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Volume 6 - 2021 Issue 3 May


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1 Clinico-pathological profile of colo-rectal cancer in Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr Parang Aseri, 2Dr Gayatri Chitara, 3Dr Lalit Kishore, 4Dr Vinod Ghorela, 5Dr Chandrashaker Sharma
2 Assessment and Perception of existing community medicine curriculum for Indian medical graduate.

Author: 1Dr. Rekha Udgiri
3 Comparison of Gastrointestinal Bleeding Among ACS Patients under Short Term and Long Term Duration of Dual- Antiplatelet Therapy

Author: 1Ms. Sidhi Sunil, 2Ms. Haritha Rajmohan, 3Ms. Anjali R, 4Dr. Praveen Chacko, 5Dr. Sherin Alexander, 6Mr. Phillip Jacob, 7Dr. Sofi Binu
4 A case study: Obesity and hyperuricemia. A two-pronged program, targeted dietary intervention and intermittent fasting, significantly reduce, body weight and hyperuricemia

Author: 1Dr. Siddhima Hardikar
5 Psychiatric co-morbidity and clinical characteristics in patients of End stage renal disease undergoing hemodialysis: A cross sectional study

Author: 1Ekta Yadav, 2Manish Bathla, 3Anshaj Mujral, 4Parul Gupta
6 Clinical study of hypoxic ischaemic encephalooathy in neonates with special reference to non invasive assessment of anterior fontonalle pressure

Author: 1Dr. Kumari Sony, 2Dr. Kamal Kishore Soni, 3Dr. B.S. Karnawat
7 A Retrospective Study to Compare Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement for Rheumatic Heart Disease

Author: 1Mohini, 2Ashish Asija, 3Ashok Kumar Chahal, 4Sanjay Johar, 3Shamsher Singh Lohchab
8 Risk factors for Severe Acute Malnutrition in children aged 6 months to 59 months: A case-control study

Author: 1Dr. Ramesh Lomte, 2Dr. Poonam Wade, 3Dr.Vinaya Singh, 4Dr. Sushma Malik
9 Evaluation of Feedback by first year MBBS students – A study on implemented one month foundation course

Author: 1Dr Roli Joshi, 2Dr Shalini Srivastava, 3Dr Shipra Gupta
10 A Case Report: An Unusual Presentation of Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia

Author: 1Ashok Rathi, 2R.S. Chauhan, 3Gautam Jain, 4Nidhi Singh, 5Sonam Gill
11 Prevalence in Hyponatremia in Acute Coronary Syndrome: A tertiary care hospital experience

Author: 1Dr Nihal Chand, 2Dr Ashish Kumar, 3Dr Sanjay K Mahajan, 4Dr. Dalip Gupta
12 A rare case of post-abortal collapse

Author: 1Dr. Disha, 2Dr. Gagandeep Kour Raina, 3Dr. Mansi Kumar, 4Dr. A.S. Dhillon
13 To study the association between Hyponatremia and outcome in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Author: 1Dr Nihal Chand, 2Dr Ashish Kumar, 3Dr Sanjay K Mahajan
14 Association of uric acid level among diabetic and hypertensive patients

Author: 1Dr.Neha A Shah, 2Dr. Ambrose Kumar Kandulna, 3Dr.Rupal Shah
15 Covid-19: Neurosurgery Practice in Indian Subcontinuent

Author: 1Dr. Karan J. Yagnik
16 Comparative Study of Cardiovascular Reactivity to Isometric Hand-Grip Exercise in off springs of Hypertensive and Normotensive Parents

Author: 1Shashank Singh, 2Dr Yashoda Kattimani
17 Difference in antibiotic susceptibility pattern of CA-MRSA & HA-MRSA

Author: 1Mr. Sagar Sakure , 2Dr. Umesh Hassani , 3Dr. Khushbu Sakure , 4Dr. Vilas Thombare
18 Clinico-pathological profile of multiple myeloma in a tertiary care centre in North West Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Shilpa Chhabra, 2Dr. Neelu Gupta, 3Dr. Vanita Kumar
19 Case Report: A case of secondary spontaneous pneumothorax during pregnancy posted for emergency LSCS

Author: 1Dr Vineet Kumar, 2Dr Deepika Budhwar, 1Dr Pritam Yadav, 1Dr Sumedha, 1Dr Rahul Saini, 1Dr Nidhi
20 A study of clinical profile and outcome of snake bite envenomation at tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr Daleep Kumar, 2Dr Subhita Chaudhary, 3Dr Deepti Yadav, 4Dr O. P. Patidar, 5Dr Raghunandan Meena
21 Comparative study of intranasal corticosteroids and Antihistamine versus effects of monotherapy with intranasal corticosteroids alone in allergic rhinitis

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka KP, 2Merren Susan Roy, 3Jyothi Swarup R , 4Anjna U
22 Study of Fungal pathogens causing Septicaemia in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr.V.Lakshmanakumar, 2Dr.M.R.Vasanthapriyan, 3Dr.J.Suriakumar
23 A Prospective cohort study on management Achilles tendon injuries in a tertiary care centre

Author: 1Ellavenkata Durga Neelima, 2Baliram Chikte, 3Arige Subodh Kumar, 4Erugula Mahender, 5Sura Anitha
24 Segmental Testicular Infarction – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Sujoy Mani, 2Dr. Ojaswi Khandediya, 3Dr. Priti Kapoor
25 The Major Contributors to Childhood Obesity: Unhealthy Diet and Lack of Physical Activity

Author: 1Dr. Sudhir Ambati
26 Teaching learning methodology in biochemistry in an institute of national importance-assessment by students

Author: 1Dr. Prakruti Dash, 2Dr. Rajlaxmi Tiwari, 3Prof. Dr. Manaswini Mangaraj
27 A comparative study of vitamin d level in pulmonary tuberculosis at institute of respiratory diseases, SMS Medical College, Jaipur

Author: 1Dr. Mukesh Kumar Raigar, 2Dr. Amit Chauhan, 3Dr. Narendra Khippal, 4Dr. Chand Bhandari, 5Dr. Mohd. Javed Qureshi, 6Dr. Jaanakhi V.M.
28 A cross sectional study of efficacy of the ratio of pleural fluid alkaline phosphatase to serum alkaline phosphatase level in classifying pleural effusion as exudative and transudativeat IRD, SMS Medical College, Jaipur

Author: 1Dr. Amit Chauhan, 2Dr. Narendra Khippal, 3Dr. Geeta Solanki, 4Dr. Chand Bhandari, 5Dr. Mohd.Javed Qureshi

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