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Volume 5 - 2020 Issue 6 December


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1 Study of development of sulci and gyri in fetal cerebrum

Author: 1Dr. Anjali Sabnis, 2Dr. Chitra Pandian, 3Dr. Gautam A. Shroff
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Author: 1Dr Anulekha Mary John, 2Dr George Thomas, 3Dr Jibily Joy, 4Dr Sunila Hussain, 5Prof. Thomas Chacko
3 A descriptive study to assess the prevalence of High Blood Pressure among adults in a selected community area, Bangalore.

Author: 1Mrs. Ravina Sharma, 2Mrs. Malathi K.
4 Effectiveness of pack it light back it right, back-safety intervention among school going children, Bengaluru.

Author: 1Ms. Annabell Soraisam, 2Mrs. A Santham Lillypet, 3Ms Gayathri M, 4Ms. Arulshanthi
5 A correlational study to assess the relationship between Internet Addiction and Depression among adolescents, Bangalore

Author: 1Miss. Bhumika Khatiwada, 2Dr. G. Balamurugan,
6 A descriptive study to assess the prevalence of antenatal depression among pregnant women at selected hospitals, Bangalore, with a view to develop an informational booklet on prevention of depression during pregnancy

Author: 1Ms.Warepam Debina Devi, 2Mrs. Sangeetha X.
7 Study of Neutrophil-To-Lymphocyte Ratio in Ischemic Stroke

Author: Dr Pawan Kumar, Dr Raghunath Prasad, Dr Vikash Kumar Agarwal,
8 Procalcitonin as a marker for early diagnosis of sepsis

Author: 1Dr. Anubhav Dabas, 2Dr. Madhu, 3Dr. Nidhi Dabas, 4Dr. Ankit Dabas
9 To Study the Role of Diffusion Weighted Imaging in Differential Diagnosis of Intracranial Cystic Lesions

Author: 1Dr. Monika Sehra, 2Dr. Rajkumar Yadav, 3Dr. Kuldeep Mendiratta, 4Dr. Meenu Bagarhatta, 5Dr. Usha Jaipal
10 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infection in a Tertiary Hospital in Manipur

Author: 1Dr Ngangom Lilavati, 2Dr. Prof. H. Reba Chandra
11 Retrospective Study to Determine Seasonal Variation of Acute Suppurative Otitis Media in Upper Assam Region

Author: 1Mohan Kumar Mili, 2Anusuya Deb, 3Shilpi Gupta, 4Jyotirmoy Phookan, 5Naba Jyoti Saikia
12 Frequency of types of patients in a Plastic and Cosmetic surgery private practice

Author: 1Dr Munir Alam, 2Dr Muhammad Shakeel Anjum
13 Role of Diagnostic Hysterolaparoscopy in the Evaluation of Female Infertility at a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Neha Bardhar, 2Dr. Kalpana Tiwari, 3Dr. Jaya Choudhary, 4Dr. Asha Sharma
14 Association between Endometriosis and Prolactin Concentration in Infertile Women

Author: 1Monika Bajiya, 2Asha Verma, 3Amrita Kumari, 4Garima Vyas, 5Poonam
15 To Find the Functional Outcome of Short Stem in Total Hip Arthroplasty by Using Womac Score

Author: 1Dr. Manoj Kumar, 2Proff Mukand Lal, 3Dr Devinder Kumar
16 The Development of a Novel Marital Satisfaction Scale in Migraine (MSSM): A Pilot Study

Author: 1Dr. Nitisha Goyal, 2Dr. Rahul Jain, 3Dr. Ajoy K Sodani, 4Dr. Dinesh Chouksey
17 To Find the Functional Outcome of Short Stem in Total Hip Arthroplasty by Using Modified Harris Hip Scoring

Author: 1Dr. Manoj Kumar, 2Proff Mukand Lal, 3Dr Devinder Kumar
18 Maternal Left Ventricular Systolic Parameter in Pre-Eclampsia in Term Pregnancy

Author: 1Kumari Amrita, 2Verma Asha, 3Bajiya Monika, 4Sumanbal, 5Sayyed Anjuman
19 To Find the Functional Outcome of Short Stem in Total Hip Arthroplasty by Using Oxford Hip Score

Author: 1Dr. Manoj Kumar, 2Proff Mukand Lal, 3Proff. Manoj Thakur, 4Dr Devinder Kumar
20 Oxygen delivery devices in Covid-19 patients: An observational study on Indian population

Author: 1Dr. Viral Trivedi, 2Dr. Hetal Chaudhary, 3Dr. Kaushalya Bhabhor, 4Dr. Megha Lad
21 A descriptive study to assess the knowledge and practice regarding hospital acquired infection among novice nurses working in selected tertiary hospitals, Bangalore.

Author: 1Ms.Sarita Thangjam, 2Mrs. Salome P
22 Role of Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) in the Depicting Depth of Myometrial Infiltration in Patients with Endometrial Carcinoma: A Prospective Study

Author: 1Saritha V, 2Jayasree L
23 Cold Test: Highly Valued, but Inappropriately Used?

Author: 1Dr. Kusum Valli S, 2Dr. Priyadarshini L Naik, 3Dr Shiraz Pasha
24 Application and Validation of “Walter LC1-Year Prognostic Index” For Mortality Prediction In Older Adults After Hospitalization For Medical Illness

Author: 1Nitesh Kumar Bauddh, 2Meenaxi Sharda , 3Jitendra Meena, 4Pravin Kumar, 5Sachin Shyoran
25 Comparative Study of Hemireplacement Arthroplasty with Bipolar Prosthetic and Proximal Femoral Nail (PFN) In Unstable Intertrochanteric Fracture of Femure: Interventional Prospective Randomized Study

Author: 1Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pipal, 2Dr. Seema Yadav, 3Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Pipal
26 Mucocele: A rare salivary gland pathology

Author: 1Dr. Reshma Hammannavar, 2Dr. B. M. Rudagi, 3Dr. Namrata Chourasia, 4Dr. Kiran Holikatti, 5Dr. Rahul Surushe, 6Dr. Rashmi Yajurvedi
27 Clinical Profile of Covid-19 Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Omar Farooq, 2Dr. Hafsa Haroon
28 Role of Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) in the Detection of Cervical Invasion in Patients with Endometrial Cancer: A Hospital Based Prospective Study

Author: 1Saritha V, 2Jayasree L
29 Comparative Outcome of Covid-19 Patients with and Without Remdesivir

Author: 1Dr. Omar Farooq, 2Dr. Hafsa Haroon
30 Role of laparascopic presacral neurectomy as an effective surgical treatment option in cases of severe midline dysmenorrhea and intractable chronic pelvic pain and as an adjunct to treatment of severe endometriosis.

Author: 1Dr. C.P. Dadhich, 2Dr.Nidhi Mehta, 3Dr.Tripti Dadhich, 4Dr. Shweta Mangal, 5Dr. Anita, 6Dr. Disha, 7Dr. Sonam, 8Dr. Priyanka Asodariya
31 Numerical Chromosomal Abnormality in Male Infertility – A Review Study

Author: 1Dr. Sneha John, 2Dr. Manisha Nakhate
32 Anaesthetic Management in Laparoscopic Bilateral Adrenalectomy

Author: 1Dr Pranami Nautamkumar K, 2Dr Hima Patel, 3Dr Sachina Gamit, 4Dr Vashisth Vaidya, 5Dr Viral Trivedi, 6Dr Beena Parikh
33 Enigmatic appearances of Squamous cell carcinoma of the gingival and buccal mucosa: a case report series & review

Author: 1Dr. Venkatesh Balaji Hange, 2Dr. Shishir Mohan Garg, 3Dr. Sourav Majhi
34 A retrospective study to assess the relationship between time of admission to labour room with intrapartum interventions and mode of delivery at selected hospitals, Bangalore.

Author: 1Ms. Markordor Nongrum, 2Mrs. Susha Mary Roy
35 Assessment of Salivary Uric Acid and Glucose in Patient with Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Author: 1Priya Srivastava, 2Dr B.K Agarwal, 3Dr M S Chandel
36 Study of neck shaft angle, neck length and femoral length of adult dry femur bone from Anatomy department of govt medical college, Bikaner with comparison to other studies

Author: 1Dr Rakesh Mani, 2Sanju Pipleewal, 3Maitree Shrama, 4Vijay Kumar Dayma, 5Dr.Eva Marker
37 Umbilical Pilonidal Sinus: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Sheela K.M, 2Dr. Sithara Sathar
38 Management of neglected Type I Capitellar Fracture in 14 years old patient: Case report

Author: 1Ansarul Haq Lone, 2Azad Ahmad Shah, 3Aadil Mohi Ud Din Bhat
39 Metrical and Non Metrical Methods in Sexing of Crania-Review

Author: 1Dr Ruta Bapat, 2Dr Manisha Nakhate
40 Bacterial Profile and Antibiogram of Burn Wound Infections in a Tertiary Care Centre

Author: 1Dr Ganpat Lal Kumawat, 2Dr Rohitash Sharma, 3Dr Priyanka S. Gupta, 4Dr Vijaylatha Rastogi

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