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Volume 5 - 2020 Issue 4 August


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1 Rare Atypical Presentation of Multiple Myeloma with Ataxia and Intracranial Plasmacytoma

Author: 1Spoorthy Kolluri, 1Soumya S Panda, 2Hemlata Das, 1Sindhu Kilaru
2 The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology: A pathologist’s experience from a tertiary care center

Author: 1Lovelesh K Nigam, 2Aruna V Vanikar, 3R. D. Patel, 4Kamal V Kanodia, 5K. S. Suthar
3 Evaluation of Immunomodulatory Effect of Lycopene in Chronic Periodontitis with Type-2 Diabetes Before and After Phase-I Therapy

Author: 1N. Dimple harika, 2Pavuluri Aravind Kumar, 3Musalaiah S.V.V.S., 4Mandalapu Narendra Babu, 5Kalapala Raviraj, 6Harish prabhudev Pillutla
4 Prevalence of Dental Caries in Dental OPD at Tertiary Care Centre: A Retrospective Study

Author: 1Dr. Devika Singh, 2Dr. Nimmi Singh, 3Dr. A. K Sharma, 4Dr. Sanjay Kumar, 5Dr. Navin Mishra
5 Physiological parameters during first three days of life in the healthy late preterm newborns.

Author: 1Dr. Mahalakshmi O, 2Dr. Ravi Ambey, 3Dr. Ajay Gaur
6 Triclofos - Promethazine and a Combination of Triclofos Promethazine and Melatonin for Sedation during MRI in Children

Author: 1Neha Manjhani, 2Prabhar Srivastava, 3Preeti Kharwas, 4Vivek Jain, 6Dr. Rajiv Kumar Bansal
7 Interpositional Gap Arthroplasty using Temporalis Myofascial Flap in the Management of Unilateral Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis- A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Mansi Dey, 2Dr. Arvind Pal,3Dr. Vidhi C. Rathi, 4Dr.Harsha Jain, 5Dr. Gagan Khare, 6Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
8 Vaginal Misoprostol for Cervical Priming before Hysteroscopy: A Randomized Study

Author: 1Ankita Kasliwal, 2Itika Kabra
9 Assessment of CIMT and correlating it with ABPM in overweight and obese individuals

Author: 1Dr Shuchi Singh, 2Dr Gaurav Jain, 3Dr Akash Lohakare
10 Clinical problems in adolescent girls- A Prospective study

Author: 1Dr. Rita D, 2Dr. Radhika C Mekale, 3Dr. Manasa
11 Modified Radical Mastectomy for Male Breast Cancer – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Deepak G. Udapudi , 2Dr. Kailas C.T, 3 Dr. Shweta D.Rao
12 Subcutaneous Basidiobolomycosis in immunocompetent child

Author: 1Dr Anna Alex, 2Dr Shikha Malik, 3Dr Priya Gogia
13 A comparative study on cardiovascular parameters in Normal & Type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients

Author: 1Dr. Hitendra Gupta, 2Dr. Anita Motiani
14 A Study of Fasting Lipid Profile in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Author: Dr. Anita Motiani, Dr. Hitendra Gupta,
15 Efficacy & Safety of Intralesional Vitamin D3 in the Treatment of Cutaneous Verrucae

Author: 1Dr. Shrikant, 2Dr. R.D. Mehta, 3Dr. B.C. Ghiya
16 Effect of thyroid screening in pregnant women a prospective observational study at NMCH & RC, Raichur.

Author: 1Dr. Rita D, 2Dr. B. Sushma Reddy, 3Dr. Ujjwala
17 A Case Report: An Isolated Conjunctival Capillary Hemangioma Management Masquerading as Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia

Author: 1Ashok Rathi, 2R.S. Chauhan, 3J.P. Chugh, 4Gautam Jain, 5Ester Keduoneinuo Sekhose, 6Nidhi Singh
18 Study of Morphological Changes of Placenta in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Author: 1Dr. Shraddha S. Bhadarge, 2Dr. Mehera M. Bhoir, 3Dr. Pradnya S. Bhadarge
19 Factors Determining Successful Outcome of Vaginal Birth After Caesarean: A Prospective Observational Study

Author: 1Priyanka Tripathi, 2Manash Biswas, 3Prabhkiran Dhillon, 4Vinod G. Nair*
20 A Study on the Lipid Profile of Hypertensive Patients

Author: 1Dr. Kali Charan Sonkriwal, 2Dr. Sudhir Mathur
21 An Epidemiological Study of Varicocele

Author: 1Dr. Pramod Kumar, 2Dr. Sandeep Sarawagi, 3Dr. Devi Singh Kachhawa
22 To assess the compliance and satisfaction of patients for day care surgery

Author: 1Dr. Sandeep Sarawagi, 2Dr. Pramod Kumar, 3Dr. Devi Singh Kachhawa
23 Platelet-rich plasma as a treatment for DE Quervain's Disease

Author: 1Imran Qayoom, 2Tahir Shafi, 3Jahanger Ahmad Dar
24 A prospective study of bear mauling injuries: management and complications

Author: 1Saxena Himanshu, 2Kala Shriranjan
25 To compare the complications and morbidity and mortality in operative and conservatively treated appendicular mass

Author: 1Dr. Shivkumar Bunkar, 2Dr. Praveen Kumar Kumawat, 3Dr. Rekha Porwal, 4Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, 5Dr. Maroof Khan
26 To study the clinical profile of the deliberate self poisoning in tertiary care setting, IGMC Shimla

Author: 1Dr Susheel Thakur, 2Dr Parmod Kumar Jaret, 3Dr Vivek Kaushal
27 Survival of geriatric patients (>65 yrs of age) operated for proximal femoral fracture and causes of mortality after 90 day follow up period

Author: 1Dr Vivek Kaushal , 2Dr Tanvir Samra, 3Dr Kajal Jain, 4Dr Nidhi Bhatia , 5Dr Mandeep Singh Dhillon, 6Dr Susheel Thakur
28 Comparison between Hyperbaric Bupivacaine, Isobaric Levobupivacaine and Levobupivacaine with Clonidine given intrathecally in patients undergoing Lower Limb Orthopaedic Surgery under spinal anaesthesia

Author: 1Dr Kushal Jethani, 2Dr Vinay Gangwani, 3Dr Rakesh D R
29 Study to assess effect of adding Magnesium Sulphate as an adjuvant to Bupivacaine in patients with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension undergoing caesarean section under Spinal Anaesthesia

Author: 1Dr Kushal Jethani, 2Dr Neha Tripathi, 3Dr Sheetal Khandekar
30 Rare Case of Osteo-Fibrous Dysplasia Arising In Humerus – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Faizan Akhtar, 2Dr. Sabiha Maimoon
31 Prospective Study on Operative Management of Fracture Olecranon with Various Modalities

Author: 1Dr. Govind Sharma , 2Dr. Pravesh Kumar, 3Dr. Kishore Rai Chandani, 4Dr. Hemant Jain, 5Dr. Vikash Choudhary, 6Dr. Nirottam Singh
32 Comparison of Ondansetron versus Chewing Gum for Prevention of Post Operative Nausea and Vomiting In Patients Undergoing Elective LSCS: A Randomised Control Trial

Author: 1Dr. Rajendra Verma, 2Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pipal, 3Dr. Seema Yadav
33 Incidence of Postdural Puncture Headache: A Comparative Study With Using 25g & 26g Spinal Quincke Needle And Median And Paramedian Approaches.

Author: 1Dr. Seema Yadav, 2Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pipal, 3Dr. Rajendra Verma
34 White lesion and red fiery tongue with angular Chelitis as the oral manifestations in chronic periodontitis patient

Author: 1Dr. Anil Sharma, 2Dr. Rupali, 3Dr. Shiva Chauhan, 4Dr. Suman Rao, 5Dr.Rohit Sharma, D6r. Poonam Rajput, 7Dr. Vidushi Jindal, 8Dr.Ranjan Malhotra
35 Comparative Functional outcome of Tibial Plateau Fractures Using plating with bone substitute material, a Calcium Phosphate Cement, Versus plating with Autogenous Bone Graft

Author: 1Dr. Anurag Dhaker, 2Dr. Sanwar Mal Barala, 3Dr. Hitesh Damor, 4Dr. Arpit Khandelwal
36 A Study Assessing the Role of Obesity, Smoking and Dyslipidemia in Hyperglycemia Induced Diabetic Retinopathy

Author: Dr Sapneh Sharma, Dr Poornima Dey Sarkar, Dr Arun Mishra,
37 Pattern and Clinical profile of inpatient psychiatric referrals in a tertiary care hospital in north India.

Author: 1Dr. Haamid Ismail, 2Dr. Farhana Fayaz, 3Dr. Waris Ahmad Zargar,4Dr. Sanjeet Kour
38 Functional and surgical outcome of intraarticular distal humerus fracture fixation using transolecranon approach

Author: 1Dr. Haazim Haneef Pandit, 2Dr. Aadil Mohi Ud Din Bhat, 3Dr. Tahir shafi, 4Dr. Imtiyaz Hussain Dar
39 Efficacy and safety of Aspiration and Steroid Injection in Treatment of Dorsal wrist Ganglion Cyst

Author: 1Aadil Mohi Ud Din Bhat, 2Haazim Haneef Pandith, 3Tahir Shafi, 4Gh Nabi Dar
40 To Assess Various Brain Lesions on MRI

Author: 1Dr. Sunil Jakhar, 2Dr. Bineeta Singh Parihar, 3Dr. Anu Bhandari, 4Dr. Kuldeep Mendiratta, 5Dr. Meenu Bagarhatta
41 A Study to Evaluate the Etiology of Community Acquired Pneumonia in Hospitalized Children

Author: 1Dr. Mansiha Singaria, 2Dr. Yatindra Singh,3 Dr. Manoj Nogia, 4Dr.Monika Saini,5Dr. Tejpal Mahawat
42 To Study Serum Vitamin D Levels in Preterm Neonates and Its Association with Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Author: 1Dr. Aastha Dahiya, 2Dr. Kusum Devpura, 3Dr. Balkishan
43 A Cross Sectional Study Analysis of Adverse Drug Reactions Encountered At Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Monika Mishra
44 Pattern of Compliance to Antihypertensive Medications in Hypertensive Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Monika Mishra
45 Functional Outcome of Bicondylar Tibial Plateau Fractures Treated With Dual Plating

Author: 1 Dr. Pravesh Kumar, 2Dr. Govind Sharma, 3Dr. Kishore Rai Chandani, 4Dr. Vikash Choudhary, 5Dr. Nirottam Singh, 6Dr. Mahendra Singh Tak

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