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Volume 6 - 2021 Issue 5 September


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1 Necrotizing fasciitis: Identification and characterization of causative organisms in patients of Himalayan region

Author: 1Dr. Jeevan Kumar, 2Dr. Ashish Dhiman, 3Dr. Ramesh Bharti, 4Dr. Amar Verma, 5Dr. Abhinav Chaudhary
2 Role of bathing after doffing PPE: Results from dedicated Covid facility

Author: 1Dr Amit Saini, 2Dr Subhash Chander, 3Dr Gaveshna Gargi, 4Dr Rakesh Chauhan
3 To study the risk factors associated with necrotizing fasciitis in Himalayan region

Author: 1Dr. Jeevan Kumar, 2Dr. Vivek Sharma, 3Dr. Mukesh Jamwal, 4Dr. Ramesh Bharti, 5Dr. Amar Verma
4 Urinary myiasis in a pregnant woman: An unusual diagnosis

Author: 1Maya Abhinav Choudhary, 2Sulabha Avinash Joshi
5 Clinicopathological Study of benign vocal cord lesions in a tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Apurva Raina, 2Dr. Deepika Samotra, 3Dr. Arti, 4Dr.Gopika Kalsotra
6 Peutz Jegher Syndrome presenting as intussusception- A rare case with review of literature

Author: 1Nanda Patil, 2Atul Hulwan, 3Shefali Mishra, 4Rushit Shah
7 Correlation between maternal and newborn's Vitamin D level and the factors affecting it

Author: 1Dr Diksha Shok, 2Dr Ajay Gaur, 3Dr Ravi Ambey
8 Third time recurrent invasive mole with an intervening viable gestation

Author: 1Dr. Shrutika Khapre, 2Dr. Kanchan Dwidmuthe
9 Hippocampal volumetry and t2 relaxoetry in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy

Author: 1Dr. Niharika Sharma, 2Dr. Mary Hazarika Bhuyan
10 Cutaneous Metastasis from Submandibular Gland Carcinoma: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Sujata.S.Kumbhar, 2Avinash Mane, 3Shefali Mishra
11 Health students attitudes towards disability

Author: 1Antigoni Sarantaki, 2Anna Datskovski, 3Marianna Pechlivani, 4Kleanthi Gourounti, 5Athina Diamanti, 6Christina Nanou, 7Aikaterini Lykeridou
12 A study on correlation of biomarkers in gastric cancer patients to deduce cancer behaviour in a tertiary centre

Author: 1Dr. Deepthi, 2Dr. P. N Sreeramulu, 3Dr. Krishna Prasad, 4Dr. Srinivasan
13 Clinical and cytomorphological study of body effusion - An observational cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr Richa R. Choudhary, 2Dr Pragati J. Karmarkar, 3Dr Sadhana D. Mahore, 4Dr Sabiha A. Maimoon
14 Angiomyolipoma of Cervix: Case report of a rare entity

Author: 1Dr. Shrushti Mishra, 2Dr. Nikita R. Vijay, 3Dr. Sulbha Joshi
15 Association between microalbuminuria and prolonged QT interval in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author: 1Dr. Prachi Laxman Balani, 2Dr. Utkarsh Balani
16 Tobacco cessation counseling among dental professionals of Visakhapatnam city - knowledge, Preparedness and perceived barriers

Author: 1Dr Anant Ragav Sharma, 2Dr. Arpit Singhi, 3Dr.Nagarjuna.P
17 Immediate effect of mental imagery on the performance time in sprinters of age group 18-25 years.

Author: 1Dhara Pooj, 2Dr. Priti Agni
18 Experience with Levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) in women with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) at tertiary care centre

Author: 1Nikita R Vijay, 2Savita A Somalwar
19 A Comparative Study of Serum Insulin and Insulin Resistance in Obese and Obese Niddm Patients

Author: 1Mr. Vasudev Sankhla, 2Dr. Jairam Rawtani
20 Stress Cardiomyopathy: A Near Miss Entity in Postpartum Woman

Author: 1Nikita Vijay, 2Savita Somalwar
21 A study to correlate IPSS score and association of prostatomegaly in patients with inguinal hernia

Author: 1Dr. Yadam Reddy Rohit Kumar, 2Dr. P.N Sreeramulu, 3Dr. Raadhika Raja
22 Correlation between serum C-reactive protein level with severity of the disease in Covid-19 patients.

Author: 1Asmabi Tousif Imadad Devale, 2Amit D Sonagra, 3Shireen Swaliha Quadri, 4Anupriya Deshpande, 5Tousifimadad Devale
23 Urate levels in relation to CVD markers in diabetic-duration-wise sub-grouped t2 dm patients

Author: 1Sarath Chandra B, 2Nagendra S, 3Lata Telang, 4Kashinath RT
24 The different timing of oral clonidine premedication effect on blood pressure in spine surgery

Author: 1Dr. Satish Kumar, 2Dr. Sanjay Kumar
25 Feto-maternal outcome in gestational diabetes mellitus

Author: 1Dr. Purnima Sharma
26 The different timing of oral clonidine premedication effect on heart rate in spine surgery

Author: 1Dr. Satish Kumar, 2Dr. Sanjay Kumar
27 Role of blood lead level in battery workers

Author: 1Savita Rathore, 2Kiran Malik, 3Mahakal Chandel
28 The different timing of oral clonidine premedication effect on analgesic requirement in spine surgery

Author: 1Dr. Satish Kumar, 2Dr. Sanjay Kumar
29 Correlation of core endurance with balance and fear of fall in the elderly population

Author: 1Ms Drishti Doshi, 2Dr Priti Agni
30 Comparison of Pre-recorded videos versus Live streamed videos as an online teaching method in physiotherapy teachers – A pilot study

Author: 1Dr. Apoorva Dighe, 2Dr. Pranjal Grover, 3Dr. Shweta Satish Devare Phadke, 4Dr. Pranati Tilak
31 Obstetrics outcome in women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Author: 1Priyanka Shelkar, 2Anuja Bhalerao, 3Savita Somalwar, 4Krutika Bhalerao
32 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Temporomandibular joint dysfunction among physiotherapists in Mumbai

Author: 1Priya Gupta, 2Priti Agni
33 Morphometry of sphenoid bone

Author: 1Dr. Monica Gupta, 2Dr. Pranoti Sinha
34 Paediatric Papillary carcinoma of thyroid: Tale of two young cases diagnosed on cytological smears

Author: 1Ishita Sehgal, 2Jyoti Mishra, 3Srijan Srivastava, 4Sarandeep Singh Puri
35 Questionnaire based qualitative study on factors influencing physiotherapy undergraduate students in choosing physiotherapy as possible career choice

Author: 1Dr. Priyanka K Deshmukh, 2Dr. Medhavi V Jagzape, 3Dr. Pooja M Akhtar
36 A Study of delay in diagnosis and treatment among tuberculosis patients admitted at a medical college hospital

Author: 1Dr Sharath Chandra K S, 2Dr Deepu Changappa Cheriamane, 3Dr Irfan
37 Case report on chronic autoimmune hemolytic anemia in mixed connective tissue disease

Author: 1Dr.K.Shivaraju, 2Mandhala Saikrishna
38 Incidence of fusion of axis vertebrae with third cervical vertebrae in central adult Indian population

Author: 1Bhaskar B Reddy, 1Arjun Singh Parmar, 2PG Khanwalkar
39 Seroprevalence of transfusion-transmissible infections (HIV, HBV, HCV, Syphilis, Malaria) among blood donors in a Tertiary care hospital North-West, India

Author: 1Dr. Bheem Singh Meena, 2Dr. Kuldeep Jareda, 3Dr. Shailendra Singh
40 Rare Case of Salmonella Gallinarum Septicaemia in a young patient at IGIMS: A tertiary care hospital in India

Author: 1Neelima Singh, 2Kumar Saurabh, 3Ajay Prabhat, 4Namrata Kumari
41 Intraoperative & immediate post-operative outcome of unilateral versus sequential bilateral total knee Arthroplasty

Author: 1Dr. Irwant Pallewad, 2Dr. Jayshree J. Upadhye, 3Dr. Aditi J. Upadhye
42 A rapid spectrophotometric method for estimation of organic volatile impurity in hepatoprotective marketed formulations

Author: 1M. Maithani, 1D. Hatwal, 2M. Yadav, 1D.K. Dwivedi
43 To study the effect of fluid supplementation in neonatal unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in reducing the rate of exchange transfusions

Author: 1Dr Arun Kumar Meena, 2Dr Pradeep Kumar Debata, 3Dr Pratima Anand, 4Dr Anita Yadav
44 Economics of tuberculosis – Patient’s perspective

Author: 1Dr Sharath Chandra K S, 2Dr Deepu Changappa Cheriamane, 3Dr Irfan
45 Degree of Agreement between Vitros ECi Instruments in Serological Tests by Bland-Altman Analysis

Author: 1Dr. Rupashi Vaid, 2Dr Sandeep T, 3Prasanthi Sanjeevi
46 Study of association of thyroid disorders with abnormal uterine bleeding

Author: 1Dr Deepa Kirar, 2Dr. Nisha Mandloi, 3Dr Ketan K Mangukiya

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