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Volume 5 - 2020 Issue 5 September


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1 Krukenberg tumour with primary in the appendix: A case report

Author: 1Dr. Ojal Awandkar, 2Dr. Anne Wilkinson
2 An in vitro analysis evaluating the sealing ability of Light Cure Glass Ionomer Cement and Light Cure Composite as coronal seal

Author: 1Dr. Shamim Anjum , 2Dr. Azhar Malik, 3Dr. Kanchan Bhagat, 4Dr. Shivangi Nargotra, 5Dr. Amit Garg
3 Knowledge, Attitude and Beliefs Regarding Medication Use in Pregnant Women – A Questionnaire Survey

Author: 1Dr. Anju Mathew, 2Ashlin Mathew, 3Dr. Lisa Elizabeth Jacob, 4Mr. Akshay T. L
4 In Office teeth bleaching: A case report

Author: 1Dr. Sadashiv G Daokar, 2Dr. Aishwarya R. Mantri, 3Dr. Kalpana S. Patil, 4Dr. Kapil D. Wahane, 5Dr. Dimple Jethwani, 6Dr. Karishma Patel
5 Prognostic factors affecting clinical and pathological response after neoadjuvant chemoradiation for locally advanced carcinoma rectum

Author: 1Dr. Preeya V
6 Awareness of Breast Cancer among Female Medical students at NRI Medical College, Mangalagiri

Author: Venkata Mahalakshmi Sunkara, Samson Sanjeeva Rao Nallapu
7 A cross-sectional study on biomedical waste management in gadag district and sub-district hospitals, South India

Author: 1Shankar Kiran B, 2Dr. Gulappa Devagappanavar
8 Retention in orthodontics

Author: 1Jabrane.L, 2El Aouame. A, 3El Quars. F
9 Morbidity pattern amongst Haj Pilgrims attending vaccination OPD in Tertiary care Hospital of Central India: A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Swarna Ramteke, 2Dr. Manjusha Dhoble, 3Dr. Priya Dhurve
10 Effect of clinical use and sterilisation on Mechanical properties of Ni-Ti orthodontic wires.

Author: 1L. Ousehal, 2L. Jabrane, 3H. Alami, 4S. Belmoudden, 5F. El Quars
11 The Novel Pandemic –A Review

Author: 1Dr. Chaya Sharma, 2Dr. Mohd. Ghaus Ali, 3Dr. Kumar Nilotpal, 4Dr. Shilpa Kumari
12 Evaluation of Effects of Sterilization on Primary Stability of Mini Implants - A Short Study

Author: 1Dr Amruta Mantri (Chandak), 2Dr Suchita Tarvade (Daokar), 3Dr Mitali Brijmohan Sharma
13 Conservative Endodontic Access Opening In Maxillary Right First Molar: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Anil. K. Tomer , 2Dr. Megna Bhatt , 3Dr. Lungdin Leima Cecilia , 4Dr. Supriya Singh, 5Dr. Hysum Mushtaq, 6Dr. Afnan Ajaz Raina
14 Clinical evaluation of intravenous propofol and dexmedetomidine for controlled hypotension in ENT surgeries.

Author: 1Dr Shahbaz Ahmad, 2Dr.Matilda P.Lakra, 3Dr. Narendra Deo, 4Dr.Satish Kumar, 5Dr.Santosh Kumar Sharma, 6Dr. Suresh Singh
15 Comparative Study of Nasal Index in Rajput (Rathore) and Brahmin (Pushkarna) Community of Bikaner

Author: 1Divya Mishra, 2Dr Kanika Rathore, 3Dr Pramila Chaudhary
16 Study of the Total Body Surface Area involved Vis-a-vis Morbidity/Mortality due to Thermal Injuries

Author: 1Rashi, 2Pramod Kumar, 3Rajendra Singh, 4Sanjeev Buri, 5O.P. Saini, 6Chandra Pal
17 Impact Study of Self Directed Learning on 1st Year M.B.B.S Students in Biochemistry Department

Author: 1Mr. Nagesh A. Bhalshankar, 2 Mrs. Amita S. Billa, 3 Dr. Sachin S. Bhavthankar
18 Large Intestinal Tract Lesions; A Histopathological Study

Author: 1Dr Shweta Bhagat, 2Dr Shabnam Sarfraz, 3Dr Kuldeep Singh
19 Awareness of breast cancer among medical students of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Author: 1Dr Rabbia Khan, 1Dr Muhammad Umar Younis, 2Anas Zahid, 1Dr Annett-al-hamadi
20 Histopathological study of Small Intestinal and Appendicular lesions. An Institutional Study

Author: 1Dr Shweta Bhagat, 2Dr Shabnam Sarfraz, 3Dr Kuldeep Singh
21 Influence of age and sex on pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus in post renal transplant patients- A single center experience

Author: 1Paulin A. Gandhi, 2Aruna V. Vanikar ,1Rashmi D. Patel, 1Kamal V. Kanodia, 1Kamlesh S. Suthar, 1Lovelesh A. Nigam, 3Himanshu V. Patel
22 Hearing outcomes after microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia: an institutional experience

Author: 1Dr. Mallika Sinha, 2Dr.Ambuj Kumar, 3Dr.Ketan Hedaoo
23 Diabetes mellitus- an orthodontic perception

Author: 1Dr Mitali Brijmohan Sharma, 2Dr Suchita Tarvade (Daokar), 3Dr Amruta Chandak
24 Fetal kidney length correlation with mean gestational age

Author: 1Dr. Kiran Kumar M, 2Dr. Ankit Kumar Shah, 3Dr. Rekha Agrawal
25 Computed tomography measurement of orbital structures in a population of normal patients in a tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Shubhankar, 2Dr. Sangram Panda, 3Dr. Jagadeesh Kuniyil, 4Dr. Asim Mitra
26 Comparative evaluation of left atrial functions quantified by 2D echocardiography and strain imaging in patients with HFrEF and HFpEF

Author: 1Dr. Daulat Singh Meena, 2Dr. Ashish Kumar Agarwal, 3Prof. (Dr.). V. V. Agrawal
27 Comparative evaluation of predictive value of heart rate variability and QT dispersion in patients with acute STEMI underwent pPCI or thrombolysis.

Author: 1Dr. Daulat Singh Meena, 2Dr. Ashish Kumar Agarwal, 3Prof. (Dr.). V. V. Agrawal
28 A Case Control Study of Thyroid Profile In Chronic Urticaria Patients At Sms Hospital And Jaipur, Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Himmat Singh Kharra , 2Dr. Punnet Agarwal , 3Dr. U. S. Agarwal
29 Dermatoglyphic variations in population of jammu division and their correlations with pulmonary tuberculosis and coronary artery disease

Author: 1Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Patloo , 2Dr. Sunanda Raina , 3Dr. Nuzhat Bashir
30 Correlations of CT scan Findings of Lung Masses with Histopathology and Demographic Variables in a Developing Country

Author: 1Dr. Mantej Singh Sooch, 2Dr. Meenu Bagarhatta, 3Dr. Kuldeep Mendiratta, 4Dr. Sunil Jakhar, 5Dr. Vikas Jhanwar, 6Dr Aakanksha Agarwal Chandra, 7Dr. Sachin Kumar
31 A clinical study to evaluate fundus changes in high myopia patients and their correlation with the axial length of the globe.

Author: 1Seema Rani, 2Angli Manhas, 3Dinesh Gupta
32 Comparison of tension band wiring and precontoured locking compression plate fixation in mayo type IIA olecranon fractures

Author: 1Dr. D S Meena, 2Dr. Arpit Khandelwal, 3Dr. Narendra Joshi , 4Dr. Sanwar Mal Barala
33 Role of Genomic Changes in Chromosome 17 and p53 Gene in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients by Flouroscence in situ hybridization

Author: 1Dr. Pramila Choudhary, 2Divya Mishra, 3Dr. Kanika Rathore

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