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Volume 6 - 2021 Issue 5 October


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1 A study to assess the prevalence of menopausal symptoms among the post menopausal women and coping mechanisms adopted by them in selected rural areas of Kamrup District, Assam

Author: 1Minakshi Borah, 2Kabita Baishya
2 Knowledge and awareness of science, risk factors and treatment options for infertility among young adults - A cross sectional study

Author: 1Khushi Ashishkumar Lohiya, 2Dr. Nikita Vijay
3 Clinical Profile and Outcome of Organophosphorus Poisoning in ICU

Author: 1Dr Pravin Salame, 2Shobhana Bitey, 3Nilima Wankhede
4 Assessment of quality of life and adverse drug reactions in patients with bronchial asthma

Author: 1Mrs. Behnaz Matini Shirvan, 1Mr. Vipin Babu P, 2Dr. Basavanna P L, 3Dr. Krishna Murthy H A, 4Dr. Neethu M Shaji, 5Dr. Hanumanthachar Joshi
5 Congenital lobar emphysema in a newborn- A rare case report

Author: 1Dr. Mariam Siddiqui, 2Dr. Sadhana D Mahore, 3Dr. Kalpana A Bothale, 4Vidula Gowardhan
6 The multi-organ procurement: Training and the utility of organs in a public sector hospital in Gujarat

Author: 1Vikas Patel, 2Ankur Vagadiya, 3Vaibhav Sutariya, 4Pranjal Modi
7 Split Liver transplantation: Early experience at public sector hospital in western India

Author: 1Vikas Patel, 2Ankur Vagadiya, 3Vaibhav Sutariya, 4Pranjal Modi
8 Study of serum PSA levels in type 2 diabetic men

Author: 1Dr. Neeraj Singh Songara, 2Dr. Ummed Singh Solanki, 3Dr. Shantanu Singh Shekhawat
9 Study of Mean Platelet Volume in Ischemic Stroke

Author: 1Dr Vikash Kumar Agarwal, 2Dr Ravi Kumar Bansal, 3Dr Swati Agarwal
10 Clinico-Radiological profile and outcome of COVID-19 patients with requirement of oxygen therapy for greater than one week

Author: 1Dr. Supriyaa Bhakthavatchalam, 2Dr. Manjushree Mohan, 3Dr. Nagaraja B S, 4Dr Javeriya Mohammadi, 5Dr Narayanaswamy
11 Electrolyte Imbalances in Patients with Severe COVID-2019 admitted in ICU- A retrospective observational study

Author: 1Dr. Pradeep C, 2Dr. Subba Reddy K, 3Dr. Srinivas Aditya S, 4Dr. Shobha Mohammed, 5Dr. Mujahid Mohammed
12 Assessment of dyslipidemia in patients of rheumatoid arthritis attending a tertiary care centre in kumaon region of Uttrakhand

Author: 1Dr Makrand Singh, 2Dr Tara Singh
13 Anesthetic management of patient in gestation with psoas abscess extended to inguinal and gluteal region

Author: 1Dr. Shubhajyothi Swamiadke, 2Dr. Kusuma M, 3Dr. Javed Wani, 4Dr. Ambareen Momin, 5Dr RL Gogna
14 A Study of Lipid Profile in Diabetes Mellitus type-2 patients

Author: 1Dr Anish Kumar Jain, 2Dr Mahendra Kumar Balot
15 Clinical Evaluation of Surgical Management of Simple and Comminuted Olecranon Fractures

Author: Dr. Sunil Santhosh G., Dr. Madhuchandra P., Dr. Pawankumar K. M., Dr. Raju K. P.
16 Lipid Profile Abnormalities in Nephrotic Syndrome

Author: 1Dr Mahendra Kumar Balot, 2Dr Anish Kumar Jain
17 Postdural puncture headache: a comparative study with using 25g & 26g spinal quincke needle and median and paramedian approaches

Author: 1Dr Arvind Sanadhya, 2Dr Dinesh Chandra Vaishnav, 3Dr Anil Kumar Saini
18 A Prospective study to compare the standard technique and a tongue depressor aided technique for inserting ProSeal laryngeal mask Airway

Author: 1Pavan V. Dhulkhed, 2Anusha Katti, 3Vithal K. Dhulkhed
19 Clinical profile of patients with vernal keratoconjunctivitis

Author: 1Dr Devesh Sharma, 2Dr Dinesh Chandra Vaishnav, 3Dr Arvind Sanadhya
20 A cross sectional study on Prevalence of Goitre among school-going children in selected schools of West Jaintia Hills

Author: 1Ms. Anishabakor Pohkyrnu, 2Ms. Nochovono Tase, 3Ms. C.E. Myrthong
21 Serum Albumin Level Would Predict Surgical Site Infections

Author: 1Dr Dinesh Chandra Vaishnav, 2Dr Arvind Sanadhya, 3Dr Devesh Sharma
22 Correlation between inflammatory marker (hs-CRP) and metabolic syndrome

Author: 1Pavan Gautam, 2Shreya Nigoskar, 3Bibek Bhurer Yadav
23 Platelet count to spleen diameter ratio in patients with chronic liver disease as a noninvasive predictor of esophageal varices at a tertiary care hospital in Mysore

Author: 1Dr. Bharath M.M, 2Dr. Ramesh S. S.
24 Modified Alvarado Score and Histopathology in Acute Appendicitis Cases

Author: 1Dr Anil Kumar Saini, 2Dr Arvind Sanadhya, 3Dr Dinesh Chandra Vaishnav
25 Risk factors of diabetic foot ulcer at a tertiary care hospital among diabetic patients

Author: 1Dr. Ajay Pal, 2Dr. Indira
26 To study the effectiveness of conservative management of acute pancreatitis

Author: 1Dr. Ajay Pal, 2Dr. Indira
27 Comparison of melatonin versus midazolam premedication on propofol induction dose, anxiety and emergence in paediatric patients undergoing elective surgery: a randomized, double blind, interventional study

Author: 1Dr Jyoti, 2Dr Jitendra Mewara, 3Dr Narayan V Kamath, 4Dr Neelam Dogra
28 Functional Comparison of different types of grafts for single bundle ACL reconstruction

Author: 1Dr. Rohit Bansal, 2Dr. Sanjiv Gaur, 3Dr. Anurag Tiwari
29 Occupational stress among newly appointed Physiotherapists in Nagpur city: A cross-sectional observational study

Author: 1Dr. Asmita N Bhakare, 2Dr. Harshadeep G Kothare
30 Hospital-based study of Neurological manifestations in the Naive HIV patients with Neuro infection at Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern India.

Author: 1Manju Bhargav B R, 2Ravi Chethan Kumar A N, 3Suneetha D K, 4Madhu Kumar
31 A study of awareness of presbyopia among rural female population in Northwest Madhya Pradesh, India

Author: Dr Rishendra Singh Sisodiya, Dr Bharti Badlani, Dr Madhu Bala Gubrele, Dr Gaurav Chanderiya
32 Sequential therapy of debridement, vacuum sealing drainage and latissimus dorsi free-flap reconstruction for extensive soft-tissue injury with multiple fractures of left foot

Author: 1Dr. Murakonda Sowmya Chowdary, 2Dr. Deepak Hongaiah , 3Dr. Krishna Prasad K
33 Variations in red blood cells and its indices during different phase of menstrual cycle

Author: Dr. Florence Lalvarmawi, Dr, Naorem Basanti Devi, Dr. Thangjam Pricilla Devi, Dr. Laishram Geetanjali
34 Resection of longitudinal vaginal septum and vaginal repair of supratrigonal vesicovaginal fistula

Author: 1Dr Anuja Bhalerao, 2Dr. Snehal Ashok Naphade, 3Dr Kritika Bhalerao
35 A Comparative Evaluation of Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Teeth Obturated with Different Root Canal Sealers - An In-Vitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Anil K. Tomer, 2Dr. Shivangi Jain, 3Dr. Hysum Mushtaq, 4Dr. Lungdin Leima Cecilia, 5Dr. Sachin Poonia, 6Dr. Ayushi Khandelwal, 7Dr. Kanika
36 Black in White

Author: 1Dr Veena H A, 2Dr Supriya Bhakthavatchalam B, 3Dr. Narayanswamy Madappa
37 Suspected hypothalamic injury during trans-sphenoidal pituitary surgery – A rare yet dreaded complication

Author: 1Dr. Renu Bala, 2Dr. Vandna Arora, 3Dr. Ishwar Singh, 4Dr. Akanksha Khatri
38 The effect of age with AUB in Perimenopause

Author: 1Dr Ankita Jamwal, 2Dr Rohini Rao
39 A study of awareness and practice of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) of HIV infection among health-care workers of district civil hospital in Gujarat, India

Author: 1Mohmed Soeb Jankhwala, 2Gunvanti Rathod, 3Rajeev Shah, 4Dr Ketan K Mangukiya, 5Dr Pragnesh Parmar
40 The effect of parity with AUB in Perimenopause

Author: 1Dr Ankita Jamwal, 2Dr Rohini Rao
41 Dengue induced nephritis with concurrent parvovirus infection

Author: 1Dr Kejal Merani, 2Dr Sanjeevani Masavkar
42 The histopathological pattern of AUB in Perimenopause

Author: 1Dr Ankita Jamwal, 2Dr Rohini Rao

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