With Cention N, Giomer and Amalgam: An In Vitro Study

Author: 1Shilpa Shah, 2Nishtha Patel, 3Khyati Shah, 4Prerak Doshi, 5Krushnangi Yagnik

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